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27 July 1984 Letter of Ernst Zündel to P requesting P to appear as an expert witness at his trial in Toronto, and inquiring as to his fees for appeanng.
16 Aug 1984 Letter P to Zündel expressing interest in appearing as an expert Witness and wammg Zündel that 'in some respects my evidence may I be disadvantageous'
23 Aug 1984 Letter Zündel to P thanking him for expressing [his] willingness to appear in the Great Holocaust Show Trial here in Toronto' and stating that he 'would be interested in knowing whether if you have any reason to believe that anything like a 'holocaust' did occur at German hands, if this is what you mean by 'disadvantageous evidence'.Zündel also states that he would be willing to arrange a press conference for P, giving P an opportunity to expand on points raised in court, as well as to explain items mentioned in your various books on the Second World War.
11 Sept 1984 Letter P to Zündel explaining that his views may differ from those of Zündel in that, although he is satisfied that there was no centrally organised Nazi programme to murder millions of Jews, he believes that'localized, ad ,hoc massacres did take place, probably on Himmler 's authority.
20 Sept 1984 Letter Zündelto P disputing his belief that localised, ad hoc massacres took place, and expressing interest in P's ideas. ' After all, 5.1 million Jews, plus 5 million or so allegedly murdered Goyim represents an awful lot of back alley assasinations and ad hoc decisions of the moment. ...I would certainly not object to your substantiation of this new Holocaust Thesis in court. Remember, I am stating that no Jews were gassed in German concentration camps and that no six millions Jews were ever killed by German authority .
4 April 1986 Diary entry, P records meeting Zündel for the first time. 'I was met at the airport however. not by [Paul] Fromm but to my initial dismay by Ernst Zündel and his sidekick Jurgen---I don't need to emphasize what damage it would do to my image to be photographed with Herr Zündel with whom I have had no previous contact whatsoever. Just to make sure, I have asked Zündel not to chair the evening Toronto meeting in any way and he assured me that he understood quite fully why this was not possible."
21 May 1986 Letter Zündel to P explaining that the lack of media at P's meeting in Toronto was due to Zündel's absence. '...you were frank with me in your fears about being linked with me and I made every effort. as you will recall. not to embarrass you with mr presence. Zündel. praises P's presentability as well as credibility , and urges him to Increase the readership and commercial success of his books and historical research findings by branching into the videocassette field. Zündel states '...I am basically an advertising man. I make no claim to being a great writer or researcher. I am, at best. a populariser and promoter of ideas.Zündel adds 'It seems to me a great pity that you appear to labour almost alone. With your great knowledge and your ability to communicate. I think it is a crime that you must look after niggling details and put up with others. incompetence. over which you have no control.
SC 55a
Undated Samisdat newsletter covering the first three weeks ot-the trial; 'This is not the end of the myth. but the beginning of the process ofunravelment [sic] of a complex tapestry of incredible deceits and hate. We here are taking the first few steps towards the Day of Redressment [sic]. when German people everywhere. along with their friends and natural allies among all European-descended people. can hold their heads high again in an atmosphere of justice and truth.
2 June 1986 Letter Zündel to P requesting P's assistance in gathering historical documentation in anticipation of filing a' War Crimes suit' against members of the Allied forces. ' Could I count on you as a chief witness? Ifeel that we could make a high-profile case out of this which would be a real head-line grabber.
8 Julv 1986 Letter Zündel to P again requesting that P help him in gathering documentation to implicate the " Liberator of-Dachau ", a member of the Allied forces, and asking for 'a generous donation' for the cause.
8 Aug 1986 Letter p to Ziindel enclosing requested documents and photos.
SC 55b
3 Sept 1986 Letter Zündel to P requesting further assistance in unearthing documents relating to' Allied atrocities'.
5 Sept 1986 Letter Zündel to P returning photos, and requesting P's involvement in a 'War Crimes' action against the "Liberator of Dachau", and his appearance as an expert witness for Zündel in the event that his request for a retrial is successful. Zündel also offers his assistance' in making [P's] Fall trip to Canada a much greater success than the previous one' with regard to public engagements.
