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David Irving: A Political Self-Portrait: Electronic Edition

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1.2 Holocaust "myth" as Jewish extortion

[1.2/A]'I hate that word [Holocaust]. Its a word I don't like using. People say to me, "Mr. Irving do you believe in the Holocaust? Do you deny the Holocaust?" I say that I mistrust words with a capital letter. They look like a trademark, don't they? Like Tylenol or something. We don't trust them; no matter how much advertising they put into Tylenol. And so it is with that word "Holocaust". You get the impression that it is a neatly packaged, highly promoted operation, and you don't trust it.' [P's speech at the 11th IHR Conference, October 1992 - 'The Suppressed Eichmann and Goebbels Papers' (also published in the JHR for March/April 1993): K3, Tab. 13, p. 16]
[1.2/B]'And this [his thesis that Hitler knew nothing of the Holocaust] is why I've become something of an anathema, something of a bete noir, an enemy of the Jewish community of the world because I'm treading on hallowed ground. It's almost blasphemy. I'm taking a legend, which has been very carefully and sedulously created and cultivated over the 30 or 40 years since the end of the war ended at that time, and I'm shaking it and saying "Come on! Where's the proof. You said this all years. Where's the proof; where's the beef?" And they can't come up with it.'
[P interview with Errol Morris, 9 November 1998: K4, Tab. 9, p. 4]
[1.2/C]'Ladies and gentlemen, fifty thousand people were killed in Auschwitz, were killed in Auschwitz from 1942 to 1944. That is a crime, as I said. Fifty thousand innocent people. It's about as many people who died in Auschwitz in those three years as we British killed in Hamburg in one night. [Applause]
So, you see, if I use the German word relativieren, relativieren [relativise], this is what we can now do, we can now say, "Put an end to your lies about the Germans being the arch-criminals of all time who have committed crimes that are the biggest crimes of this millennium, let alone this century."'[P speech at Latvian Hall, Toronto, 8 November 1990: K3, Tab. 8, p. 21]
[1.2/D]'Well, they have been dining on Auschwitz. Auschwitz is a big tourist site now. They have millions of visitors every year. It's like Hitler's mountain top retreat in Berchtesgaden. They have half a million visitors a year there too. They make money out of it. Auschwitz has become a major money-spinner, the Holocaust. I mean, it sounds distasteful to say it, but its true. There's big money in Auschwitz, and for somebody to come along who has a reputation and a legitimacy as a historian and say "Hold it, fellahs. Make money if you want but you ought to know that it is a bit Disney-like." The only answer is to shut him up, don't let him anywhere near the place. He's the last person we want here. We are all on to a very nice thing.' [P interview with Errol Morris, 8 November 1998: K4, Tab. 9, pp. 33-34]
[1.2/E]'HOLOCAUSTOMANIA: n, obsession with burnt offerings; hence:} business acumen; greed. (Gr., 1994).'[P's Action Report, number 9, May 1995, p. 2: K4 Tab. 10, p. 46 (at 1)]
[1.2/F]'"One year from now the Holocaust will have been discredited. That prediction is lethal because of the vested interests involved in the Holocaust industry. As I said to the Jewish Chronicle, if a year from now the gas chamber legend collapses, what will that mean for Israel? Israel is drawing millions of dollars each year from the German taxpayer, provided by the German government as reparation for the gas chambers. It is also drawing millions from American taxpayers, who put up with it because of the way the Israelis or the Jews suffered. No one's going to like it when they find out that for 50 years they have been believing a legend based on baloney."' ['History's cache and carry', The Guardian, 7 July, 1992: K4, Tab. 10, p. 29]
[1.2/G]INTERVIEWER: When one reads your speeches, one had the impression that Churchill was paid by the Jews, that the Jews dragged Britain into the war, that many of the Communist regimes have been dominated by Jews subsequently, and that a great deal of control over the world is exercised by Jews.
IRVING: Right, these are four separate facts, to each of which I would be willing to put my signature. They are four separate and unrelated facts. When you string them together like that, you might be entitled then to say: "Question five, David Irving, are you therefore an antisemite?" This may well have been -
INTERVIEWER: No, this wasn't my question.
IRVING: But the answer is this, these are in fact four separate facts which happen to be true, in my considered opinion as a historian. And I think we can find the historical evidence for it. [P's interview for 'This Week', 28 November 1991: K3, Tab. 12, pp. 7-8]
[1.2/H]'I remind Fraser that he's on a BBC contract and will say nothing to jeopardize that; while I am as free as a bird, constrained only by the limits of my own courage. At the end, I say I find the Holocaust boring.
"But you write about it!"
"No I don't. I never have. The reason the others make so much of it is that they are making money out of it, billions in the last year or so, and it is the only interesting thing to have happened to them in three thousand years; they are using it as an adhesive to keep their splintering people together."
