David Irving, Holocaust Denial, and his Connections to Right Wing Extremists and Neo-National Socialism (Neo-Nazism) in Germany: Electronic Edition, by Hajo Funke

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5.9 1993: expulsion

5.9.1.Irving's diaries and documentation for 1993 being fragmentary, we will suffice ourselves with summarising the little that is reconstructable.
5.9.2.Between 11/12 - 14 January Irving was in Germany and Austria in the company of Althans and Susie Töpler.461 On 14 January spoke in Munich to a meeting of 'the friends of Ernst Zündel' organised by Althans, where Irving received a partial speaking ban.462
5.9.3.Sometime between 17-23 May an international meeting was organised by Christophersen, which Irving would have appeared to have agreed to attend, if the event had not been cancelled because of adverse publicity.463
5.9.4On 26 June a conspirative meeting was planned by Worch for Irving outside Hamburg, although Worch refused to fax Irving exact details for fear of observation.464 Irving recorded, 'Good speech on the problems and vicissitudes of the last twelve months; no police presence (I hope) so I spoke freely.'465 On 27 June Irving spoke to the 'Association for Culture and Contemporary History' ['Verein für Kultur und Zeitgeschichte,'] in Hamburg organised by Ulrich Harder.466 On 5 July a meeting had been planned with Althans, which Irving himself apparently called off.467
5.9.5.On 3 July Irving spoke to a NPD meeting in Mainburg. In his diary he wrote, 'Police presence, usual teilweise Redeverbot [partial speaking ban] handed to me. Backed up an hour later by warning that if I read it out I would be arrested. Democracies!'468 The   ban was apparently based on that handed down to Irving in Munich on 11 January 1993.469 Interesting in this context is what Irving then said to the audience. Irving told the audience that he was banned from explaining his theses 'But that is not important. Because I am convinced that most of you knew what I would talk to you about, what my theses are, what I would say [laughter, applause]'470 Even when banned, Irving's mere presence and innuendo was enough to spread the denialist cause.
5.9.6.On 9 November Irving started a tour arranged by the AVÖ's Wiesel, arranged to start in Munich and Baden Württemberg and end in Dresden.471 Whilst in Munich he was requested to quit the country by the German authorities.472 Irving recorded the next two days in his diary.
Arranged dinner at Mövenpick [with Töpler] at 9 p. m.. Ten minutes later a Kriminalkommissar [police officer] Wolf of the Staatsschutz [security service] and a female officer arrived brandishing a thick envelope containing two copies of a 33pp. Aufenthaltsverbot [residency ban] issued against me and date stamped today, November 9. That's torn it. I read it through at leisure, and heard him remark that he had something even grimmer to do (or hand me) as soon as I had read it. He sent the female out to get it; I nonchalently said I would of course have to phone my lawyer Herrmann, and rose to get his number from the car. "You're coming back?" asked the officer, and I said yes, before climbing into the car and speeding off, nearly colliding with a pack of Jews at the local Kristallnacht memorial. Drove to Wiesel's headquarter and left a message to him to meet me at Hotel Drei Löwen. Then phoned Susie [Töpler] and using coded language changed rendez-vous to same place ("the place where I gave you that pen"). Wiesel turned up and I took him round the block then in car. It was obvious to me, the police intended to serve on me the latest Strafbefehl [summary sentence] personally, or perhaps even arrest me (Leuchter is still in jail!).473
5.9.7.Irving's lawyers refused to take the case, whereupon Irving realised that he had to vacate Germany as quickly as possible to avoid the indignity of deportation. '...changed reservation from 9 p. m. flight to stand by on 5 p. m. flight to London, hoping thereby to loose any policeman who had checked the British airways   computer... Dash to airport gate and just got on as they closed the doors. Back in London.'474


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