SC 55b
9 Nov 1987 Letter Zündel to P informing him of 'The Second Great Holocaust Trial', and asking that he appear as an expert witness, all expenses paid. Zündel suggests that P couples his trial appearance with a book promotion campaign, 'to take advantage of the publicity derived from [P's] courtroom appearances'.
SC 56
4 Jan 1988 Letter Zündel to P, I reiterate my offer to be of assistance, directly or indirectly, in the promotion of your books, including the organisation of a lecture tour, coupled with your trial appearance. which could get such a promotional tour off with a proverbial "bang"'.
17 Jan 1988 Letter p to Zündel agreeing to appear as an expert witness, subject to assurances from Canadian and American authorities that this would not jeopardise his unimpeded access into both countries. p explains his standpoint. ' In short I accept that great tragedy happen but do not accept the present versions as to how'.
12 Mar 1988 Letter Zündel to P explaining to Pthat two of his witnesses had 'either agreeing vehemently with the 6 million figure or expressed . strong "repugnance " for the booklet, Did Six Million Really Die. . We found that this type of testimony appeared to have a profoundly negative effect on the jury. It become extremely damaging to my defence when my own witnesses, while appearing and testifying on my behalf, neverthless agree with the Holocaust story and express " distaste " for my own writings. I feel I can no longer afford to have any witness, particularly an eminent historian and public speaker such as yourself, testifying to extremely important matters, but nevertheless. in the final analysis agreeing with the Crown that " It really did happen.",Zündel requests P's assurance that' if you do testify you will state either that you have done no primary research into this area and cannot give an expert opinion or that what research you have done indicates major problems with the Holocaust story. If you feel you cannot in all honesty give either of these two answers, then I believe that your testimony would be too damaging for me.'Zündel also mentions P's fees for his appearance as an expert witness, and adds' P.S can we help you with a bookpromo?'
19 Apr 1988 Letter Zündel to P outlining certain questions likely to be put to P during cross-examination, such as P's opinion of Harwood's Did Six Million Really Die?, the National Front etc. ' As you know, I make no bones about my admiration for Adolf Hitler and his movement,
22.25.26 P gives evidence at Zündel's trial in Canada. Apr 1988
SC 59
22 June 1988 Letter Zündel to p thanking him for his '"guest appearance"' at Zündel' s trial. and asking him to consider appearing in a video promotion. 'All you need to do is take the microphone stand in front of some buildings or in the " War Bunker ., where Churchill worked during the war and we will do the rest here [...] A shorter version could be used by Paul [Norris] to help promote the Churchill book to large chains of stores around the country. You must hold up the book. talk about it and quote it, so it can be used in a typical Yankee style commercial.'
1 Nov 1988 Letter P to Zündel inquiring about the proceeds from the video of P's interviews on Churchill that were made in London by Paul Norris."I have a close interest in this project, in both senses of the word!'
20 Jan 1989 Letter P to Zündel regarding arrangements for P's visit to Toronto in March 1989.
5 June 1989 Fax P to Zündel regarding arrangements for the Leuchter conference in London, 23 June 1989. P refers to a special glossy publication of the Leuchter report that needs'a good quality, contrasts, photograph showing e.g. the team at work with Hammer and MeiBel [hammer and chisel],with no visible "wanted criminals "in the picture--you can appreciate what the problem is!I have suggested a title. "A[uschwitz], the end of the line..., Regarding the venue for the conference, p writes "1 have had today to remind Tony [Hancock] to have an alternative site ready, in case our friends frighten the management into cancelling the contract at the last moment.'
31 July 1989 Fax P to Zündel attaching a letter from Crabtree, a South African engineer, containing a critique of the Leuchter Report, which P writes " needs all our urgent attention' .P says that the Leuchter Report " is now accepted worldwide as the breakthrough. and in its mass Production version we must not let it shoot itself in the foot.' Offers Zündel German and English language rights to Nuremberg for £18,000.