He found this tasteless: So it is; much that is true is just that.' [P's 'A Radical's Diary', Action Report, number 15, 20 July 1999, p. 10: K4, Tab. 10, p. 64]
[1.2/I]'We weren't told the truth about Robert Maxwell. Those of us who suspected the truth about Robert Maxwell, we were hounded. Maxwell was the propagator of the Holocaust myth in Britain. He held the great Holocaust Seminars, because he and his ilk survived and dined out on the Holocaust myth.
We are all Holocaust survivors, everyone of us who was born in 1939 or, or from then until 1945; but we don't go dining out on that particular legend. The ones who suffered in the Holocaust are the ones who died, not the ones who survived. But the Holocaust survivors are the ones who are earning of course.' [P's talk to the Clarendon Club, 19 September 1992: K4, Tab. 5, p. 8]
[1.2/J]IRVING: OK, let's move onto the Jews of Hungary. In the files of the Office of Strategic Services is a report which I found which is about 200 pages long describing how various Jewish underground organisations turned up in occupied Europe, in liberated Europe after the end of the war and screened all the inmates in the displaced persons camps and using the immense organising skills which the Jews are endowed, they shipped all the Jews they found in these camps using the funds of the United Nations Relief and Refugee Agency across Europe, in trucks, straight to the Middle East, where they were given new names, new existence and a new life.
QUESTIONER: If you're suggesting that half a million Jews.....
IRVING: I'll not say that...
QUESTIONER: survived the war and have continued to this day to exist in an almost conspiratorial pretence.....
IRVING: I'm suggesting to you alternative explanations to the gas chamber because obviously as the gas chamber now turns out to be phoney then we have to try and explain what happened to the figures. Now one possible reason is the large number of Jews that turned up in the State of Palestine which is now the State of Israel. The Jews in Israel didn't come from nowhere. Another part of them when Auschwitz was liberated were set out on the roads and shipped westwards where they ended up in cities like Dresden. I don't have to tell you what happened in Dresden three weeks after Auschwitz was evacuated by the Germans. One million refugees on the streets of Dresden at the time when we burnt Dresden to the ground killing anything between 100,000 - 250,000 of them. Large numbers of people on the streets in Europe that winter also suffered normal deaths of exposure and starvation and epidemics. I'm offering to you alternative solutions to where the people went.' [P's press conference for the FPP publication of the Leuchter Report, 23 June 1989: K3, Tab. 4, pp. 9-10]
[1.2/K]'As he [Michael Milken] went to prison little tears rolled down his cheek and he pleaded not to be sent to prison and his beautiful, coiffured wife was aghast that her husband should be maltreated in this way. Thousands of people have suffered because of Michael Milken. But none of the newspapers dare be too harsh on him because of course his people have suffered so much this century, haven't they? [Laughter]
And that's what it is all about. The big lie is designed not only to distract attention from even bigger crimes than what the Nazis did, the big lie is designed to justify, both in arrears and in advance, the bigger crimes in the financial world and elsewhere that are being committed by the survivors of the Holocaust.' [P's speech at the Bayerische Hof, Milton, Ontario, 5 October 1991: K3, Tab. 10, p. 21]
[1.2/L]'Many concentration camps as the Russians approached were evacuated and sent out on a long cold march through the European winter of December 1944/January 1945 to the West. The concentration camp inmates arrived in Berlin or in Leipzig or in Dresden just in time for the RAF bombers to set fire to their cities. In Dresden a million and a half people camping out in the street on the night of February, 13th 1945. Nobody knows who they were, refugees, concentration camp prisoners, citizens of Dresden itself, after the bombers retired, 40, 45 minutes later another wave came and then at noon on February, 14th the American airforce joined in. Over 130,000 people died in that particular air raid. The same kind of raids took place on Leipzig, Berlin, Cottbus, refugee centres up and down the centre of Germany. Nobody knows how many Jews died in those air raids. Nobody knows how many Jews died on the roads of hunger or starvation or just sheer cold.
Nobody knows then how many Jews survived World War II in the displaced persons camps. This is one of the most interesting aspects. It is possible to research it I suppose but to my knowledge, none of the Holocaust historians have done so. The national archives in Washington houses a report this thick of the Office of Strategic Services, the American Secret Service in which are investigated the activities of the Hagana, the Jewish Zionist underground organisation, in those very displaced-persons camps in the first month after World War II. The Hagana went from DP camp to camp, scouring them for all the Jews they could find who were still living in these camps, these wretched people, loading them onto trucks and shipping them then with the United Nations funds and resources all the way across Europe through the Middle East to Palestine. So Mr Goldman, who is found in a camp somewhere in Bavaria is put aboard a truck with his family and shipped across to the Middle East to Palestine where he is given a new life and a new identity, an Israeli identity, with a Hebrew name. Mr Goldman has vanished and the Hebrew gentleman in the Middle East then starts drawing compensation because Mr Goldman has vanished.
