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Karl Philipp and General Emst-Otto Remer

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26 June 1989 Philipp's 'Press Service' reports on P's launch of the Leuchter Report in London,giving P's address to obtain copies.
15 July 1989 Diary: P records meeting 'business consultant' Philipp in Munich,'a rather rightwing friend of Tony Hancock. (Something makes me suspect he may be a stool pigeon however). He is willing to arrange an Austrian speaking tour for me in November.'
July 1989 P's launch of the Leuchter Report is reported in the Austrian neo Nazi newspaper Sieg. Text is identical to Philipp'sc'-Press Service' of 26.6.89, and under his name.
22 July 1989 Diary: P records travelling to Vlotho ' ..for meeting with various rightwing gentlemen, in particular to Karl Philipp about November 24 speaking tour of Austria.'Amongst those present P records 'Major Ernst Otto Remer, hero of July 20,1944 in Berlin'.
2 August Diary: P records the details of a telephone conversation with Ernst 1989 Zündel.'Discusses Karl Philipp expedition idea [to Auschwitz]. I am warming to it: we could invite leading German historians (who will refuse), or their PhD students as representatives of a new, more opened generation! Lots of mischief there. However Sally is rightly concerned that these loonies are trying to haul me over into their corner, which orthodox publishers will not like at all.'
9 Aug 1989 Letter P to Philipp agreeing to dates suggested by Philipp for November.
2 Oct 1989 Diary: P records preparations for a demonstration in Berlin in front of the SFB. 'Checked tomorrow's press conference room with Philipp. At 7 p.m. addressed a briefing session for the helpers for tomorrow's demonstrations. Twenty-thity people, some quite rough.'
3 Oct 1989 Diary: P records that he drives to the Reichstag with Philipp and films an introduction to a film on Auschwitz, for which Philipp pays him DM 5,000.
4 Nov 1989 Diary: P records that Philipp joins him on the start of his Austrian speaking tour.
Dec 1989 Karl Philipp publishes his account of the P's Berlin demonstration and press conference in CODE, 'David Irving-Wahrheit macht frei', [CODE, December 1989, pp. 51-54].
6 Dec 1989 Diary: P records a telephone call with Philipp. 'Said I'd like to organise speaking tour of E and W Germany, motto: boycott British,French, US goods, until they keep their fingers out of Germany's future.
23 Jan 1990 Diary: P records the contents of a phone call with Zündel, who said 'that Franke-Grieksch's home was raided by German police a couple of days ago. CODE magazine was seized because of Karl Philipp's article on Auschwitz,etc.I ask: what about the Scale videos? ...I said I have demanded that a lawyer clear them before I market them on my tour.'
6 Feb 1990 Letter P to Phi1ipp, outlining his Feb-March speaking tour.
16 April 1990 Diary: P records that. Karl Philipp phoned, would f be prepared to speak at Weinheim to about 500 people on September 2? Fee DM2000 plus book sales? I said, yes.(Thema: I September, Kriegschuld [War Guilt].) Organiser is Oberstudienrat Günther Deckert [NPD].'
1 May 1990 Diary: P records a phone call from Philipp: '...says we're being swamped (überollt) by 1he Auschwi1z debate now He will press Althans on organising a DDR speech tour, perhaps Eisenach. I sugges11i1le, 'Ausjlug in die Wahrheil'.
Undated. Flyer for P's speaking tour of the former East German lists P's meetings in Dresden, Leipzig, and Gera in June. The flyer lists Philipp as the contact address for all three.
6 June 1990 Diary: P records events surrounding his appearance in Leipzig when Remer appeared: 'All we need! Forlunalely 1he pholographer seems no1 10 recognise him. Philipp 1ells Remer 1he meeting is cancelled.'
17 Dec 1990 Diary: P records that Philipp phoned and 'was fmed DM 3500 for his Anmerkung [comment], das Wort 'Luge' [the word 'lie'], Remscheid.
(Jan 1991)
Letter Philipp to P.' Please fax me 1hrough 1he arlicle in 1he Jewish Chronicle. [AJ repor1 in 1he [RemerJ Depesche against 1he systematic propaganda will follow.