1 Aug 1989 Fax Zündel to P: Zündel suggests that P should become involved in a video project being prepared by Philipp and Zündel' s camera man, Sepp Geiger; P should visit Auschwitz with them and narrate the proposed video." This would give you " instant expert status " let you talk more forcefully and convincingly with " eyewitness status ". I was there etc. It would make the whole thing a serious archaeological history.finding endeavour.'Zündel signs off '[...] The world needs you. I proud to know you.'
23 Aug 1989 Letter Zündel to Crabtree. addressing Crabtree's critique of the: Leuchter Report, and explaining.'The Leuchter Report is a court document and in my opinion, should not be changed. as this would be construed as proof that we submitted an erroneous report by the very opposition you rightfully call "well organised".'
28 Aug 1989 Letter Zündel to p regarding a 'combined operation' between Karl Philipp, Zündel and P to persuade the media-cowards of Berlin to lift their ban on your appearance, so that you will have a programme after all.
Zündel tells P that protest should be linked to publicise in English and German versions of the Leuchter Report or will the German language version be unobtainable Z[ionist] O[ccupied] [governrnent] raid on Walendy? [...] Nothing stimulates public interest like a banning.'
There is a good group of 'Zündelists ' in Berlin, along with potential allies with whom could make a sizeable showing. We could thus turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone with which to facilitate much wider publicity for the Leuchter Report.'
Regaraing Zündel' s appeal in Canada. he writes: ' I expect to win my thoughtcrime appeal, if not at the provincial court level, then on the Supreme Court level in Ottawa. When victory is achieved, I shall be ungagged and unfettered by the chains of "jewdicial " persecution.'.
28 Aug 1989 Letter Zündel to P outlining Zündel' s difficulties with German original of P's November. Zündel makes clear to P what he intends WIth a republIcatIon of P s book. ..as long as the Nuremberg Trial Travesty stands, the Holocaust Hoax is supported by the full weight of Allied complicity. [...] Truth is indivisible, so we must aim for 8total, not partial, revisionism by including Nuremberg as well as the " Kosher Conflagration " in our research and our publications. ' The book 'like " Did Six Million Really Die ", would be at the forefront of controversy, academic debate, media-sensationalism and very likely, court room proceedings.' To this end, Zündel urges P to 'attribute quotes and cite sources with numbered footnotes ...so that it may be treated as a work of history and not dismissed by its detractors as some sort of "novel". ' Zündel expresses a hope that P con remove anti-German hate propaganda...in the interests of "total revisionism " as you will now have a more truth-Ioving and sympathetic publisher, so there is no fi,rther need to engage in Occupation German-style ersatz or phony revisionism. ' Zündel suggests that P include biographical sketches of major Nuremberg officials, thus allowing the reader to place this event in its proper context: that of a Purimfest with some shabbes-goyim presiding as figureheads; trulyan " advance towards barbarism "!'
19 Sept 1989 Letter P to Zündel, enclosing two documents relating to the Leuchter Report.
20 Sept 1989 Letter P to Zündel, agreeing to Zündel's suggestions for a new version of Nuremberg. P claims that'" knee-bending "' passages on the Defendants at Nuremberg were inserted by his German publishers.
28 Sept 1989 Letter Zündel to Leuchter, which he copies to P. Zündel refers to two counter attacks on the Leuchter report by 'two Jews '.Zündel asks P whether 'to be the judge ifthere is need to be concerned'.
29 Sept 1989 Letter Zündel to P, informing him that his Berlin 'friends' will join P's protest in Berlin and that Sepp Geiger had returned from Auschwitz with "22 stone probes and good video footage! The bridgehead is therefore widened!'
Undated Zündel flyer for P's demonstration in Berlin inviting people to 'prove the will of the Germans that we as a people will no longer allow our own history to be lied about to us by "court historians " and Allied slave drivers.
3 Oct 1989 P's diary: P addresses a press conference with ."my new slogan '"Wahrheit macht .frei". The lefty journalists got the allusion '. P staged a small demonstration at 4pm and a larger one in the evening (after being filmed by Philipp: see Philipp section).
