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    The eyewitnesses stated that thousands of
 1lack of documentary evidence for the gassings, Professor
 2van Pelt could only offer the suggestion that the use of
 3gas chambers at Auschwitz and Birkenhau was a "moral
 4certainty". Three times in his report, three times in his
 5report, he fell back upon that semi-religious phrase. The
 6available proofs certainly do not support the belief that
 7gassings there occurred on a mass scale.
 8     If I can just fill in what I have not said
 9there? Of course, I do accept that there were gassings on
10a small scale at Auschwitz in the buildings identified as
11bunkers I and II which were houses which have since been
12torn down.
13     I will not dwell long on the uniformly poor
14evidentiary basis on the other extermination camps, known
15to the Court as the Operation Reinhard camps - Belzec,
16Sobibor and Treblinka. Here we do not have even the
17"moral certainty" which comforted Professor van Pelt.
18I can only challenge here the scale and the systematic
19nature of the alleged gassing of more than one million
20people in these centres. The Defendants' own witness,
21Professor Browning, admits that the documentation for
22these camps is "scant", that is his word, and I place
23great weight on that admission. Here, the expert cannot
24find even one contemporaneous document. He relies upon
25the eyewitnesses - men of the ilk of Kurt Gerstein, Jan
26Karski, Adolf Eichmann and Rudolf Hoss. The fictional

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 1elements in their statements - your Lordship will remember
 2the "130 foot high mountain of clothes" which Professor
 3Browning in his first draft skipped over, the
 4"electrocution chambers" and the "steam chambers", the
 5deliberately inflated death rolls which would otherwise
 6shriek their warnings to critical researchers - are either
 7ignored or suppressed in order to maintain appearances.
 8     My Lord, there is an impressive (and we are both
 9agreed on this, all parties) level of documentation which
10demonstrates that the liquidation by shooting of hundreds
11of thousands of Jews, probably over a million, by the
12Einsatzgruppen, but there is nothing of equivalent value
13for the Operation Reinhard camps. One word, Why?
14justifies the revisionist's scepticism.
15     The Walter Fohl letter produces a similar
16response from the experts. Found in his Berlin Document
17Centre personnel file, this man, who is in charge of a
18resettlement office at Krakow, is seen writing on June
1921st 1942 to his SS comrades as follows:
20     "Every day, trains are arriving with over 1,000
21Jews each from throughout Europe", in Krakow, passing
22through. "We provide first aid here, give them more or
23less provisional accommodation, and usually deport them
24further towards the White Sea or to the White Ruthenian
25marshlands, where they all - if they survive (and the Jews
26from Kurfurstendamm or Vienna or Pressburg certainly

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 1won't) - will be gathered by the end of the war, but not
 2without first having built a few roads. (But we're not
 3supposed to talk about it)." An extraordinary document.
 4     The expert witnesses, unable otherwise to
 5explain this document, dismissed it as obvious
 6"camouflage" talk. But why should Fohl use camouflage
 7when writing to his SS comrades? As I pointed out to
 8Dr Longerich, Reinhard Heydrich himself had spoken of the
 9White Sea option a few days later, on February 4th 1942 in
11     It was noticeable elsewhere that none of the
12experts was willing to give documents their natural
13meanings when they did not accord with their views. It is
14a clear case of manipulation, in my view. The Ahnert
15document, recording a meeting at the RSHA in Berlin, under
16Eichmann, on August 28th, 1942, was another example.
17There was talk of the need for the deportees, August 1942,
18to be provided with blankets, shoes, eating utensils
19before dispatch to Auschwitz. Eichmann requested the
20purchases of barracks for a Jewish deportee camp to be
21erected in Russia, with three to five such barracks being
22loaded aboard every transport train. In each case,
23because the document did not accord with their
24"exterminationist" views, the expert had failed to pursue
25it. Dr Longerich, who included it as an appendix in one
26of his books, had forgotten it even existed when

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 1I cross-examined him about it.
 2     Coming now towards the end of my submission, my
 3Lord, the allegations of racism and anti-Semitism. I have
 4to address the allegations of racism, although I have the
 5feeling that your Lordship is not over-impressed by them.
 6 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Do not get feelings one way or the other
 7about any part of the case, Mr Irving. It is a trap.
 8 MR IRVING:     It was a good try.
 9 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     On the other hand, it is a matter for you
10because I am letting you say pretty much what you want to
11say, I know because I have them now provided very
12conveniently, exactly what it is that is relied on by way
13of anti-Semitic statements, racist statements and so on.
14 MR IRVING:     I shall definitely make some response therefore.
15 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Yes. I mean you can deal with them
16generally, if you like, rather than going through them, as
17it were, one by way. I appreciate you do not go through
18them all.
19 MR IRVING:     I have not gone through them one by one, my Lord.
20In fact I have not even read them.
21 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     I offer you the opportunity of making general
22answers to those submissions rather than by reading it all
23out. It is entirely up to you.
24 MR IRVING:     I do not read them all out, but I shall certainly
25deal with my arguments. The Defendants have resorted to
26the allegations that I am anti-Semitic and racist. It may

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 1be that they are going to pay dearly for those remarks.
 2Mr Rampton's highly paid experts have found one 1963 entry
 3in my diary, four lines written 37 years ago, about a
 4visit to my lawyer Mr Michael Rubenstein to discuss a
 5satirical magazine article which I had written, after
 6which visit I commented: "Thick skinned these Jews are".
 7This is all that they could find from the millions of
 8words in my diaries available to them by way of
 9anti-Semitism. Twenty million words of diaries and they
10found "Thick skinned these Jews are". When I remarked on
11March 2nd in court, my Lord, upon the obvious paradox that
12an alleged anti-Semite would have retained Michael
13Rubenstein as his solicitor and respected advisor for 20
14years, Mr Rampton's comment, which your Lordship may well
15remember, was: "Many of my best friends are Jews too,
16Mr Irving". This stock line does not disguise the paucity
17of his evidence against me.
18     In further support of this contention they have
19taken isolated remarks made in lectures and speeches for
20which they have transcribed around half a million words.
21My Lord, I trust that your Lordship will in each case
22consider the context in which the remarks are made.
23 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Of course.
24 MR IRVING:     And also the broader surrounding countryside, if
25I may put it like that. What I would ask your Lordship to
26do is to take the ugliest example, whichever your Lordship

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