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Christian Worch (National Liste-NL)

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1 Jan 1990 Letter Worch to Ewald Bela Althans, enclosing DM 300 for P's forthcoming speech (3 March) and informing him that P's fee has been forwarded to Ernst Zündel.Offers to discuss details with Karl Phlipp if necessary.
1 Jan 1990 Letter Worch to Zündel.'I am convinced that 1990 and the whole nineties will be better for our people as the last four-and-half decades, but I also hope that it will be a better decade for all our comrades.' Informs Zündel that although the media have identified 1,100 "'neo-Nazis"' in fonner East Gennany, only 10 or 20% have 'really earned 'this classification' according to 'our West German standards '. Raises his concerns about P's March appearance after P's 'small "'fauxpas"' in Hagenau ' ...when he had to bring up these stories about the Riga shootings. But Ewald [ Althans ] explained to me that Irving has a choice of two presentations on this tour, with which we don't have to reckon with such irritating details for our listeners.[...] Naturally clearly more agreeable than the presentation in Hagenau!' Worch makes clear how pleased he is to have engaged P: ' DM 1,000 for the speaker and DM 300 for the organiser seems to me decidedly cheap. It is worth double or triple the amount to me.' Concerning Althans's homosexuality, Worch informs Zündel that from his' experience in the discussions around Michael Kuhnen I know only too well that it is important to quickly and decisively nip the rumour- mongering in the bud.
15 Jan 1990 Contractual agreement signed by Althans and Worch for their respective organisations (AVO and NL) for P's 3 March speaking engagement.
16 Jan 1990 Letter Worch to Althans on headed NL notepaper, requesting he hold the meeting in the name of the NL if neither Althans or P had any objections, as it would make booking rooms easier.
9 Feb 1990 Letter Worch to P outlining and enclosing security measures for the meeting. Informs P that he is hosting meeting as a private individual although invitations have been extended in the name of the NL.' Mr Althans also implied that you have been, so to say, warned about me, perhaps also because ofmy contact to Mr [Michael] Kuhnen. Naturally I had (and have) close connections to Mr Kühnen, just as I have connections to Mr Zündel, Mr Christophersen, Mr Althans,and many other and many other politically interesled and active people. For me is not important if someone is considered a 'pariah',rather if he means it honestly.That is more important to me than the question than if one person or another has made mistakes or enjoys negative pubillicity.
3 Mar 1990 Diary: P describes NL meeting:'Rumours come that tonight there is to be much violence, etc., and Munier persuades me to cancel the Nationale Lisle meeting -since (a) the press has got wind of it, and (b) Michael Kühnen is to be present; and to attend only the Burschenschaft Germania meeting later in the evening. This evoked consternation, then comprehension, in Althans,....Zündel(!)(in Toronto!) is somehow eingeschaltet [brought in]. I drove to Hamburg.... Meanwhile Althans phoned from the NL venue, the Alte Mühle, insisting that I attend the NL function, major crowd there, 300, no trouble, no police, no problems. So I drove out there at speed, made a rousing speech, which was very well received, then zipped on to the Burschenschaft Germania.... There were surly faces against me at the NL meeting when I arrived. An attractive girl, 25 (who turned out to be Christian Worch's wife), snarled at me that I had 'disappointed' her by my earlier stance this day. But at the end of the meeting all were pleased. It was a good speech --knorke [super],I think my current biographical subject [Goebbels] would say.'
4 Mar 1990 Diary: p speaks at a meeting in Vlotho, the venue organised by Worch or Althans; P makes Worch or Althans; p makes' a good heated, demagogic speech, with every punch line brilliantly delivered and hugely applauded.,
14 Mar 1990 Letter p to Worch thanking him for 'the very friendly and obliging help and support'. P expresses his hope to see Worch and wife Ursula at forthcoming 'Wahrheit macht Frei' conference in Munich. ' I am preparing a super contribution.,
20 Apr 1990 Diary: p lists Worch as present at the dinner Althans organised.'It ended with a Trinkspruch. spoken by him, to a certain statesman whose 101th birthday falls today. All rose, toasted;I had no glass. as I don't drink.,
21 Apr 1990 Diary:P attends 'Wahrheit macht frei' conference, for which Worch had organised security .
22 Apr 1990 Diary: p records breakfast on morning after 'Wahrheit macht Frei' with 20'Wilhelm Staglich, Tony Hancock, and the Worschs.
