Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Judgment: Electronic Edition, by Charles Gray

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Relevance of the allegation

9.1 No allegation of racism or of anti-semitism is levelled against Irving by Lipstadt in Denying the Holocaust. Nonetheless the Defendants maintained that they were entitled to adduce evidence in support of such allegations against Irving because, if true, they support the case that Irving has been guilty of deliberately falsifying the historical record for racist reasons of his own. The Defendants pose the question: what more would an anti-semite want to do than to manipulate and distort history in order to exculpate Hitler, the arch anti-semite? what more would an anti-semite want to do than to deny the existence of the Holocaust in which countless Jews perished. The Defendants, whilst not accepting that it is necessary for their plea of justification to succeed, attempt to make good the claim that Irving's alleged racism and anti-semitism (which is one aspect of racism) provide a motive for his falsification of the historical record.
9.2 Irving did not object to the admission of this body of evidence. Nor did he mount any argument that it should be ignored.
9.3 The Defendants also accused Irving of misogyny. But that appears to me to have nothing to do with the issues which I have to decide.
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