Irving v. Lipstadt

Defense Documents

David Irving: A Political Self-Portrait: Electronic Edition

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5.2 Adoption of Hitlerian idiom (prophecies, rhetoric of self-belief etc)

[5/M][Fade in] '...the lid has been kept on them [the East Germans] for 45 years. I remember the first time I spoke to this audience in Dresden, the two or three thousand people there, it was like addressing an audience of adult school children. I could have told them any kind of rubbish and they would have believed it. They just sat there like, like ducklings in a pond, whose, whose mummy duck has gone. They didn't know which way to swim.' [Videocassette 213: labelled April 1994: @55m 10s - 55m 40s.]
[5/N]'We are hitting home and this is why the fight is hotting up. I think we're, the next two years, which I think are the last two years before what I see as final victory, I think the next two years are going to be very dramatic indeed, with a lot of violence ...[Cut]' [Videocassette 213: unidentified extracts: @1h 6m 20s - 1h 06m 35s.]
[5/0]IRVING: I think I know it now. I think I know it all. I've seen it all. I've seen the mistakes that other people make. One day I'd like to go into politics.
INTERVIEWER: What kind of politician would you like to be? What would your program be?
IRVING: Populist.
INTERVIEWER: A populist?
IRVING: A demagogic. A populist. The art of the politician is to tell the people what they want to hear. That means you've got to listen." [Videocassette 213: unidentified extract: @1h 07m 10s - 1h 07m 35s.]
[5/P] 'The chief editor Sunday Times declared: "Mr. Irving? Well it is regrettable - we admit he is an amateur Nazi..."
"Now that is despicable", I said to the press: "That word amateur is a particularly loathsome word, and -" [Laughter]' [P's speech to Primrose Hotel, Toronto, 1 November 1992: K4, Tab. 6, p. 12 ].