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Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Transcripts, Day 32: Electronic Edition

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    This new and very damaging ban on visiting
 1personal expense I appealed to the Australian Federal
 2Court. The Court declared the Minister's refusal of a
 3visa illegal. The government in Canberra therefore
 4changed the law in February 1994 to keep me out. We note
 5from Professor Lipstadt's own discovery that the
 6immigration minister faxed the decision to keep me out
 7direct to one of her source agencies that same afternoon.
 8The same kind of thing happened.
 9     In July 1994, as the resulting fresh legal
10actions which I started against the Australian government
11still raged, the Second Defendant was invited by
12Australian organisations, all expenses paid to visit their
13country; she was hired to tour Australia, and to slander
14my name and my reputation and add her voice to the
15campaign to have me refused entry. The court, my Lord,
16you will probably remember the Australian TV video which
17I showed entitled "The Big Lie" in the early days.
18 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Yes.
19 MR IRVING:     Broadcast in July 1994, it showed both the expert
20witness, Professor van Pelt, and Mr Fred Leuchter. It
21showed Fred Leuchter standing on the roof of crematorium
22No. II, about which we are going to hear more, crematorium
23No. II at Auschwitz which van Pelt declared to be the
24centre of the Nazi genocide, and the Second Defendant
25being interviewed while still in Australia (and refusing
26once again to debate with the revisionists, just as she

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 1has obstinately refused to go into the witness stand here
 2and be questioned). Thus I found myself excluded from
 3Australia. We have had now Germany, Canada, South Africa,
 4Australia, New Zealand as well, I lost the ability to
 5visit my hundreds of friends down under and my own
 6daughter too, who is an Australian citizen; and I lost all
 7the bookshop sales that this ban implied in Australia -
 8where my Churchill biography had hit the No. 1 spot in the
 9best seller lists earlier.
10     Over the page: My lecturing engagements in the
11British Isles came under similar attack. I had often
12spoken to universities and debating societies, including
13the Oxford and Cambridge Unions, in the past, but now in
14one month, in October 1993, when I was invited to speak to
15prestigious bodes at three major Irish universities, I
16found all three invitations cancelled under pressure and
17threat of local Jewish and anti-fascist organisations.
18The irony will not elude the court that these Defendants,
19on the one hand, have claimed by way of defence that
20I speak only to the far right and neo-Nazi element, as
21they describe it, and yet it turns out that their own
22associates are the people who have done their damnedest to
23make it impossible for many others to invite me.
24     The Second Defendant, Deborah Lipstadt, had
25meanwhile made progress with her book. She told her
26publisher that she had written a certain statement with

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 1the marketing people in mind. In other words, sometimes
 2money mattered more than content, in my submission.
 3     She had revealed in September 1991 in a letter:
 4"I have also spoken to people in England who have a large
 5cache of material on David Irving's conversion to denial".
 6We do not know who the people are, but we can, of course,
 7readily suspect who in this case those people were. She
 8is once again not presenting herself for
 9cross-examination, so there are many things we cannot ask
10her about, including and I would have asked her, in fact,
11most tactfully the reasons why she was refused tenure at
12the University of California and moved downstream to the
13lesser university, in my submission, in Atlanta where she
14now teaches religion.
15     In the light of Mr Rampton's strictures on my
16now famous little ditty -- your Lordship will remember the
17little ditty which I am supposed to have hummed to my nine
18month old daughter, the racist ditty, which went around
19the press because Mr Rampton issued a press release --
20supposedly urging my nine month old little girl not to
21marry outside her own people, I should also have wanted to
22ask questions of Professor Lipstadt's views on race had
23she gone into the witness box. We know that she has
24written papers, and delivered many fervent lectures, on
25the vital importance of people marrying only within their
26own race. Quotation: ("We know what we fight

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 1against...", she wrote, "intermarriage and Israel-bashing,
 2but what is it we fight for?") She has attracted, in
 3fact, much criticism from many in her own community for
 4her implacable stance against mixed marriages, marrying
 5outside their own race. In one book Professor Lipstad
 6quotes a Wall Street Journal interview with a Conservative
 7rabbi, Jack Moline, whom she called "very brave" for
 8listing 10 things that Jewish parents should say to their
 9children: "No. 1 on his list", she wrote (in fact it was
10No. 3) "was 'I expect you to marry Jews'." She considered
11that to be very brave. My one little ditty which I hummed
12to my nine month old daughter, Jessica, was a perhaps
13tasteless joke. Professor Lipstadt's repeated
14denunciation of mixed marriages addressed to adults was
15deadly serious.
16     Professor Lipstad accuses me of error or
17falsification, but is apparently unable to spot a fake
18even at a relatively close range. She admitted (in a
19recent interview with Forward) that she used memoirs of
20the spurious Auschwitz survivor Benjamin Wilkomirski in
21her teaching of the Holocaust to her defenceless students,
22according to Professor Peter Novick who has written a book
23on this. Those "memoirs" have now been exposed,
24worldwide, as fraudulent. Wilkomirski was never anywhere
25near Auschwitz. In fact, he was in Switzerland. When it
26turned out that Wilkomirski have never been near the camp

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 1or in Poland for that matter, but had spent the war years
 2in comfort living with his adopted Swiss family, she
 3acknowledged that this "might complicate matters
 4somewhat", but she insisted that the Wilkomirski "memoirs"
 5would still be "powerful" as a novel. It may seem unjust
 6to your Lordship that it is I who have had to answer this
 7person's allegation that I distort and manipulate
 8historical sources.
 9     We have Professor Lipstadt's handwritten notes,
10however, in the rather meagre discovery, evidently
11prepared for a talk delivered to the Anti-Defamation
12League in Palm Beach, Florida, in early 1994, which again
13is meagre but substantive evidence of her connection with
14the Anti-Defamation League. In these, if I read her
15handwriting correctly - and she appears to be relying on
16something Lord Bullock had just said - she states that my
17aim seems to be to de-demonize Hitler; and that I had said
18that Roosevelt, Hitler and Churchill were all equally
19criminal. This is hardly "exonerating" any of them.
20Summarising Hitler's War (the 1977 edition) she calls me
21merely an "historian with a revisionist bent" which is
22rather like AJP Taylor - and she adds, and this seems
23significant - "Irving denies that Hitler was responsible
24for the murder of European Jewry. Rather, he claims that
25Himmler was responsible. But he does not deny its
26occurrence. Had she stuck with that view, of course, of

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