SC 63-64
29 Dec 1989 Letter Zündel to P, complaining of P' s personal attacks on him. 'How can I be of any assistance to you amongst my own circle of friends and supporters if I am characterised by you as a "loud mouth ", '"obnoxious" or that I am one who '"wants to dance at every wedding.'Zündel infonns P that' ...you are welcome to say exactly what you think, but how can I, in good conscience, play the "fall guy " and provide a resurgent Germany with the creative leadership contribution my people require ? After all, to be any kind of leader, one must be respected.'
Undated Zündel flyer in support of P's February/March 1990 tour of Gennany. 'In this process, through the common struggle, we also grow together ourselves and bridge the existing divisive prejudices between '"old" and "young",.from activists like the FAP compared,to passive people like those .from the DVU etc. Zündel descnbes P is at the moment our best weapon deployed for truth for our people as well.
2 Jan 1990 Letter P to Zündel. responding to Zunde1's criticism of his use of the Riga shootings at Hagenau. 'I am well known for my impartiality. That is where my prestige comes .from, a prestige that you have drawn on in the past.
4 Jan 1990 Letter P to Sally Cox, enclosing list of speaking dates arranged by Zündel in Gennany for February/March 1990. ' I've cut Toronto's [Zündel] name for various reasons.
5 Jan 1990 Letter Zunde1 to P, discussing further details of the Gennan tour, mcludmg that 'Althans is going to be in the "DDR " for at least a week, he is en route there now, to see if he can get a University Forum there, so it will be a real test of Ewald 's skills.
13 Feb 1990 P records his speech in Dresden in his diary .'It emerged that Zündel, who is now out of jail, has paid Ewald [Althans] an honorarium to arrange this tour Posters everywhere, and Zündel has prepared 500 copies of a fine A2 sized colour poster, " David Irving fights for the Honour of the Germans. " ' [see Althans section]
18 May 1990 Letter to P to Zündel,,Thank you for all you are doing to help with the three speaking functions. As it is Central Germany I intend to speak .frankly I shall look forward to spef,1king in the autumn in Canada. [ ...] Let's invent a really hot theme.
Undated Zündel circular listing P's speaking toUr ' in Canada October/November 1990. 'The topic of Mr Irving's talk can be tailored for your audience so let him know your desires ' Zündel added that P is' an asset in today's world of cowards and snifflers.'
16 Feb 1991 Letter Zündel to P, expressing a hope that Althans has contacted him about the 'Great European Revisionist Congress' in Munich.' You are, of course, to be one of the star speakers...
29 Apr 1991 Letter P to Zündel, outlining a 'provisional timetable' for the second half of 1991.
3 July 1991 Letter P to Zündel, thanking him for a copy of a circular about P's tour. Incidentally go easy on the shinkicks against the Jews were taking trouble enough as it is from them.
4 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, outlining his efforts to arrange replacement tour dates for P in Gennany, including contacting Udo Walendy, Meinulf Schonbom [National Front] who has his own power base in the north (Bielefeld area) " and suggesting a book signing with Althans in Munich.
8 July 1991 Letter P to Zündel, , Needless to say, Jam both grateful for and impressed by the way in which your people are springing into action.
8 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, updating P on his efforts. ' Meinu/f Schonborn is in Mitteldeutschland. He will contact me as soon as he returns! Walendy could not get the hall in Hannover area, but we are still trying.
9 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, discussing P's appearances in Canada in September.
1 Aug 1991 Letter P to Zündel, outlining typesetting instructions for a poster Zündel will have printed for him.' ...can we have a encouraging title, like the one on the attached draft: .'The Fight Continues-To Total Victory. " Everyone can take from it what he will: the details can be changed according to the particular public, better said be adapted Yourposter "An Englishman Fightsfor the Honour of the Germans" was such a sensation, that I want a similar poster in English...'
