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Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Transcripts, Day 2: Electronic Edition

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    I contend that the passages meant, and were intended to
 1Iranian-backed Hezbollah and of the fundamentalist Islamic
 2organization Hamas and including the black Muslim leader
 3Louis Farrakhan, born Louis Eugene Walcott, who is known
 4as a Jew-baiting black agitator, as a leader of the US
 5Nation of Islam, as an admirer of Hitler and who is in the
 6pay of Colonel Gaddafi".
 7     My Lord, the wording that I use in this is, of
 8course, very closely related to the wording used in the
 9work complained of. I have not chosen those words
10myself. I have merely distilled them out of the
11Defendant's text and adhered as closely as possible to the
12original wording
13 Q. [Mr Justice Gray]     Yes. You are just paraphrasing really
14 A. [Mr Irving]     I am not even paraphrasing, my Lord. I am gluing the
15words together into a complaint form using the words
16actually used by the Defendants in the work complained of
17 Q. [Mr Justice Gray]     That is what I meant by "paraphrase"
18 A. [Mr Irving]     So I have added no colour, I have turned up no volume.
19These are the extraordinary words used to describe me by
20the Defendants. They say, "that the Plaintiff", myself,
21 "is an historian who has inexplicably misled", in other
22words, the word "inexplicably" is in the original book,
23 "misled academic historians like Ernst Nolte into quoting
24historically invalid points contained in his writings", my
25writings, "and who applauds the internment of Jews in Nazi
26concentration camps". I am accused of having applauded

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 1the internment of Jews in Nazi concentration camps which
 2is a particularly perverse allegation in my view.
 3     No. (iii) "that the Plaintiff", David Irving,
 4 "routinely perversely and by way of his profession, but
 5essentially in order to serve his own reprehensible
 6purposes ideological leanings and/or political agenda",
 7and here are the allegations, "distort accurate historical
 8evidence and information; misstate; misconstrue; misquote;
 9falsify statistics; falsely attribute conclusions to
10reliable sources; manipulate documents; wrongfully quote
11from books that directly contradict my arguments in such a
12manner as completely to distort their author's objectives
13and while counting on the ignorance or indolence of the
14majority of readers not to realize this"
15 Q. [Mr Justice Gray]     May I interrupt and ask you this? Am I right in thinking
16(and I may be quite wrong) that really that is the
17imputation against you which causes you the most concern
18 A. [Mr Irving]     Professionally, clearly so, my Lord
19 Q. [Mr Justice Gray]     Yes
20 A. [Mr Irving]     I mean, the name calling is neither here nor there and
21your Lordship may make of it what your Lordship wants,
22I submit. Clearly, some of the name calling will stick,
23but it would be a real waste of this court's time if
24I take each of the names I have been called in turn and
25try to prove that is not so. This is what has cost me my
26career, unless the court disposes otherwise at the end of

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 1this trial, my Lord.
 2     I complained that the work complained of
 3describes me as an Adolf Hitler partisan who wears
 4blinkers and skews documents and misrepresents data in
 5order to reach historically untenable conclusions
 6specifically those that exonerate Hitler.
 7     I am accused of being an ardent admirer of the
 8Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, an ardent admirer of the Nazi
 9leader, Adolf Hitler; that I conceive myself as carrying
10on Hitler's criminal legacy and that I placed a
11self-portrait of Hitler over my desk; that I
12have described a visit to Hitler's mountain top retreat as
13a spirit experience; that I have described myself as a
14moderate fascist. These are the allegations contained in
15the book.
16     Further, that before the Zundel trial began in
171988 in Toronto, I, the Plaintiff, compromising my
18integrity as an historian, and in an attempt to pervert
19the course of justice and one Faurisson, Robert Faurisson
20whom we saw in the video, that I wrongfully and/or
21fraudulently conspired together to invite an American
22prison warden and thereafter one Fred Leuchter, an
23engineer who is depicted by the Defendants as a charlatan,
24to testify as a tactic for proving that the gas chambers
25were a myth".
26     The loaded words in that sentence, my Lord, are

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 1words that are actually contained in the book.
 2     "That the Plaintiff after attending Mr Zundel's
 3trial in 1988 in Toronto, having previously hovered on the
 4brink now denies the murder by the Nazis of the Jews". So
 5I deny the murder by the Nazis of the Jews, this is one of
 6the allegations. That I described the memorial to the
 7dead at Auschwitz as a tourist attraction; that I was
 8branded by the British House of Commons as "Hitler's
 9Heir", and that I was denounced by the same British House
10of Commons as a Nazi propagandist and long-time Hitler
11apologist and accused by them of publishing a fascist
12publication, and that this marked the end of my reputation
13in England.
14     My Lord, it may possibly not be familiar to the
15Defendants that there is a distinction between an early
16day motion being put in the House of Commons by a group of
17disgruntled members of Parliament and the House of Commons
18actually voting and reaching a decision. It is nothing
19more than a propaganda move by people who wish to draw
20attention to something within the privileged atmosphere.
21It is rather like the privileged atmosphere that exists in
22this court, my Lord; people can say what they want about
23me and the newspapers are free to print it
24 Q. [Mr Justice Gray]     Yes, well, I certainly do know about early day motions,
26 A. [Mr Irving]     That some other person had discovered in a Russian archive

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 1 -- this is the allegation in the book -- that some other
 2person had discovered in the Russian archive in 1992 the
 3Goebbels' diaries, that it was assumed that these would
 4shed light on the conduct of the Final Solution, but that
 5I was hired and paid a significant sum by the London
 6Sunday Times to transcribe and translate, although I was a
 7discredited and ignominious figure and, although by hiring
 8the Plaintiff, the newspaper threw its task as a
 9gatekeeper of the truth and of journalistic ethics to the
10winds and, although there was thereby increased the danger
11that the Plaintiff would in order to serve his own
12reprehensible purposes misstate, misconstrue, misquote,
13falsify, distort and/or manipulate these sets of documents
14which others had not seen, namely, the Goebbels' diaries;
15I would do all that in order to propagate my reprehensible
16views and that I, the Plaintiff, was unfit to perform such
17a function for this newspaper.
18     Finally, the book contained the allegation that
19I violated an agreement with the Russian archives, and
20that I took and copied many plates without permission
21causing significant damage to them and rendering them of
22limited use to subsequent researchers
23 Q. [Mr Justice Gray]     Mr Irving, the first of those imputations that you say
24that Professor Lipstadt makes against you in her book is
25one that links you with Hamas and Hezbollah, and again
26I think you indicated earlier on that you wanted to say

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