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Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Transcripts, Day 32: Electronic Edition

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    So I did what I could to establish the truth of
 1that particular allegation.
 2     My Lord, I now come to what I call the
 3international endeavour to destroy my legitimacy as an
 4historian, and the participation, in my submission, of the
 5Defendants in that particular endeavour. I have
 6abbreviated it and much of what I have put in the pages
 7which I supplied to your Lordship I shall not read out.
 8I shall say when I am not going to read out what follows,
 9not because it is not true but because your Lordship has
10probably quite rightly questioned the strict relevance of
11it to the matter before the court.
12 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Yes, I think that is sensible, if I may say
14 MR IRVING:     If it does not appear to be immediately relevant,
15then it is because I shall rely on it in the other matters
16that I put, namely the aggravated damages aspect and the
17fact that, if I am accused of certain postures or uttering
18certain tasteless remarks, these momentary lapses are not
19justified, but explicable on the basis of what I had been
20through, if I can put it like that.
21     Before I proceed to the problems with the
22accepted version of the history of Auschwitz, I turn first
23to the submission that your Lordship will allow me to make
24on the 30 year international endeavour by a group of
25organizations to destroy my legitimacy as an historian.
26I use that phrase for a reason. I submit that I am

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 1entitled to draw these documents to your Lordship's
 2attention, because these bodies, acting with that secret
 3and common purpose, compiled dossiers and reports on me
 4with the intention of destroying me. That did so,
 5exercising no proper care for accuracy, and, as is evident
 6from the second Defendant's, discovery, Professor
 7Lipstadt's discovery, and from the introduction to her
 8book, in which she explicitly acknowledges the assistance
 9provided by many of these bodies, she drew upon these
10tainted well springs as the source for much of the poison
11that she wrote about me. We shall hear that, buried in
12the files of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Toronto, is a
13document now also in Mrs Lipstadt's files -- that sent it
14to her -- which forms something of a blueprint for the
15attempt to destroy my name. A researcher for the Centre,
16an anonymous researcher for the Centre, commissioned to
17investigate -- why was a person in Toronto commissioned to
18investigate my life? I do not know -- to investigate my
19life in detail, recommended in that compilation after
20referring to my thorough archival research and general
21historical insight as follows:
22     "Given this accurate version of reality, it is
23all the more clear why this activities must be curtailed,
24and why this alleged legitimacy must be eradicated".
25     This document is from Professor Lipstadt's own

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 1     I have been subjected, since at least 1973 and
 2probably before then, to what would be called in warfare a
 3campaign of interdiction. I know of no other historian or
 4writer who has been subjected to a campaign of
 5vilification even 1/10th as intense. The book "Denying the
 6Holocaust" was the climax of this campaign. There exist,
 7as I have said in my opening speech, various bodies in
 8this country, and around the world, who have at heart the
 9interests of special groups. I make no protest about that
10but many other Englishmen have noticed, or found out,
11usually by chance, that these bodies keep files on us,
12which that use to our disadvantage if that believe we are
13a danger to their interests. To give one particularly
14gross example, under the cover provided by the United
15States First Amendment, the Jewish Telegraph Agency
16accused me in 1995 of having supplied the trigger
17mechanism for the Oklahoma City bomb. That item was
18picked up by the American press and then faintly echoed by
19the British press. It was only months later that I found
20out who started that particular lie.
21     But regrettably this has become a campaign to
22defame people whom they regard as a danger. A number of
23special bodies exist solely for this purpose. Professor
24Kevin MacDonald, of the University of California at Long
25Beach, a sociologist who is the world's leading expert on
26these things, expressed forceful opinions to this court in

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 1this expert report, on which he offered himself for
 2cross-examination, it has to be said, and I urge your
 3Lordship not to disregard the substance of what he had to
 5     These bodies will not endear themselves, if
 6found out, to the victims of their campaigns.
 7     Mr Rampton made much of Mr Ernest Zundel's gross
 8and ill considered reference to the Judenpack, as
 9anti-Semitic a word as one might wish to hear. Mr Rampton
10labels this man as an extremist, and anti-Semitic in
11consequence. This court, of course, has been told nothing
12by Mr Rampton of what, if any, remarks or incidents
13preceded the outburst by Mr Zundel that was very briefly
14quoted. We do know, and I can so inform this court, that
15his home has been torched and burnt to the ground. Such
16violent incidents certainly cannot excuse the violent
17remarks but that can explain them -- a difference.
18Because that do not like what he writes or publishes,
19these bodies have attempted to destroy this life with
20criminal prosecution in an attempt to have him deported or
22     Going on down the page, my own experience at the
23hands of these self-appointed censors has not been so very
24different. It began in 1963 when agents of Searchlight
25raided my home and were caught red handed in this criminal
26attempt. Ever since then that publication has tweaked my

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 1tail with a stream of defamatory articles, a 37 year
 2onslaught to which, as a good Christian, I turned the
 3other cheek. In fact, the man who runs that magazine
 4turns out to have been one of the producers of the film
 5which has been put to the court, one of the editors.
 6     It might be said, and I have turned the page
 7now, my Lord, that the real Defendants in this case are
 8not represented in this court but their presence has been
 9with us throughout like Banquo's ghost. These are the
10people who commissioned the work complained of and
11provided much of the materials used in it. I understand
12that provided considerable funds for the defence.
13     I know very little about these bodies, but I am
14aware that the anti-defamation league of the B'nai Brith,
15which is an American body, has a 50 million dollar annual
16budget, substantially greater than an author commands
17whose livelihood has been destroyed by their activities.
18When your Lordship comes to consider such things as costs
19and damages, I would respectfully submit that you bear
20these things in mind.
21     We have them to thank for the spectacle that has
22been presented in this court room since January. Without
23their financial assistance, it is unlikely that Mr Rampton
24and this defence team and his instructing solicitors could
25have mounted this colossal onslaught on my name.
26     Further down, for over three years this

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