David Irving, Hitler and Holocaust Denial: Electronic Edition, by Richard J. Evans

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(D) Misquotation and suppression of evidence: the von Hassell diaries

1. Irving blatantly misconstrues another reliable source, the diaries of Ulrich von Hassell, which he claims show that 'Hess confirmed that in his view Goebbels alone was to blame' for the pogrom.123 In fact what Hassell wrote in the entry to which Irving refers was as follows:  
On 23. 12 Hess spent two hours at the Bruckmanns'. They said he had been more depressed than ever before. He had left them in no doubt that he completely disapproved of the action against the Jews; he had also reported his views in an energetic manner to the 'Führer' and begged him to drop the matter, but unfortunately completely in vain. Hess pointed to Goebbels as the actual originator.124
2. Thus Hassell never reported Hess as saying Goebbels alone was to blame, simply that he was the man who initiated the pogrom. Irving omits all mention of the crucial sentence which reports Hess as saying his attempt to get Hitler to stop the pogrom had been futile, or in other words, that Hitler had backed Goebbels.


123. lrving, Goebbels, p. 281.
124. Hassell, Vom anderen Deutschland, p. 43.
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