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Robert Faurisson

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10 Oct 1982 Letter Faurisson to P, asking P if he has found item 4 in Nuremberg document PS-4025 and for a transcription of a telephone call footnoted inP's Hitler's War.
17 Oct 1982 Letter P to Faurisson, enclosing items requested.
Winter 1984 Faurisson comments on P's 1983 IHR lecture where he 'had the pleasure ofmeeting David Irvingfor the first time'.('A Challenge to David Irving', JHR, winter 1984).
24 July 1986 Diary: 'Sat in the sun for a long time reading the IHR Journal.More out of curiosity at first. Faurisson's paper on Auschwitz setme thinking very hard. As 1 pointed to SSG a month ago, we have heaps of photos and eye witnesses of the Dresden holocaust: not one of an Auschwitz gas chamber, etc. As Faurisson writes, it's a bit thick that all the Reich-based 'gas chambers' were in 1959 (?) found to have been fakes or non existent by the West German government, (i.e. Dachau, Bergen Belsen, Buchenwald, etc) but we are being led to believe, on the flimsiest evidence (Gerstein report etc) that those at Auschwitz, Belzec, etc were real. His lawyer used a neat word for them: the 'metaphorical' gas chambers of Auschwitz. I hope I am never asked what 1 believe in public. I would now have to waver and cavil and dissect the meanings of words (Ausrottung, Vergasung). It is not an argument to get embroiled in.'
3 Dec 1986 Faurisson's comments on the testimony of Kurt Gerstein, accusing Martin Gilbert of manipulating the source. Signed' Rec 'd Dec 1986'.
Pamphlet Faurisson, ' Der Zwieite Zündel-Prozess (1988)'.Faurisson outlines his criticisms of P at the September 1983 IHRconference. 'Later I heard from various sides that Irving was in the process of going through a healthy change in the direction of revisionism.'
23 Jan 1989 Letter P to Faurrison replying to Faurisson's letter of 7 January, stating that he wouid very much like' a long private conversation with'you" and providing Faurisson with details of his whereabouts in Los Angeles in February.
25 Jan 1989 Letter P to correeting-the details of where he will be staying in Los Angeles in Febroary.
12 Nov 1989 P appeared with Faurisson at a conference in Hagenau(France), organised by Christophersen. (video cassette 212,'Wahrheit macht Frei')
19 Jan 1990 Letter Faurisson to Karl Philipp, copy to P. Faurisson writes to P, congratulating him on his 6-page report on P's speech in Dresden and asks him to send it to be published in CODE. Faurisson complains that he and P had not met in Los Angeles, and outlines criticisms of P's claims that the British invented the 'gas chamber lie'.'If he really claims that he himself discovered that the British are responsible more than any other for the lie, he is wrong. [ ...] We know, at least since 1956, the story of the British F.O. trying to STOP the lie in August 1943. [...] Anyway, when one studies the history or the historiography of the Big Lie, it does not appear that the British have any special responsibility: they haVt' none in the invention itself (chronology shows it), and they have less responsibility than the Americans in the success of the lie. [...] We must not say that we have discovered documents that in fact "they" had disclosed ten or twenty years ago and already accommodated on their cabalistic way.'
15 Mar 1990 Letter P to Faurisson thanking him for his comments, ending 'Keep up the fight!'
3 Nov 1990 Letter Faurisson to P enclosing an extract from British Intelligence and the Second World War, by F.H Hinsley, which Faurisson had received from Mark Weber. Faurisson enquires whether this is the book to which P was referring (perhaps in a previous letter).
16 Nov 1990 Letter P to Faurisson, asking Faurisson why he has not given prominence to the Hinsley pages. ' I thought your speech to the was beautiful: witty, interesting, and as usual full of new material. 'P asks Faurisson for his opinion on a French publishers and asks him to ring him in Key West.
27 Nov 1990 Letter Faurisson to P, explaining that he had not given Hinsley prominence 'Because "they" always say that "of course" the Germans were not so stupid as to use the words indicating that people were killed by gas. As I told you, I think we used Hinsley's remark at least in 1988 and perhaps also, before that, in 1985.'
23 Mar 1991 Diary: P appears with Faurisson (amongst others) at the cancelled provisional revisionist congress in Munich.
