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Institute for Historical Review (IHR)1

Date Document
27 Feb 1980 Letter Lewis Brandon (IHR) to P, inviting him to speak at the 1990 IHR Conference
4 Mar 1980 Letter P to Brandon (IHR): "I did hear about your last years convention and, of course, it attracted my interest... ... I would have to condition my acceptance of your very kind invitation on knowing who else would participate. Of course, I have no desire to limit your own scope, but for reasons you will probably perceive I cannot speak on the same platform as for example Walendy or Butz. This is pure Realpolitik on my part. I am already dangerously exposed and I cannot take the chance of being caught in Flak meant for others."
12 Mar 1980 Letter Brandon (IHR) to P: "I also understand that you recently met up with our good friends from Historical Review Press, and also our supporters from the League of St George. We keep in very close touch with developments over there"
9 July 1980 Letter P to Brandon (IHR): "I am sorry we were not able to reach any definitive decision on your 1980 convention. Perhaps in 1981 e can do something".
12 Mar 1981 Diary: visits to Carto at offices of Liberty Lobby and Spotlight; Carto described as "A typical small time fascist". "I stressed how important it is for me to keep my image clean as at present I am still allowed into the media while the opposition is trying everything to keep me off it. He indicated that there are ties between the Liberty Lobby and the [IHR]... I expressed disapproval of that, saying that the [IHR] called down unnecessary fire on our own lines".
30 May 1981 Letter Mark Weber (IHR) to P enclosing outline of Weber's forthcoming book "The Final Solution: Legend and Reality". Weber mentions P's "conditional agreement to write a foreword to the book". The central thesis of the book was that "there was no official German to exterminate the Jews of Europe. Six million Jews were not killed" (p11). The photographs are to include an 'unflattering' one of Anne Frank (p16).
30 July 1981 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: "I appreciate your words of advice and encouragement on my book on the Final Solution".
31 May 1982 Letter Tom Marcellus (IHR) to P expressing regret that P cannot attend IHR conference.
12 Aug 1982 Letter Willis A. Carto (IHR) to P regretting that he cannot alleviate P's financial problems immediately and inviting him to the 5th IHR conference in 1984.
21 Nov 1982 Two letters from Marcellus (IHR) to P. The first concerning the sale of P's books by IHR (p20); the second asking P to speak for 90 minutes at the 5th IHR Conference (p21).
1 Dec 1982 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): provisional acceptance to speak at the 1983 IHR conference. '..because of the disadvantages and risk to reputation involved I would certainly want a larger honorarium...'. He refers to a possible topic for his speech. "My own line, in a nutshell, is that mass murders did take place on an ad hoc basis that was not however organised at a top state level".
4 Sept 1983 P speaks at 5th IHR conference: 'On Contemporary History and Historiography' (later published in the JHR). SC para 2; RFI 10
Other speakers at that conference included Wilhelm Stglich, whose talk 'Der Mythos Auschwitz: A Book and Its Fate in the German Federal Republic' (subsequently published in the JHR). P meets Faurisson at that Conference.
Tapes of the conference are sold by IHR.
15 Jan 1985 Letter P to Marcellus (referring to books sold through IHR).
12 Sept 1985 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P (concerning sale of books).
18 June 1987 Letter Weber (IHR) to P expressing regret at not being able to meet P and wishing him well in "your remarkable career".
29 Feb 1988 Letter Carto (IHR) to P (concerning printing and sale of Churchill's War)
18 Mar 1988 Letter P to Carto (IHR) in reply.
23 Mar 1988 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P inviting him to speak at the 9th IHR conference 'If you decide to accept, your lecture will be recorded and offered for sale by the IHR, and your lecture will be transcribed and printed in the [JHR].".
17 May 1988 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): the February 1989 conference "sounds very tempting, but you know what the problems for me would be. If I were to commit Hara-Kiri like this, I should have to haggle with you for a much larger fee."
24 June 1988 Letter P to Carto (IHR): accepting the IHR's new offer of terms for the February convention "provided that my New York publishers, William Morrow Inc., do not voice objections, as well they may; since they have paid $100,000 for my latest book, I obviously have to take care not to irritate them."
8 Sep 1988 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P: setting out procedures for the 9th IHR conference (again, it refers to the publication of the speech by the IHR both in the JHR and by sale of tapes).
21 Sep 1988 Diary: P lunches with the "IHR chieftains", Marcellus, Carto and O'Keefe.
18-20 Feb 1989 9th IHR Conference. Speakers include P (on 19 February 1989), Leuchter, Keegstra and Mattogno. P's speech Churchill and US entry into the Second World War (subsequently published in the JHR). SC para 3; RFI 11
14 Mar 1989 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: "Your presentation and your straightforward statement to the media at the concluding news conference contributed enormously to making this IHR gathering probably the most successful ever".
