Holocaust Denial on Trial, Skeleton Argument of the Claimant (long): Electronic Edition, by Adrian Davies

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Hitler's Trial in 1924

179.Re 5.18: Irving was writing a book on Hitler's War, not the so-called struggle period of the Nazi party before 1933. In a book on Hitler's War one does not expect a more than passing reference to an unimportant episode that occurred in 1923.
180.Re 5.22: Mr. Justice Gray makes no reference to Irving's position on this issue, as stated in Irving's written submission of 21 March, namely that, while Hitler was at that time an obscure agitator on his way to prison, "Hoffmann was a police sergeant, testifying on oath and therefore seemed credible to me."
181.Re: 5.24, "requisitioning of funds". In Irving's written, submission of 21 March he pointed out that:--
"In writing books for the general reader and a wider public than is attained by e.g. the expert witnesses in this case, I agree that I used vocabulary like 'requisitioning' in the way that GIs would talk about 'liberating' wristwatches from Nazi prisoners of war. My readers will have got the point."
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