This is the irony which a lot of Germans are now beginning to worry about, and it has been going on for now for 50 years and you begin to suspect why the West German government for all these years has made it a criminal offence even to challenge and to question what has been going on. As the Chief Rabbi of Britain, Lord Jacobowitz, said it became "big business" and it did no credit to the Jews as a whole because I know thousands of Jews, my publisher was a Jew, my Lawyer's a Jew, they are all perfectly ordinary, decent respectable people when you know them and those who you speak to thoroughly abhor what has been going on. ['The Search for Truth in History -Banned!' 1993: K3, Tab. 15, pp. 26-27]
[1.2/M]'I'm, I'm unhappy with the way that the Holocaust legend is packaged, I think the capital "H" makes me suspicious from the start. When you give a word a capital "H" then it begins to look like some kind of brand name that's been very slickly packaged and marketed...' [P's interview for the Holmes Show, (New Zealand television), 4 June 1993: K3, Tab. 16, p. 1]
[1.2/N]INTERVIEWER: Are you aware that the Dutch Center for War Documentation has made a full report about this? [The authenticity of the Anne Frank diaries]
IRVING: Doesn't surprise me.
INTERVIEWER: And they say it's, they have made public all the diaries, and they examined the handwriting and all there is to know about it.
IRVING: Doesn't surprise me. A lot of money is at stake, The Anne Frank Foundation is a very wealthy, political organization in Amsterdam.
INTERVIEWER: Yes, well we're talking about the Dutch state's...
INTERVIEWER: ...War Documentation Center here. We're not talking about the Anne Frank Foundation. We're talking about a public institution.
IRVING: But I'm talking about the financial interests which are at stake here. [Videocassette 213, "Dateline", 1h 19m 40s - 1h 20m 25s.]
[1.2/O]'We've only got to go out there long enough and hammer on their doors collectively and say "Come on, show us the evidence. Evidence that is acceptable. Explain this and this and this" and eventually their whole rotten edifice will collapse and fall down. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that either collectively or jointly, or perhaps better still anonymously, we recommend that Holocaust memorial buildings around the world are re-named the Auschwitz buildings. So that when that particular lie comes down they're going to have the indignity and humiliation of having to re-name them. [Laughter] [Unin] Eventually they will come down and eventually there's going to be a great rising outcry of indignation and this is what I regret most because let us be plain - certainly the Jews did suffer in World War II along with a lot of other minorities and ethnic groupings. There's no denying that they did suffer. I don't think they suffered more proportionally than other groups suffered. I don't think that their suffering can be said to be worse than the suffering suffered by the Germans after the war. The great mass expulsions, the great population movements - I don't think that their suffering in that respect is any worse but the fact remains that there was a crime of sorts that has to be atoned for. But to do what Adenauer did in that private conversation with Naim Goldman back in the 1940s, alright, we'll give you [unin], are you satisfied then? And, of course, the State of Israel happily accepted the billion dollars at that time from Germany, and went on to accept more and more and more and the West Germans are still paying and the bill is going to be presented continually, in alle Ewigkeit, the taxi meter is still running. And the only justification for that is the lie that the German people wanted it to happen. That there was an extermination and the extermination was a measure of the German State conducted by the German Führer in the name of the German people.
I've already long ago established that the German state and the German people and the German Führer had nothing to do with it. Whatever happened and there were individual excesses and atrocities and pogroms in places like Minsk and Kiev and Riga. Whatever happened were the crimes conducted for the most ordinary and repugnant motives of greed and thievery. Whatever happened were the crimes of individual gangsters and criminals, who deserved to be individually and separately punished. But this does not justify making an entire people pay and pay and pay in cash, which appears to be the only language that these victims understand. And this is why I hope that perhaps five years from now when I publish my final book, and it has to be my final book probably on Auschwitz, this is why I hope that people recognise that I've managed to pull off a coup even more spectacular than exposing the Hitler diaries as a fake. From one 6 million lie to another. That I will see then some of the world's most famous historians and politicians have the biggest omelette of all time, all over their face because for me, as an historian, I've always been led by one principle, one leitmotiv. In German it's 'es gibt nur die eine Wahrheit, die totale Wahrheit, and in English for myself as an historian there's only one sort of truth that matters and that is total truth. Truth is indivisible. [Applause]' [P's speech in Toronto, August 1988: K3, Tab. 2, pp. 22-23]
[1.2/P]'So how do we explain the fact that for forty-five years since the end of World War Two, we have all, internationally, globally, been beset by a common guilt: the idea that the human race was responsible for liquidating six million human beings in gas chambers. Well, the answer is: we have been subjected to the biggest propaganda offensive that the human race has ever known.'[P's speech to the 10th IHR, October 1990, 'Battleship Auschwitz' (also published in the JHR): K3, Tab. 6, at p. 499]
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