20 Aug1991 Letter Zündel to P, outlining P's speaking dates in Canada in September / October.
26 Aug 1991 Letter P to Zündel, listing proposed titles for his speeches: 'How one billion have been duped for half a century , and 'the big lie and big business '
9 Oct 1991 Letter P to Zündel, thanking him for his efforts in Canada. ' These things seem to run more efficiently each time, and once more the enemy were not able to prevent me from speaking even once. I realise how h,amst,:ung you are py a;dhering t.o )!our steadfast,less to your cause. P dIscusses bnngmg BIGTITS LLeuchter] and her French friend too -I momentarily forget her codename' [Faurisson] to 'the country concerned' [Britain ].
17 Oct 1991 Letter Zündel to P, infonning him that' Your idea has been sold to him [Leuchter] and his wife -the plan seems to me feasible and h,as a chance of success. Now your T v: friends need to be coordinated.
23 Oct 1991 P records in his diary that he phones Zündel. ' Using codenames, it turns out he and Leuchter will be in Munich for z[undel] 's trial Nov 5; that we shall all confer in Pforzheim, Nov 6. That he needs Leuchter until Nov 9, when L[euchter] becomes our concern. I said that JOKER [HancockJ is [iJn charge of all transport arrangements.'
29 Oct 1991 Letter Zündel to P, asking him if he could contact Barbara Kulascka to answer questions in preparation for her book on Zündel's trial. Zündel' s ask P if he would like to join him for a press conference on 4 or 5 November in Munich.
6 Nov 1991 P records meeting Zündel and Leuchter during P's speech in Pforzheim organised with Or Manfrid Dreher.
25 Dec 1991 Letter P to Zündel.. outlining his plans for the following year.
10 Jan 1992 Letter P to Zündel, committing himself to publicity work for a Dresden Holocaust memorial project proposed by Zündel and Worch.
10 Jan 1992 Letter Zündel to P, regarding P's Munich trial. 'Regarding Miinchen:Those idiots in München. They are crazy idiots and blockheads. What videofilm are you charged with?'
13 Jan 1992 Letter Zündel to P, regarding P' s alleged utterances on Eichmann. 'I wonder if you could send me a ..denial " or explanation in. English and German, for inclusion in my next newsletter, or somethmg I can fax to our world contacts. We need to reassure these people! Otherwise it will be even more difficult to get audiences for you. I read what you sent to Dr. Faurisson and understand your outlook and viewpoint on the tactic in the matter-I think?!'
17 Jan 1992 Letter Zündel to P, asking him to resend his fax. 'I could use that to calm our very upset friends!
19 Jan 1992 Letter P to Zündel, outlining his German timetable for ,March
1 June 1992 Letter P to Zündel informing him he will be in Munich on 15 and 16 June. 'I wish to discuss the October Canada tour with you.'
13 June 1992 Diary entry. P records meeting in Munich: ' Zündel spoke, then after an interval I spoke
14 June 1992 Diary entry.P records that he and Zündel had planned his Canada tour together.
3 Aug 1992 Letter Zündel to P, concerning a controversy that has broken out in 'nationalist' circles' in Germany about the authenticity of the Goebbels diaries. Zündel asks P a number of questions. ' After the controversy on the Eichmann memoirs the people are a little startled and I want at least to inform them what your position on the matter is. If we don't do this, it will have an effect on the number of participants at the events!'
4 Aug 1992 Letter P to Zündel, assuring him that the Goebbels diaries are not fake' ...but remember who wrote them: he has a purpose sometimes writing certain things. ' P adds, But the surfriding I have engaged in has paid dividends -huge articles on the gas chambers controversy everywhere.
13 Aug 1992 Letter Zündel to P, listing dates of P' s speaking tour in Canada for October / November.
5 Sept 1992 Letter P to Zündel, congratulating him on his Supreme Court victory.'It is too early to claim overall victory, but the tide has ebbed slightly .In our favour; we must now repair dykes and dams and gird ourselves for fresh tides of violence and abuse. Well done...,
12 Sept 1992 Diary. Entry , P records his attendance at a meeting in Antwerp. ' Left [Munich]...with Althans. Valera and Thomas Ernst Zündel has ! also arrived. Glimpsed Christian Worch.'