2 Apr 1989 Letter Carto (IHR) to P: sends P a copy of the newsletter and refers to P's "outstanding" contribution to the 9th IHR conference. "With your support of holocaust revisionism the outcome is no longer in doubt. It will take some more time but victory is inevitable. ... It's not everyone who has a chance to be instrumental in a historic turnaround. The practical consequences of destroying the holocaust myth are almost indescribably potent."
31 July 1989 Letter Weber (IHR) to P, enclosing criticisms of the Leuchter Report that he had also sent to Faurisson, Leuchter and Zündel.
4 Sep 1989 Letter P to Weber (IHR): "the critiques of the Leuchter Report are very cogent.... As you know, we had a similar critique from..Crabtree. I do not know what the answer is, but your response was pretty good."
4 Sept 1989 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): P would bring 200 copies of the Leuchter Report with him to the US in October, for the IHR to sell at $20.
3 Oct 1989 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: referring to the criticisms of the Leuchter Report and inviting him to address the next IHR.
15 Oct 1989 Letter P to Weber (IHR): referring to the Leuchter report; "evidence of downright faking at the 'gaschamber' sites.."; the Polish 1945 report (confirming the presence of cyanide in zinc grids and hair).
30 Oct 1989 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: commenting on the 1945 report and Leuchter; asks whether was still willing consider writing a foreword to Weber's forthcoming book "even though you are now working on a book of your own about Auschwitz and our work may therefore overlap somewhat."
12 Dec 1989 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P. Referring to the October 1990 IHR conference: "You'll be a central part of what is sure to be our most exciting and best-attended conference ever."
12 Jan 1990 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR), enclosing latest response to Leuchter Report (from Colin Beer).
9 Feb 1990 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR) stating that "the debate on Leuchter is hotting up".
9 May 1990 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): suggesting "very slight editorial improvement" on an article by Nordling to be published in the JHR. "I think his references to 'gas chambers' are quite harmless and should be left in, under the circumstances."
7 Aug 1990 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: Weber was urging Marcellus and O'Keefe "to act on your excellent suggestion to reprint your fine introduction to the new Avon edition of Hitler's War in the IHR Journal. Thanks!".
14 Oct 1990 P's speech at 10th IHR: 'Battleship Auschwitz' (later published in JHR). Weber introduces P as a 'kind of one man IHR' and quotes what P had said at Dresden(p493).
On 15 October 1990, P heard Faurisson speak at that conference. According to his diary: Faurisson spoke 'well and wittily'. SC para 4; RFI 12
5 Nov 1990 Letter Weber (IHR) to P thanking him for his "rousing presentation" at the 10th IHR, which was "a memorable high point." Weber is pleased that P is "now inclined to contribute an introduction or foreword to my lengthy book about the Holocaust".
17 Dec 1990 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P, sending him his typeset remarks, as published in the JHR.
13 June 1991 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR) expressing concern that his Off the Record remarks at the IHR conference in particular my comments about some gentlemen being A**HOLES" had been published on Canadian TV and in Now magazine. "It would assist me if I knew whether that part of my remarks (the off the record portion) was indeed recorded, or transcribed, somehow..."
20 June 1991 Letter Marcellus (IHR) to P: P had confirmed that he did not
expect Marcellus to excise from the tapes "that whole electrifying
'off the record' section on Battleship Auschwitz
"; in Weber's view,
it was "undoubtedly the most thrilling aspect of your appearance as
evidenced by the positive audience response to your remarks. So
yes, that humorous comment about the A... is on the videotapes and
audiotapes that we have been selling.... ... However, as you know,
the "Battleship Auschwitz" segment that was printed in the .. [JHR]
had the A... joke removed
SC para 4.4
12 July 1991 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: enclosing the IHR newsletter and refers to the next JHR, which includes the 1990 Krakov report about Auschwitz. "Keep up your wonderful work. We need you more than ever!"
19 July 1991 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: thanks P for arranging a meeting in Munich between Weber and Bruno Wetzel of the D.V.U.
22 Nov 1991 Letter Weber (IHR) to P congratulating him on the 15 November 1991 meeting (Chelsea Town Hall, addressed by Faurisson and Leuchter) and asking for further information to publish an account in IHR newsletter.
30 Nov 1991 Letter P to Weber (IHR): providing further information (media coverage) about the meeting and offering to send a copy of Leuchter's own account.
