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    Is it evident from this list that I have written down that
 1most of the name are unknown to me and that I wrote it
 2down as a curiosity to know who was present at this
 4 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     You know Ingrid Weckert, it was shown by the ----
 5 Q. [Mr Irving]     Was that the question that I asked?
 6 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     --- cross-examinations -- yes. It is part of the answer
 7that you know a lot of these people.
 8 Q. [Mr Irving]     Do I know all of the people?
 9 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     That I do not know.
10 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Let us go through them.
11 MR IRVING:     Yes.
12 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     Through them.
13 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Staglich.
14 MR IRVING:     Are you suggesting that the fact that I wrote down
15this name on the list is evidence that I knew Mr Staglich?
16 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     I think you may have known Staglich at that period. You
17know Althans. You know Philipp. You know Huffgoes very
18much. This we viewed of your cassette. You know Ingrid
19Weckert. You alluded to this during the cross-examination
20of Professor Evans. You know Professor Schracker.
21Schracker, I have to say did ----
22 Q. [Mr Irving]     On what basis do you think I know Professor Schracker?
23Have you seen any ----
24 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     Because he did a brilliant book on him, on David Irving,
25the later days, and he was there in the audience where you
26were there the next day.

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 1 Q. [Mr Irving]     When did Professor Schracker write this book on me?
 2 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     Oh, you do not know?
 3 Q. [Mr Irving]     No, when was this?
 4 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     A praising book to you -- in the last years. Oh,
 5wonderful! I give it to you.
 6 Q. [Mr Irving]     I am flattered to know this, but are you suggesting that
 7at this time or at any time I have had any correspondence
 8or dealings with Professor Schracker at all?
 9 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     You met in the same Congress. He did a piece, he did a
10statement so far all the sources shows me at this very
11meeting the other day and Franco Griesch is the ----
12 Q. [Mr Irving]     Let us stay with Schracker for a moment. Have you seen
13any correspondence between me and Schracker?
14 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     No, no, not correspondence.
15 Q. [Mr Irving]     Is he mentioned in my diary apart from this list?
16 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     No.
17 Q. [Mr Irving]     Arnold Freulich, have you seen any correspondence between
18me and him?
19 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     I do not know.
20 Q. [Mr Irving]     Daniel Konekt, have you seen any correspondence between me
21and him?
22 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     Yes, he is the buddy of, if I may say so, of Althans.
23 Q. [Mr Irving]     Yes, but have you seen any correspondence between me and
25 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     No.
26 Q. [Mr Irving]     The fact ----

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 1 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     You mentioned Daniel Konekt a lot of times in your diary.
 2 Q. [Mr Irving]     Leota Fontiss -- in what connection have I mentioned
 3him, having contact with him or ----
 4 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     Yes, with Daniel, you did the same tour to Strasbourg.
 5That was before.
 6 Q. [Mr Irving]     What is Daniel Konekt? Is he a chauffeur or what? I do
 7not know.
 8 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     Look at your diaries.
 9 Q. [Mr Irving]     You are the expert. You are telling us these people
10are ----
11 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     Yes, I say look at your diaries, you know.
12 Q. [Mr Irving]     Do you remember at the beginning of this cross-examination
13I showed you a list of 6,500 names?
14 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     Yes, I figured out three of them as noted in this, with
15respect to these whole endeavour. We can go to this list.
16 Q. [Mr Irving]     Loeta Fontiss, do you ----
17 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     I do not know.
18 Q. [Mr Irving]     H Forster?
19 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     I do not know.
20 Q. [Mr Irving]     In other words, most of the people on this list I have no
21idea who they are, do you agree?
22 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     No.
23 Q. [Mr Irving]     You do agree?
24 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     I cannot, so how many are on this list, it is 18 and half
25of them you know, Staglich, Althans, Philipp,
26Huffgoes ----

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 1 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Don't let us go through them all over again.
 2 MR IRVING:     No, no.
 3 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     --- Weckert, Schracker, Franco Grietsch, Hancock, that is
 4eight, nine, and Daniel Konekt, so ----
 5 Q. [Mr Irving]     Will you turn to page 46 and you see the diary entry for
 6April 22: "Headache all day, aspirin at breakfast. I
 7had fixed at his request an interview over breakfast with
 8Judge Staglich". Does this imply to you that I do not
 9know who Judge Staglich is, and this is probably my first
10ever meeting with him, my only ever meeting with him? And
11I say, "I can fit you in at breakfast"?
12 MR RAMPTON:     I do not understand that because if they had
13dinner on the 20th, it was not the first time they had met
14two days later at breakfast. I do not follow it.
15 MR IRVING:     Professor Funke, do you appreciate (which
16Mr Rampton apparently does not) the difference between
17meeting somebody at a dinner when somebody is 24 seats
18away down the table and shaking hands with them and having
19an earnest discussion with them? Is there a difference,
20in your opinion?
21 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Mr Irving -----
22 MR IRVING:     I am trying to get answers from this witness but
23with ----
24 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     --- the picture of 24 people at dinner
25sitting in a line seems to me to be rather illustrative of
26the way in which you are approaching this.

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 1 MR RAMPTON:     Particularly since it is only 19 and not 24.
 2 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     I think it says 24 actually.
 3 MR RAMPTON:     Does it? Oh.
 4 MR IRVING:     Professor Funke, have you attended large dinner
 5parties where you have not the faintest notion who the
 6rest of the guests are, yes or no?
 7 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     Yes, of course.
 8 Q. [Mr Irving]     This breakfast invitation with Staglich, who is one of the
 9people on the list, on April 22, is that an indication
10that I have fitted him in at breakfast and said, "Well,
11come and see me at breakfast" and that I never saw him
13 A. [Dr Hajo Funke]     I did not get your point.
14 Q. [Mr Irving]     Judge or not. I mean, we are trying to establish how
15intense, to use the word, my connections with this judge
16or ex judge were.
17 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Well, again this is a good example. Put your
18case. Are you really saying that you only encountered
19Staglich ----
20 MR IRVING:     On this one occasion.
21 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     --- once at a dinner party when you did not
22know he was there and on a second occasion when you fitted
23him in for an interview over breakfast?
24 MR IRVING:     Let me put it like this to the witness.
25 MR JUSTICE GRAY:     Is that your case? If it is your case, fine.
26 MR IRVING:     

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