Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Judgment: Electronic Edition, by Charles Gray

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Kurt Aumeier (paragraphs 5.245-249 above)

13.50 I find myself unconvinced by Irving's argument that Aumeier is an unreliable witness. I prefer the contention of van Pelt and Evans for the Defendants that he is an important and credible witness as to the gassing procedures in place at Auschwitz. As deputy commander at the camp, he was in a position to know. Whilst there are clearly errors in his account, for the most part his recollections are convincing. It was of course legitimate for Irving to suggest that his account was the result of brutal pressure being brought to bear by his British captors, if he had evidence for such a suggestion. But it was not clear to me what evidence Irving was relying on. I further accept that Irving minimised the significance of Aumeier's evidence   (even if he did not suppress it altogether) when he confined reference to it to a footnote in Nuremberg.

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