19 Sept 1992 Zündel speaks at a meeting of the Clarendon Club. The transcript of Zündel's speech records him as saying: I am so glad to see so many young people here in this audience tonight. The greatest pleasure for me having come back to Europe having been away for thirty four years is to see that our ranks of ethnic nationalism are being rejuvenated from within our own societies and from within our own countries, because it means that Aryans, if I may use this term that infuriates our enemies, white people, if you want to, are alive and vibrant and our young people are going to ,step into olfr footsteps and that our countries are going to be safe. Further, I have studied Adolf Biller more in depth. And the longer and the more I have studied, the more embarrassed I was about myself having condemned that man as a foolish young man, brainwashed as I was, and I have come to respect what this man stood for and what he'lried to achieve, Although errors were made. ' Concerning P,Zündel says that in 1987, I had read many of his books, enjoyed many of his books. I always asked the same question that the lady asked in Germany, ..Why are you doing this for us, we Germans? I always thought that he was a British Pariol. English Patriotism and German Patriotism are not clashing, theyare complimentary, as all of you know. [applause]'
14 Nov 1992 Letter P to Zündel,Jim Bacque just heard about the conversation D[avid] c[ole] had with Ff.ransiceck] Piper, and says that ifwe can get him a copy or copies he will make sure it goes to every journalist of note in Canada He has contacts. Can you organize this?
15 Nov 1992 Letter Zündel to P, suggesting how he attract media coverage for his legal campaign follow his deportation from Canada.
15 Nov 1992 Letter P to Zündel, discussing legal developments and gate money. Don't be so touchy. We can't afford it. I certainly am developing an elephant skin.
23 Nov 1992 Letter P to Zündel, complimenting him on a mock-up of an appeal advertisement against P's deportation.
21 Jan 1993 Letter P to Zündel on David Cole's film in Auschwitz with Piper. ' I think you still do not grasp the point. The film is clearly sensational (I assume); what counts is the text of their dialogue, and that should have been released, even in edited form ...week ago! Jim Bacque was willing to have afield day with his press contacts with it, We missed a trick'
27 Jan 1993 Letter P to Zündel, replying to Zündel's letter of 11 January (not copied: letter of complaint from Zündel). ' ...until I met Mr Ernst Zündel, on that historic day in October 1987, I had no problems, worldwide It is fortunate that I met you in private, because I at once realized that you had been grossly maligned by the media moguls, and that-like Hiller-your public image was different from the true persona. Accordingly, in April 1988 I unhesitatingly agreed to aid your defence as a witness in Toronto. 'I would not make the A same mistake again. ' P adds. All right: you can't make omelettes without breaking eggs, I hear you say. But reading your letter in the light of that background; you will understand my dismay. We all now have problems, none of them insurmountable, because of our Crusade.'P acknowledges that Zündel 'organised the meetings' but asks him not to'disregard entirely the damage done to me and my pocket in the long term by appearing on your platforms.'
16 Feb 1993 Letter Zündel to P, informing P that he will fax the names and addresses of donors to P's appeals, and the amounts they have donated as 'I have all kinds of enquiries from my own supporters, asking me, why I would advertise in the news letter for the [David Irving] Defence Fund and then not acknowledge their donations to it. 'Zünder suggests P type them a one-page progress report on South Africa.
17 Feb 1993 Letter P to Zündel, expressing his anger at not having received donor lists. ' I will type the one page fax Progress Report you suggest tomorrow.
19 Feb 1992 Letter Zündel to P, stating that P's fax is inadequate for the purpose and that he must allay his supporter's suspicions that the appeal is a , "Jewish Fishing Expedition " to get names etc. ".
