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2. My qualifications and expertise

I am a Professor of Architecture in the School of Architecture, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada. I have been teaching at this university since 1987, when I was appointed as Assistant Professor of Architecture after an open and international search. In 1991, after a thorough internal and external peer review of the quality of my teaching and scholarship, I was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor. In 1996, after a thorough internal and external peer review of the quality of my scholarship, I was promoted to Full Professor.
I have earned all the usual academic qualifications necessary for a senior academic position at a major research university. I hold a Doctorate in the History of Ideas,1 the Dutch equivalent of   a Master's degree in the History of Architecture,2 and the Dutch equivalent of a Bachelor's degree in Classical Archeology and the History of Art3--all from the University of Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands. I am the recipient of a major, internationally recognized academic award, given on the basis of scholarship.4
I am the author or co-author of five academic books, one of which (critically acclaimed and translated into two other languages) directly deals with the history of Auschwitz,5 and another which deals with the historiographical implications of the history of Auschwitz.6 I have also contributed chapters in thirteen other academic books, three of which deal with Auschwitz7   and one with the Holocaust.8 I am the (co-) author of eleven peer-refereed articles in journals and conference anthologies, four of which deal with Auschwitz,9 and eighteen non-refereed articles, five of which deal with Auschwitz.10 My work on Auschwitz has been the subject of one BBC documentary,11 and was featured in one movie.12 It has been discussed in articles and has been made the object of historiographical discussion and even extended philosophical meditation.13 I   have spoken about Auschwitz at 20 academic conferences,14 and more than 50 universities, colleges, academies, research libraries and other institutions of (higher)learning in North America, Europe and Israel.15 In all of these contributions to our knowledge of Auschwitz and the   Holocaust, both written and spoken, I have substantiated all my claims and conclusions with solid empirical evidence.
My book on Auschwitz has been given two major awards,16 and has been positively reviewed by well-known historians in many of the leading newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals in North America and Europe.17
I am the Director of the collaborative that was commissioned by several Jewish organizations to produce a Master Plan for the future preservation and management of Auschwitz.18
I began to study the history of Auschwitz in a more general way in 1987, and I have undertaken systematic primary research into the history of Auschwitz since 1989. Since that year, I have visited Auschwitz for research purposes almost yearly, staying for longer or shorter times.


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2. Doctorandus Litterarum (Drs. Lit), 1979, University of Leiden.. Thesis: "Het Oude Hof. van Prinsenhuis tot Koningshof" ("The Old Court: From Prince's Residence to Royal Palace"); thesis supervisors: Professor J.J. Terwen and Professor Th. H. Lunsingh Scheurleer.
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