14 Oct 1991 Letter Faurisson to P informing him that Faurissonowsent a fax to Tony Hancock agreeing to stand in for Fred Leuchteron the conditions that there will be 'no sign, no uniform, etc.'. Faurissonc confmns to P that he is'...ready and willing to deliver a speech on "The Myth of the Gas Chambers" at your private meeting in Duke Street on November 15.'
10 Nov-1991 Fax Faurisson to John Moffat with details of, and requests for, his arrival in London for the 15 November meeting. 'The police might ask me some questions at Heathrow or even try to send me back to France. Therefore I would like someone of yours to be there at my arrival. ,
15 Nov 1991 Diary: P records Faurisson's speech to audience in London at meeting organised by P for Faurisson and Leuchter.
Nov 1991 Precis of Faurrison's life by P. '...Faurisson was fined 250,000 francs under the new law [making it a crimiDaI offence to contest the crimes against humanity as defined at Nuremberg]. [ ...] Incorrigible, Faurisson deliberately faxed the same words to press agencies that ssame day: "there were no gas chambers, no genocide. " Faurisson is one of the bravest historians I know.'
18 Dec 1991 Fax Faurisson to P congratulating him for confronting Bernard Levin with a reader's letter in the Times. 'This is a major victory. You deserve it. The comparison between the Mazi] G[as] C[hambers] and the H[itler] D[iaries] is a brillaint idea. I suppose you know that, thanks to General Remer and Karl Philipp, the dam is breaking in Germany with the 500 signatures ("we demand...1 ). [...] The Police (Renseignements Generauux) and the TV (with the film of Michael Schmidt showing you and 1 in Hagenau in 1989) have co-ordinated a big media operation against us. Once more congratulations.'
12 Jan 1992 Fax Faurisson to P offering details about 'the Eichmann topic' following P's 'alleged retraction -after -having -read- the - Eichmann -"memoirs ". ' Faurisson argues that Eichmann had never seen a gas chamber and' being rather naive and gullible' he believed what had been written after the war.
12 Jan 1992 Fax P to Faurisson regarding P's Eichmann papers. 'I have also stressed that E's version of what Heydrich said: " Ich komme vom Reichs.führer,. der Fuhrer hat die physische Vernichtung der Juden angeordnet ", is interesting but but Horensagen [hearsay] not zulüssig [pennissible] in not even an Amstgericht [Regional Court] as evidence. It shows what Eichmann believed, not what was necessarily true. Also, I have stressed that despite his many visits to Auschwitz he never saw a gas chamber I agree: he swallowed a lot of what he read in Reitlinger, Poliakov, etc. I propose to discuss this at the next IHR, if I am invited But: it is useful publicity. because it brings the whole controversy out into the open. Today, ten newspapers, three television stations, BBC radio etc. How else can we "purchase " publicity for our real arguments?!'
12 Jan 1992 Fax Faurisson to P, thanking him for his comments on the Eicbmann papers and the enclosed newspaper articles.'Of course, if the citations in your speech were correct and even if they had been accompanied by some restrictions or nuances not mentioned here by the journalists, I would have to say that L for one, consider the whole matter as terrible. Have you sent any fax to those newspapers to say what you are telling me in your fax about Eichmann "only [hersay1", "not permitted even in a court as evidence","never seen a gas chamber" 'Faurisson adds: 'Please remember what I tol you in London about what you had written on Major General Walther Bruns!'
23 June 1992 Fax Faurisson to p regarding a 'so-called Committee to Stop Irving'. 'We are more than ever on your side. You tire"performing a splendid job [...1 As I told you in Munich in March 1991 "A Revisionist must be ready for one bad piece of news a day and one humiliation a week". But this is of course not a reason to stop the battle. I, myself will stop it in January 1994 [...] More than ever we need you. I wish you a big success for July 4. Be prudent.'
7 Dec 1992 Fax Faurisson to p regarding a letter featured in 'Expressen' by P,in which he denied any involvement with Ahmed Rami, a conference organised by him in Sweden, and called Rami a liar. Faurisson defends Rami 'a man, as you know, I admire greatly'.
