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Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Transcripts, Day 32: Electronic Edition

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    Further down, for over three years this
 1well-funded team sitting opposite me, next to me, has
 2drilled down deep into my private papers, burrowed on a
 3broad front into the archives of the world and a
 4multi-pronged attack trying to establish that what I have
 5written over the last 35 or more years is distorted or
 6mistranslated in pursuance of an agenda, namely the
 7exoneration of Adolf Hitler, trying to dig up every little
 8morsel of dirt on me that that can.
 9     My book Hitler's War was published by the Viking
10Press in New York and by Hodder and Stoughton in this
11country in 1977. That is when what can be seen as the
12coordinated attack on the book began. The Viking Press
13was and is one of that nation's most reputable publishers
14and in fact I believe they are owner of the first
15Defendant company in this case.
16     Turning the page now, the Anti-defamation League
17issued a report with more fervour than accuracy, saying:
18"David Irving is the nom de plume of John Cawdell" --
19this not true, I hasten to say, do not get it wrong, it is
20totally untrue -- "a revisionist historiographer of Adolf
21Hitler, particularly regarding Hitler's role in and
22knowledge of the mass extermination of European Jewry.
23His major premise", says the Anti-defamation League, "is
24that Hitler was largely oblivious to the large scale
25killings of Jews in the death camps".
26     I carry on: The agent's report -- this is a

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 1report put out in 1977.
 2 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     I wonder, Mr Irving, really whether one might
 3just go to the middle of page 35 without doing any
 4injustice to your case.
 5 MR IRVING:     Yes. When I then began my lecturing activities
 6around the United States in the early 1980s, speaking at
 7private functions, schools and universities, the
 8headquarters of the ADL sent out a secret circular, a
 9"Backgrounder", in 1983, to all their local agents. The
10backgrounder, dated July 6th 1983, began with the words,
11"British author David Irving has been of concern to ADL,
12as well as to the Jewish community generally, since the
131977 publication of his book Hitler's War", and it
14indicated that it was the controversy over Hitler and the
15Jews that was the reason. We have heard of similar such
16circulars being generated by them on other famous names.
17In my case the ADL instructed its"regional offices":
18"Should he surface in your region, please
19notify the Fact Finding Department and your Civil Rights
21     It is quite plain that the ADL were not
22concerned with promoting civil rights. I am mentioning
23them because of course that collaborated very closely with
24the Second Defendant in the preparation of the book that
25is the subject of this trial.
26     It is quite plain that the Anti-defamation

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 1League were not concerned with promoting civil rights, but
 2in abrogating one of the most basic rights of all, the
 3right to freedom of speech.
 4     Further down, correspondence with my literary
 5agent showed by 1984 that already the international smear
 6campaign was inflicting substantial financial damage on
 7me. It was at precisely this time, 1984 -- I will not
 8comment on the year -- that the Second Defendant, then
 9teaching in the Near Eastern Languages Centre of the
10University of California at Los Angeles, Professor
11Lipstadt, offered her services to Yehuda Bauer in
12Jerusalem, a very well known Israeli Professor. She
13attached "A proposal for research: The Historical and
14Historiographic Methodology of the Holocaust
15revisionists". This was the genesis of the book that we
16are complaining about. I ask your Lordship to note that
17on page 38 of the synopsis prepared by the Second
18Defendant, which is in my bundle E at page 38, The Second
19Defendant, Professor Lipstadt, mentioned my name in the
20following words: "They [the deniers] also find it
21expedient to associate themselves with those such as David
22Irving who do not deny that the Holocaust took place but
23seek to shift the blame to others."
24     To conclude this, on the matter of her
25employment: on May 31, 1988 Professor Lipstadt was
26awarded and additional agreement for research on this

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 1topic by the Vidal Sassoon Centre for the study of
 2Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. So
 3at all material times, the book was being commissioned by
 4that University in Jerusalem. This research, it should be
 5added, was what finally bore fruit as the book complained
 6of, "Denying the Holocaust". The publisher at that time
 7was to be Mr Robert Maxwell, who was liaising with
 8Professor Yehuda Bauer.
 9     Briefly summarizing the next page: During this
10period the international campaign against me achieved some
11ugly successes. I was illegally deported from Austria.
12The Austrian government had to pay me compensation when it
13was overturned.
14     The Second Defendant's discovery -- lower down
15that page -- which included such correspondence with, and
16items from, the Anti-Defamation League as she has seen fit
17to provide, throws some interesting lights on the ADL.
18When a local newspaper, The Daily Pilot, published in
19Orange County, south of Los Angeles, a report on a
20function of the Institute of Historical Review, about
21which we have heard much from the Defence in the last few
22weeks. The anti-Defamation League was horrified as the
23regional office reported, to find that the reporter in the
24newspaper, and I quote "seems to find an air of legitimacy
25surrounding the group". That word "legitimacy" again;
26remember they were going to destroy my legitimacy? The

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 1reporter, Mr Bob Van Eyken, who had evidently not got the
 2message, even described the IHR members as "neatly dressed
 3... evoking a sense of reasoned dignity". This clearly
 4clashed with the skinheaded, jackbooted extremist
 5stereotype that the ADL, like the expert witnesses in this
 6case, wished to promote for the IHR and other "right-wing"
 7groups. This material, though clearly discoverable in
 8this action, was withheld from discovery by the Second
 9Defendant until a summons was issued to produce all her
10correspondence with the ADL.
11     We know that the Second Defendant has had
12extensive dealings with the Anti-Defamation League, the
13ADL, this American body. Even from her own limited
14discovery, about the deficiencies in which I still have
15more to say, we know that Professor Lipstadt was provided
16with smear dossiers by them. She thanks them in her
17Introduction. She made not attempt to verify the contents
18of this material with me as the victim (or, so far as this
19court knows, with any others), but she recklessly
20published it raw and unchecked. A 25-cent phone call to
21me would have saved her endless trouble. Instead she
22preferred to rely on these sheets like the "confidential"
23and defamatory four-page item dated October 23rd 1986,
24headed: "Profile on Dave Irving", evidently coming from
25another Canadian body. Characteristically, the "profile"
26was disclosed to me by her solicitors without any covering

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