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Udo Walendy

Date Document
7 Jan 1989 Letter Walendy to P, reminding P of who he is, that he was the individual who had given p a copy of his book Wahrheit fir Deutschland Die Schuldfrage des Zweiten Weltkrieges [Truth for Germany The Question of Guilt in the Second World War], that he had heard P speak in Toronto, and that "we work in the same direction". Walendy asks P under what conditions he would be willing: to appear at a forthcoming meeting and suggests P talk about "your conclusions in connection with the Fred Leuchter Report."
13 Jan 1989 Letter P to Walendy, explaining that he will be in the;USA during the dates suggested by Walendy, but "Perhaps you would ring me some time, then such presentations which serve the research into the truth, are always worthwhile. "
Undated. Flyer, signed by Walendy, informing about P's appearance on March 1990 at Porta Westfalica. Referring to P's speech in Dresden[13 February] the flyer reads 'This was organised by a handful of our young people, who we will also meet here in Porta Westfalica and who already deserve our particlar thanks. This initiative should be developed allover the country. " "This planned meeting is of enormous political importance because the British historian has 8caused a great stir, better said has considerably widened the breach in the change of opinions with numerous researches, with his unequivocal position on the most recent German past and revisionist research world wide-and once again in Dresden![...] As others try to help politicians on their way with street demonstrations, so we want to assert in our way that 'we are the people' by supporting the intellectual pioneer.
4 March 1990 Diary: p records speaking at Porta Westfalica; "Major meeting, around 350 people. Speech well received. 11 was a good, heated;demagoguic [Sic] speech. with every punch line brilliantly delivered I and hugely applauded. ..!
Undated. Flyer advertising recordings of the speeches held at the lOth IHR conference 13-15 October 1990. P is pictured in the front row with Walendy.
8 July 1991 Letter Emst Zündel to P, explainins that in an attempt to help P's faltering 1991 tour he had contacted W alendy,but that Walendy could Inot arrange a hall in Hannover.
Sep 1994 P's Action Report records the latest legal difficulties encountered by the latest issues of Walendy's Historische Talsachen. The article claims to be based on information obtained directly from Walendy. [Action Report, no. (September 1994), p. 11].
July 1995 P's Action Report records further legal problems faced by Walendy in the Gennan courts for issues of his Historische Tatsachen, which P describes as "the much feared Germany language history magazine". Action Report quotes Walendy as havmg told them that he would." appeal against a 14-month jail sentence and offered readers Walendy's address and an address for "all issues of HI', including those banned in Germany. " [Action Report, no.(July 1995), p. 24].
17 May 1996 Zündel circular, 'News flash', enclosing fax from Walendy with the; news that he had just been sentenced to one and a half years I imprisonment with probation.
19 Feb 1998 Letter Magarete Walendy to P, accepting an invitation from p to listen to a speech of his on 28 February.