8 Dec 1992 Fax P to Faurisson replying to Faurisson's fax. of 7 December; 'At present, as you are aware, we are coming under worldwide attack because of our refusal to bow to pressure or change our opinions on matters of history without acceptab'e proof This fight, this Endkampf[final battle] by our desperate traditional enemy, is now taking an ugly shape, and the important thing is to avoid being engulfed by the flames ourselves.' '[...] I issued an immediate denial. If Mr Rami does not like it, then he must write to me in person and tell me. At present, I have to confess, I am speechless with anger at him. Nobody is entitled to use my name without my permission. Meanwhile, "The Fight Goes On --To Final Victory!"'
9 Dec 1992 Fax Faurisson to P; 'Now let me tell you that the gentleman [Rami] was hurt by the fact that, before calling him a liar in a letter sent to his own worst enemy (certainly not deserving the esteem you expressed), you had not phoned him as, for example, you had done in November 1991 when he was in a hotel in London before your conference at Chelsea Town Hall. [...] Permit me to reiterate my wish: I do think that a gentleman like A. Rami deserves a nice letter from you.'
Dec 1993 P pens an article in Action Report on Jean-Claude Pressac's The Crematoria of Auschwitz:The Machinery of Death referring to calculations on the crematoria done by'Pressac Is former revisionist buddies'.
11 Jan 1994 Letter Yvonne Schleiter {Faurisson's sister) to P, complaining about P's description in his Action Report of' Pressac 's former revisionist buddies'. Schleiter declares that she is surprised that P , should use such words towards people you owe everything you know about revisionism. [ ...] You ought not to forget that you owe a lot to those II buddies II and I don't think it is correct of you not to pay homage to them. I do hope you will agree with me. ' Schleiter adds a post script: ' I admire a lot Mr Butz, but let me tell you one thing: if it had not been for Robert Faurisson and the tremendous ., .fight he started in i 97 4, Mr. Butz's books would still-be sleeping on the shelves of some American people's libraries, and you would still believe in the gas chambers.'
15 Jan 1994 Letter P to Schleiter, expressing his sorrow that Faurisson has "'misunderstood the word I'buddies" in English. [...] Nobody can deny the quality of the work that Robert has done. The viciousness of the attack on him is testimony to that! I will include a sentence .from your letter in the next ACTION REPORT to clear up the misunderstandings. [ ...] What an adventure, as Robert himself said! Keep up the good work -and I'll keep up mine !'
30 Jan 1994 Letter P to Faurisson, enclosing a draft article for Action Report on 38 attempts in Holland to ban Faurisson's book on Anne Frank, and requesting any further information.
31 Jan 1994 Fax Faurisson to P commenting on P's draft article' Anne Frank litigates from beyond the grave'.' It is a mistake to say that we point to " a style too adult for even the most precocious Ihirteen- year old girl ". i always avoid that kind of argument which is too flimsy. ' Faurisson encloses an outline of his prosecution in Holland and pages from the critical edition of the Anne Frank diaries.
Sep 1994 P prints extracts from Schleiter's letter and his reply in his Action Report.
5 Oct 1994 Faurisson to P, enclosing an article in The Nation and Faurisson's response. including passages on P's views on the testimony of Gen Wa1ter Bruns at Riga. In Faurisson's reply he states that P ...does not want to btassimiJated to Faurisson; "the devil" as he put it. He tries his best to keep some distance although he is on our side.Do you really think he believes what he said on Generalmajor Walther Bruns (on Eichmann, on Goebbels, on the gas chambers being an invention of the British (!) propaganda)? Let me take the example of Bruns. In November 1991, when I was at Irving's home in London, I made him aware, thanks to his own documents that I had asked him to look at, that Bruns , "confession " (? ) was typical of the " confessions " collected by the British: it was the usual stereotypes. I showed him what, in another document, the British had said about Bruns: he " had been relieved ofhis command" by the Germans, he was "antinazi" and he was "eager to cooperate with the Allies". Now, guess what D. Irving told me then spontaneously: "Anyway, later on, at a trial, Bruns said that he had in fact not been an eyewitness. " Draw your own conclusions.'