25 Feb 1993 Letter P to Zündel, complaining about the management of his Fighting Fund.
13 Mar 1993 Letter P to Zündel, informing him that he has posted a further 200 personal thank-yous. Regarding his expulsion from Germany and the threat of imprisonment for non-payment of his Munich fine: ' I have decided to go to prison in the FGR, therefore no DM 30, OOO.from the piggybank. We'll see what the world-wide writer's organisation has to say about that.
15 Mar 1993 Letter Zündel to P 'Be careful to play your German card. I admire your spunk as always.
4 May 1993 Letter Zündel to P, arranging that he tape a telephone call with P to broadcast on his radio station. .I would like to not have to cut and splice the tape if possible so if there is anything private or off the record that you want to tell me let's do it at the beginning or at the end.
8 June 1993 Letter Zündel to P requesting they do an English language interview together.'Millions might see and hear us.'
8 June 1993 Letter P to Zündel agreeing to record the interview.
15 July 1993 Letter p to Zündel,. suggesting they stage a meeting just on the US side of the [Canadian] border It would be one way of poking a finger in the eye of Ottowa. We had great success doing this with AustrialGermany in 1989.
15 July 1993 Letter Zündel to P, discussing plans for his tour of the USA.
3 Sept 1993 Letter P to Zündel.'Just a line to ask if there are going to be meeting south of the border as we discussed.
24 Jan 1994 Letter P to Zündel, suggesting a 'business proposition' asking if Samisdat take over mailing his Action Report in North America. Asks Zündel to quote him two prices' ...assuming the moiling goes out "pure " an ...assuming Samisdat used it as a vehicle for its own materials' .Asks Zündel for a' small soberly worded display panel in this issue [of Action Report] along the lines, .'Listen to the Voice of Radio Freedom on the following shortwave frequencies ..."
25 Jan 1994 Letter Zündel to P. ' Thanks for the ad -I will reciprocate. I am willing to make an english interview promoting the Churchill 11 book and any other one you might want to mention.
11 Feb 1994 Letter P to Zündel, announcing that he will send the first 500 Action Reports. P offers Zündel his list of supporters in North America' as a favour'.
sc 70
22 July 1994 Letter Zündel to P. [...] cannot keep on paying for trial and court cases for my acquaintances, otherwise I will have problems with the authorities. Suggests that P wnte a smallish book on " My Struggle " or "revisionist work" [...] Basically, quite frankly I am buying your name on the front cover of a book like Nuremberg the Last Battle.
24 July 1994 Letter P to Zündel. agreeing to re-write an expanded version of his Nuremberg book. Asks Zündel for $10,000 for North American rights to a Focal Point imprint of the book.
24 July 1994 Letter Zündel to P, rejecting his counter proposal. ' I am not a bookseller, I hate selling books ' Instead the proposed biography of Zündel would be given free to' m.v best supporters world wide, to keep these people interested in me and my work, so that when emergencies, like yours arise, where we have to raise such sums quickly
18 Sept 1994 Flyer circulated by Zündel for two of P's meetings in the USA on 7 and 9 October.
18 Sept 1994 Letter P to Zündel. 'It was good to meet and speak with you; a pleasure to meet someone who is beating the System. Encloses flyer if Zündel is the person conducting the mailing in Ontario for his USA meetings.
23 Feb 1995 Letter P to the Solicitor General of Canada concerning the latter's report on P's deportation from Canada (P states that he does not deny the Holocaust, 'whatever that is '; and that he does not speak to antisemitic or white supremacist groups ); marginal notes written by Zündel include' Grovelling to a Jew by kicking me! Shame on you.'
5 March
Letter P to Zündel, saying 'you are good friend, and one whose loyalty and dependability I value but expfaimng that he thought Zündel's appearance at Niagara Falls had damaged his case.
3 Sept 1995 Letter P , to Zündel, asking him to post 40 copies of Barbara Kulaszka's Did Six Million Reallay Die? Report oithe Evidence in the Canadian False News Trial of Ernst Zündel for p to 'market' on his tour of the USA; he asks Zündel to mention his talk in his circular.


1. See Statement of Case ('SC') section 6. paragraphs 53-70;
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