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Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Transcripts, Day 32: Electronic Edition

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    I wrote privately to Tim Waterstone, the head at
 1that is one reason why I took the names of four
 2Waterstones branches off the list of Defendants in this
 3action at a very early stage.
 4     I am turning the page now, my Lord:
 5Demonstrations organized outside by property, violent
 6demonstrations, police were frequently called. The same
 7newspaper reported -- this is halfway down that following
 8page -- that the Anti-Nazi League and its parent body, the
 9Board of Deputies, were applying pressure to The Sunday
10Times to violate its contract with me which was the
11contract to obtain the Goebbels diaries from the Moscow
12archives. Again, the reason why I mention all of this may
13be apparent, it is when I make remarks about by my
14critics, occasionally using vivid language, I sometimes
15had reason. As an indication of the pressure ----
16 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Mr Irving, I am just wondering, and I am
17sorry to interrupt you and I am not going to stop you at
18all, but reading on to about page 54, you describe, do you
19not, the continuation of what you see as being this really
20worldwide attempt to close you down as an historian and
21attacks on your house and pressure of various kinds being
22brought to bear all over the world. I just wonder whether
23there is any particular benefit -- tell me if you there is
24-- in reading out the next seven or so pages? If there
25is any particular point you want to make, do, but I feel
26myself we could probably move on to the middle of page

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 2 MR IRVING:     I will move on to 51, my Lord. When I found out -
 3too late - that this fake evidence had been planted on
 4Canadian files, which resulted in my being deported from
 5Canada in handcuffs on November 13th 1992, I was angered
 6and astounded that a British organisation could be
 7secretly doing this to British citizens. It turned out
 8from these files that academics with whom I had freely
 9corresponded and exchanged information, including Gerald
10Fleming, had been acting as agents and informants for this
11body. I submit (which is why I am reading this out) that
12these are the bodies that collaborated directly or
13indirectly with the Defendants in the preparation of the
14book and that the Defendants, knowing of the obvious
15fantasy in some of what they said, should have shown
16greater caution in accepting their materials as true.
17     There was an immediate consequence of this fake
18data planted on Canadian files. One data report recorded
19the "fact" that I had written 78 books denying the
20Holocaust which, of course, is totally untrue. In August
211992 a docket was placed on Canadian immigration files
22about me saying, among other things, this is a secret
23file, "Subject David Irving is Holocaust denier, may be
24inadmissible" to Canada with the result, of course, that
25precisely that happened. I was arrested on October 28th
26at Vancouver, making a speech on freedom of speech,

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 1deported permanently from Canada on November 13th causing
 2me great financial damage and loss. Access to the Public
 3Archives of Canada was as essential for my future research
 4as access to the PRO in Kew or to those archives in Italy.
 5My Lord, this goes, of course, to the damage that has been
 6caused to me by this general libel at being called a
 7Holocaust denier. That is one proof of the direct and
 8immediate cost of the pernicious label "Holocaust
 9denier". And the same thing, they made the same attempt
10to get me banned from the United States but failed.
11     Page 54, my Lord. I now come to Macmillan's
12final stab in the back. The hand on the blade was
13Macmillan's but the blade hade been forged and
14fashioned by all the Defendants in this courtroom, and by
15their hidden collaborators overseas.
16     On July 4th 1992, as this Court knows, I had
17returned Moscow with the missing entries of the Goebbels
18Diaries exclusively in my possession, having gone there on
19behalf of The Sunday Times. This hard-earned triumph
20caught my opponents unawares. Newspapers revealed that
21the Anti-Defamation League and its Canadian collaborator,
22the League of Human Rights, sent immediate secret letters
23to Andrew Neil at The Sunday Times demanding that he
24repudiate their contract. On Sunday, 5th, the London
25Sunday newspapers were full of the scoop - and also with
26hostile comment. On Monday, July 6th, The Independent

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 1newspaper reported under the headlines "Jews attack
 2publisher of Irving book", that a UK body which it
 3identified as "the Yad Vashim Trust" with which we, of
 4course, were we familiar, was piling pressure on to
 5Macmillan's to abandon its contract with me to publish
 6Goebbels, failing which they would urge booksellers not to
 7stock or promote it.
 8     Macmillans finally took fright that same day, as
 9I only now know. After their directors inquired, July 6th
101992, in an internal memo, how many of my books were still
11in their stocks, and having been given totals of several
12thousand copies of all three volumes of my Hitler
13biography, representing a value of several hundred
14thousand pounds, my own editor, Roland Philipps, on July
156th issued the secret order reading: "Please arrange for
16the remaining stock of [David Irving's Hitler biographies]
17to be destroyed. Many thanks". Book burning. They
18prepared a "draft announcement", but it was not released.
19Although still a Macmillan author, I was not told. The
20royalties due to me on the sale of those books were books
21were lost and destroyed with them. The Defendants'
22campaign to destroy my legitimacy as an historian, of
23which the book published by the Defendants became an
24integral part, had thus reached its climax.
25     My Lord, I now pass over the next pages to page

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 1     The same thing happened in Australia. I spoke
 2in the Munich. Final paragraph: Opponents released --
 3I am sorry, yes. Opponents released to Australia
 4television the heavily edited version of Michael Schmidt's
 51991 video tape of me addressing the crowd at Halle about
 6which we have heard from Mr Rampton this morning, the Sieg
 7Haels and the rest of it. As edited, it omitted my
 8visible and audible rebuke to a section of the crowd for
 9chanting Hitler slogans. Grotesque libels about me
10swamped the Australian press, printed by various
11organisations including the New South Wales Board of
12Deputies and various newspapers. One example was an
13article by a lecturer in politics. He wrote: "Irving has
14a history of exciting neoNazi and skinhead groups in
15Germany which had burned migrant hostels and killed people
16... Irving has frequently spoken in Germany at rallies...
17under the swastika flag ... himself screaming the Nazi
18salute..." This is how these stories begin.
19Unsurprisingly, Australia then banned me too. I was t6 be
20refused a visa, they announced, on February 8th 1993 as
21I was a "Holocaust denier". They had thus adopted the
22phrase that the Second Defendant, Professor Lipstadt,
23prides herself in having invented.
24     This new and very damaging ban on visiting
25Australia made it impossible for me to work again in the
26National Library of Australia in Canberra. At great

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