1 July 1991 Letter Althans to P. explaining that P's planned tour of 25 July to 17 August has collapsed because of his legal, financial, and political difficulties. ' Thus for example K[arl] P[hilipp] has managed to incite Gen[eral] Remer and--p1sumably [erd]Honsik agains1 me. They in turn have managed to stir things up,more wilh their naive innocence and 1heir good reputation- (you know how much I value Remer and Honsik).'Furlher 'Perhaps one would have got somewhere if we had been a11he meeling. There were a lot of people 1here upon whose supporlive assislance I could have hoped. Bu1 Karl Philipp, who knew 1ha1 you were coming because I was stupid enough to register you as a guest as required, lied to you that I wanted to use you to break up the event. You believed him and cancelled with me. So Philipp could tell people Althans is a liar, even David Irving doesn't like him and therefore doesn't come to the conference. And, as expected, I alone received no invitation.,
3 July 1991 Letter P to Phi1ipp, explaining that AlthanS has let him down and suggests to Philipp they arrange individual events.'Self evidently I would make myself available for this, and then we could agree on a topic acceptable to the authorities. ,
4 July 1991 Letter Philipp to P, explaining that at such short notice little was possible. ' Last weekend the regime mobilised 2,000 policemen (including many hundreds of armed officers) against us. The whole of the area of Cham was surrounded and sealed off We carried our event off behind the bacb of the 2, 000 strong Galinski-militia three kilometers from the intended venue infront of almost 300 people (including nearly 200 youths). Dr. Shaller and Prof Faurisson were able to speak unhindered. That was a masterpiece by Meinolf Schonborn and his people. We should take it in mind to do something with him in late Autumn. He is really a soldier and everything goes off with military discipline and according to military organisation. He has almost 400 young people around him who follow his commands .,
4 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, mentioning Meinolf Schonborn 'the guy whose 21.6.91 meeting you were to attend with Ewald, but didn't because of Philipp's gossip, so 1 am told.'
25 July 1991 Diary: P records a meeting with Philipp. 'He showed me the latest paste up of the Remer Depesche on which he is working. It is good. I ask if Ernst Otto Remer is not fearful of being prosecuted: Ph[ilipp] said that is what Remer wants.'
10 Jan 1992 Letter P to Philipp, agreeing to a fixture as P will be in Berlin on 8 May anyway. Concerning his forthcoming trial in Munich P writes 'I fundamentally do ~ want it to come to rallies with this date, however I wish to make as much capital as possible with the press out of my appearance. Therefore let's think what we could do to this end.'
18 Jan 1992 Letter to P to lawyer Hajn Herrmann concerning his court appearance in Munich on 5- May writes that he wished to do without Karl Philipp as a witness, .this for your confidential iriformation'.
18 Nov 1993 Diary: P records .KmI-Philip phoned-twice, from Tony [Handcock] 's and from Gatwick I suggest I video in German, for distribution. A great idea, he agrees. Working title, 'Ich komme wieder' ['I'll be back'].'
sc 79.8
31 Jan 1994 Diary: P records ' ...lengthy conversation with Karl Philipp. He confirms that Remer goes to jail this week. I say let 's have the name of the judge.'
Feb 1994 P pens article in his Action Report, 'General Remer, 82, is ordered to Prison'.P described a 'vindictive and brutal German legal syslem,that had imprisoned Remer for incilement. P describes Remer as in charge of the firing squad which 'execuled' the 'traitorous ringleader' of the 1944 plot against Hitler, Claus von Stauffenberg. P writes of the Remer-Depech as 'recently described as the 'despicable' Remer-Depech by the left-wing liberal magazine Zeit the ultimate accolade.'P gives the British printing address where the Remer-Depech can be obtained In the same issue P offers 'A magnificent souvenir colou.r photo of Remer in full uniform, laken at the height off his career...available from the D[avid] I[rving] F(ighting) F[und] at $10 incl. postage.' [Action Report, no.7 (February 1994), pp. 1,3, and 4].