21 Feb 1995 Letter Faurisson to P, regarding the article by Eric Conan ' Tout yest faza' [Everything there is false] about the Auschwitz gas chambers. ' One thing I would like to make clear for you and that I.. wish you to repeat everywhere is that, in fact, this admission of E. Conan only confirms what Faurisson had discovered in 1976 and kept repeating in books, articles, videos and even on the witness stand [ ...] Mr. Irving, do you realize what it means for a searcher who has been working so hard for so many years, who has been insulted and heavily sentenced, to see a young American Jew [David Cole] coming in and stealing his discovery and making money and publicity out of it? I always thought that one day the Jews would come maintaining that the " Holocaust " of course existed but that the " gas chambers "were a German lie invented to frighten the poor Jews, or a Russian lie, or a Polish lie, or a Communist lie. Please, set the record straight. , Faurisson also asks P to clarify the discrepancy between the sources P cites in Action Report for the figures for coke consumption in the crematoria at Auschwitz.
6 Mar 1995 Letter Faurisson to P enclosing letters of Hans MUnich. ' There are no objections to Munch 's story e.g.,why did the funeral pyres notshow up on the air photos. And Munch may be suffering from the Hoßsyndrome: anxious to say anything in 1945/46 provided the Poles did not hang him,. and now believing it all himself'
15 Mar 1995 Letter Faurisson to P, stating that he knows 'the Munch affair' and asking P to answer his question on coke consumption at Auschwitz.
21 Mar 1995 Letter P to Faurisson explaining that the figure arrived at for coke consumption was compiled by Karl Philipp, and agreeing that the figures are most important.
29 Sept 1995 Fax Faurisson to p asking for documentation to prove that he anG.. P had-discussed the-events in Riga of 30 November 1941,. as-P.alleged in the July/ August 1995 issue of the JHR. Zündel also requests p to confirm that in an interview in Australia he had given the figure of 4 million Jews to be a plausible figure for the number of victims of the Holocaust, as reported in Searchlight magazine, September 1995.
28 Nov 1995 Letter P to Faurisson, stating that he thinks Searchlight 'has edited that radio interview of mine in Australia to fake what 1 actually said What 1 actually said, when asked how many Jews died in world war IJ, was that from all causes, from start to finish, the figure might have been as many as four million-including air raids, forced marches, starvation, disease, epidemics, old age.'P encloses a diary entry for the day saying that in the Australian interview he 'straightened him [the interviewer] out that 1 am not a " denier" as claimed.'
1 Dec 1995 Fax Faurisson to P expressing concern that P had given a figure of the nwnber of Jewish dead to be 4 million; 'Such an "admission" or statement is a very serious one.'Faurisson criticises Irving for his insistence that he is not a denier because, although F aurisson argues that 'we affirm that there was no German policy of exterminating the Jews [ ...] 1 am afraid that what you mean by not being a "denier" is that Faurisson and Co are "deniers" whereas .. you are definitely not a "denier" wrong?'
Aug 1996 Letter Faurisson in the Adelaide Institute concerning P. Faurisson claims that P is returning to his pre-Zündel trial stance he had outlined in his 1984 JHR article, comparing P's then stance to that of a' " half-pregnant-woman "'
27 Jan 1997 Letter Faurisson to P berating P for printing the name, identity and residence of Mrs Peck, the daughter of Hoss, in his December 1996 Action Report. ' As far as 1 know, you are the first to have printed such a piece of news. This is very serious matter.,
29 Jan 1997 Letter P to Faurisson explaining that Mrs Peck no longer lived at the address as printed in his Action Report and therefore nobody was endangered. '...you have few greater admirers of your courage than me.'P corrects Faurisson's whitewashing of Hoss's conduct, by reminding him that Hoss was, after all, commandant of 'one of the most horrific slave labour camps in Europe.' P encloses his book Nuremberg -The Last Battle, and 'treats' Faurisson to an overview of his action against Penguin Books and Professor Lipstadt.'Apart from the occasional sniping from you Robert, the fight is very rewarding, in the spiritual sense: an intellectual crusade against powerful, wealthy, and evil forces trying to crush Real History.'
25 Apr 1997 Letter Faurisson to P thanking him for P's latest book.
3 act 1998 Letter P to Faurisson regarding his having posted a piece on his web-site about Faurisson ' s imminent trial. 'I regard this as yet another fight to preserve freedom of speech, against its traditional enemies.'


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