11 June 1990 Letter Worch to p concerning P's refusal to appear at Wündsiedel (the 'J annual neo-Nazi Rudolf-Hess March) on the same platform as KUhnen.Worch informs P he can understand his stance, but forcefully reminds P that it had been 'Kühnen's people' who had got the illegal demonstration moving after 'Wahrheit macht Frei',and again makes his political affiliation to Kühnen clear.' As most of the active revisionists of today were still concearning themselves with their bourgeoise careers or at the most once a year attended the large rallies of the DVU or got together at the weekly back-room regulars. tables of the NPD, it was Michael Kühnen who. together with the sadly in the mean-time dead Erwin Schonborn, put his men in donkey masks in 1978 and armed them with placards which read 'I am an ass and still believe that.Jews were gassed in Auschwitz ' and demonstrated in the Hamburg city centre ...(where he like myself was promptly sentenced to a few months imprisonment.),
3 Aug 1991 Diary: P indicates that he planned to speak at Wundsiedel: 'Fax from Wold [Sic] Rudiger Hess. the speeches won't be ready until August 22 (five days after Wundsiedel!).'
8 Nov 1991 Diary: P records his agreement. at the suggestion of the Worschs, that he speak at Halle the next day.
9 Nov 1991 P speaks at open-air rally in Halle organised by NL, DA, and 'Deutsches Hessen'. Prominent guests included Austria's Gottfried Kussel. P speaks on the same platform as Thomas Dienel (NPD) and Worch (Videocassette 213, '...This Week.', labled 'ca. 04.94') P recorded in his diary 'I spoke first, a rabble rousing ten or fifteen minutes, with loud cheering, and alas some shouts of Sieg Hiel to which I admonished, 'Let's have no calls from the past; it's the [illegible word] that counts." The video record of the meeting shows Irving merely making a weak gesture of disapproval.
30 Nov 1991 Letter P to Worch informing him that he will be in Munich for a court appearance and tells Worch he will send him further details.
2 Dec 1991 Letter P to Worch informing him of his date of arrival in Hamburg and asking if Ursula Worch can help him.
1 Jan 1992 Letter P to the Worschs, using the informal German address ('du'),thanking them for their efforts' that lead to the successful event in Lentforden'. P offers his services to Worch and outlines his availability in the forthcoming year .
8 Jan 1992 Letter Worch to P discussing P's involvement in a muted 'Bomber-Harris' and' Dresden Holocaust Monument' project, organised by Worch and Zündel. Worch informs P 'It would be no problem with precisely such a project if the more radical wing, represented by me, unite with the more reserved moderate wing.' Worch also informs P of problems surrounding Ktihnen's burial and Gottfried Ktissel's arrest in Vienna.
8 Jan 1992 Letter P to Worch offering to speak on behalf of the Dresden project and give interviews in the media. P informs Worch that he will have 'Rudolf-I[Hess Square' stickers printed by 14 March.
8 Jan 1992 Letter P to Worch asking how 'Rudolf-Hess Square' be spelt in German.
20 Jan 1992 Letter P to Worch offering his availability for an event in May.
20 Jan 1992 Letter Worch to p suggesting he can organise meetings for P, including one with Michael Swierczek (FAP) in southern Germany.
22 Jan 1992 Letter Worch P,s to speaking timetable in March including, two meetings. with Swierczek Worch suggests to P that posters forthe-tour be obtained from Zündel
22 Jan 1992 Letter P to Worch agreeing to tour outline. P declines to state where he will travel on to after South Africa 'for obvious reasons '.
24 Feb 1992 Letter Worch to p reassuring him that arrangements are on course, and enclosing article from German magazine Der Spiegel.
26 Feb 1992 Letter P to Worch giving further details ofhis movements in Germany.
9 Mar 1992 Letter P to Worch asking him to detail speech topic for Liineberger Heide.
10 Mar 1992 Letter Worch to p outlining topic on Dresden bombings and informing p how to reach meeting.
6 May 1992 Letter Thomas Salomon (The Nationals) to Worch, asking Worch to inform p that planned appearance in Berlin has been cancelled.
22 May 1992 Letter P to Züindel complaining at failme of his last tom. ' I don't think that I will talk for the National List, Nat{ional} Ofensive, or AVÖ again' because of organisational mistakes.
10 May 1993 Letter Worch to p discussing possibility of P speaking in Hambmg in early July.
22 May 1993 Letter p to Worch asking Worch to take up contact with 'U[lrich] H[arder]' to discuss whether p should speak to two separate meetings in Hambmg, or one common meeting. Informs Worch he had spoken fom times on Australian television, 'pulled one over on the enemyagain'.
17 June 1993 Letter Worch to P asking P to speak on his recent tribulations in Germany because' the public will consist of perhaps two-thirds young people who have already themselves experienced something of terror and persecution '.
22 June Letter P to Worch agreeing to arrangements for Hambmg meeting.
26 June 1993 Letter p records in his diary speaking near Hambmg to meeting arranged by Worch. ' No police presence (I hope) so I spoke freely. ,
Sept 1994 P writes in his Action Report that someone in Bremen has been imprisoned for renaming a street there 'Rudolf Hess Strasse' using the adhesive PVC printed sheet available from ACTION REPORT for this noble purpose.

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