2 June 1994 Diary: P records 'phoned Karl Philipp; he phoned back. Discussed the arresl yesterday morning. Spain does not want to extradite him to Germany as it is not an offence in Spain. Interesting.'
5 June 1994 Diary: P records, , Karl Philipp phoned from Spain. General Remer released, as the public prosecutor refused 10 allow his extradition.'
9 June 1994 Diary: P records phoning Philipp, he told me the Spanish public prosecutor had himself intervened to order Remer's release from arrest after two days There has been massive front page coverage in Spain. Remer in a wheelchair, etc. What an embarrassment for the swinish German lawers.'
Sept 1994 P's Action Report,'Spain Refuses German Demand to Hand over General Remer' describing Remer as 'one of the figureheads of therevisionist movement'.P promises his readers he will supply a 'secure address' through which to contact Remer and gives bank account delails in Germany for those who want to make contributions.'
5 Nov 1994 Diary: P records that Philipp 'wants- the Betacam master of the Ich Komme Wieder to operate with. He'll fetch it from me at Key West.'
22 Nov 1994 Diary: P records some of the details a long telephone call with Philipp .'He was ecstatic about the confrontation with Lipstadt. He brings me up to date on various cases', namely Althans, Gerd Honsik, Gennar Rudolf, and Douglas Collins.
25 April 1995 Diary: P records '...Karl Philipp phoned, from the General's (Remer), will phone back in 3 or 4 hours. (He didn't) , and later 'long call from Karl Philipp about the situation in Germany He says the video operation is running (camoujlaged language).'
8 July 1995 Diary: P details the contents of a fax to Philipp,.to find out if he sent off the I[ch] K[omme] W[ieder] videos recently. 'have you arranged it accordingly? Yes, enough. 2. When are you here. You are welcome with us. 3. I've heard about [Germar] Rudolph, end of June. Please send all clippings. Police state GFR '.' In the same entry P records Karl Philipp replied by phone, using veiwed language; has now been indicted for my speech in Weinheim [2 September J .990] (where he arrived 15 minutes before I spoke), he ought to have known what I would say, etc.'
18 July 1995 Diary: P records that he faxed Phillip anonymously, .I need to know if he 's sending out the I[ch] K[omme] W[ieder] videos or not (or is he too another Althans?). ' The fax contains the question if it is "alright to mediate further addresses."
26 July 1995 Diary: P records a visit by Philipp .'He has sent out no I[ch] K[omme] W[ieder] videos whatever, out of fear. Brought back master-tape unused.'
17 Nov 1995 Diary: P records: '...phone call from Karl Phillipp. They have now tested with TÜV officials present to measure the gas concentrations, the effects of diesel exhaust gasses on two Hühner [chickens] and two Kaninchen [rabbits]. After sixty minutes the animals 'krochen vergnügt aus der Kammer heraus!'[crept out happy from the chamber]. 'Da lachen die Hühner,' I commented. He's sending me a video. A lawyer was present throughout.'
17 Feb 1996 Diary: P records a phone call from Philipp Spanish supreme court has finally refused to extradite General Remer to Germany. '
March 1996 P records in his Action Report of March 1996: 'London: A phone call from Karl P[hilipp]. He and his henchmen have now tested with TÜV [government automobile-test] officials present, the effects of diesel exhaust gases on two chickens and two rabbits. After sixty minutes the animals 'crawled forth with delighted grins! 'Da lachen die Hühner.'I comment: it's enough to make a chicken laugh. He is sending me the tests on video. A lawyer was present throughout ['A Radicals Diary '. Action report.no.(March 1996)r)p.4]
Undated. P interviewed Remer for his biography of Goebbels, commenting Remer's loyalty to Hitler endured to the end. Aged eighty-two, he was sentenced in 1994 to two years in prison for doubting the authenticity of the 'gas chambers' at Auschwitz' [David Irving, Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich (London, 1996), pp. 675- 676, fils. 12 and 23.
1 Dec 1997 P writes an obituary to Remer in his Action Report.'Described by baffied newspapermen as an unreconstructed Nazi, Remer remained loyal to the old cause. 1 ['General Remer is Dead', Action Report, no. (I December 1997), pp. I and 12.]

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