Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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B. Stairs and slides (pages 14-17)

21.The last 5 lines of page 13, page 14 and the first two lines of page 15 are extracts from Gray's judgment (7.61, 13.76, 13.84)
22.The arguments put forward at page 15, 16 and 17 are all contained in the Gray Critique. All the footnoted documents pre-date the trial with the exception of FN 9, which is dared "2000". However, that date is misleading because the English language version of the Mattogno article "Auschwitz 1270 to the present. Critical notes by Carlo Mattogno" (not available at the web-link provided by Rudolf but available on Russ Granata's web-site 'http://russgranata.com/irving-eng.html') has a 1999 copyright (see "MDB 4" tab 4 page 1).
23. As noted by Rudolf at page 16 he draws on the Mattogno article referred to in 22 above. Points A, B, C D and E are all lifted direct from it (see "MDB 4" tab 4 page 9).
24.The argument used by Rudolf on page 17 as to how corpses got into the crematorium had already been used by Irving when he wrote to van Pelt on 29th May 1997. (see "MDB 4" tab 5 page 7).
25.Thus all the material in this section pre-dates the trial of this action.
Q. Coke consumption and c... >>

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