1 Jan 1992 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): referring to interesting article in the JHR about Franke-Griksch, whose son 'of course, is one of us'; and offering to deliver a paper at the next IHR Conference.
16 Jan 1992 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): after the 'hullaballoo' about the Eichmann papers, reassures Marcellus that "My position remains unchanged: that there were certain My-Lai atrocities by the troops in Russia; that the gas chambers and factories of death are Hollywood legends; that there isno wartime evidence of a Hitler order; that what Eichmann says in these papers is "hearsay"'.
25 Jan 1992 Feb 1992 Letter P to Doug Christie, copied to Weber (IHR): 'My position, always narrowly defined, has not changed'.
20 May 1992 Letter P to Weber (IHR): refers to his speech at the forthcoming 11th IHR conference.
4 June 1992 Letter P to Weber (IHR): P has discovered the Aumeier papers in the PRO. "These MSS are going to be a problem for revisionists, and need analysing now, in advance of our enemies, and answering."
Draft article [for JHR] concerning P's conviction in Germany.
10-12 Oct 1992 11th IHR Conference. P speaks on the Suppressed Eichmann and Goebbels Papers. Audio and video tapes of the conference are sold. SC para 5; RFI 13
15 Oct 1992 Letter IHR (Weber) to P: thanks P for his contribution. "As usual, your stellar presentation contributed enormously to the conference's success'.
16 Nov 1992 Letter P to Marcellus (IHR): P sends copy of his diary, covering the 'final climax' and offers to send previous pages of the diary — for use in preparing a JHR article about his arrest. 'Don't quote harsh words about Ernst Zündel or Doug Christie'.
19 Nov 1992 Letter P to Raven (IHR): draft appeal for the 'fighting fund'. "The Fight Goes on — to Final Victory"
20 Nov 1992 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: thanking him for the "copious material" he had provided. "I like to think that if any group in the USA is duty bound to defend you, it is the IHR."
24 Nov 1992 Letter Weber to P: enclosing text of his recent IHR Conference lecture, for comments and amendment.
26 Nov 1992 Letter Weber to P: thanks P for responding so quickly with corrections and changes.
28 Nov 1992 Letter Marcellus to P: inviting him to join the Editorial Advisory Committee. P had refused previous invitations 'pointing out that such an affiliation might harm your reputation.' SC Para 12.2
10 Dec 1992 Letter Raven (IHR) to P enclosing the David Irving edition of the JHR.
19 Jan 1993 Letter P to IHR: P is "very impressed indeed" by the new JHR.
1 Mar 1993 Letter Weber to P: asking P to participate in an IHR news conference, to express "reasoned opposition" to the US Holocaust museum (the day before its formal dedication). Faurisson was also to participate in it. Weber also referred to a demonstration, being organised by Kirk Lyons.
4 Mar 1993 Letter P to IHR: he is interested in the attending the news conference; he asks for a fee — 'I would anticipate that my presence might break the conference into the real news media..' (terms are subsequently agreed — including a fee, free flights and a free advertisement for P's fighting fund in the JHR) SC para 6.2, 6.3
19 Mar 1993 Letter P to Weber: approving Weber's article about P for the JHR.
2 Apr 1993 Letter P to Weber, thanking him for the latest JHR.
12 Apr 1993 Letter Weber to P: about the forthcoming 21.4.93 meeting; the IHR news conference would be attended by Faurisson and (possibly) Leuchter; there would be a meeting the night before.
15 Apr 1993 Letter P to Weber: agreeing to address the Wednesday meeting and being available for media interviews.
21 Apr 1993 P speaks at press conference, organised by IHR, the day before the dedication of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. SC para 6; RFI 14
JHR includes appeal for P's fighting fund, as agreed. SC para 12.3 (RFI 21)
5 May 1993 Letter Weber to P: thanking P for this "rousing presentation at our meeting on the evening of the 21st "; he also thanks P for this help in preparing the article in the JHR (Weber's report about the ban against P in Australia).
27 May 1993 Letter P to Weber/Raven: providing material for an update on the position about his ban from Australia.
9 Jun 1993 Letter Raven to P: refers to the video of the Washington DC gathering.
22 Jun 1993 Letter P to Raven, ordering 15 copies of the video.
31 Jul 1993 Letter P to Raven, asking for (amongst other things) forty copies of the JHR with him on the cover; and ten Washington DC videos.
6 & 7 Jan
Letters Marcellus/P: is invited to speak at the 12th IHR (September 1994); P accepts - 'count on me' - and proposes to talk about Dr Goebbels and the Final Solution. "Basically what fundamentalist HolocaustTM historians would expect to find in the diaries ain't there; ....Nogas chambers.
18 Jan 1994 Letter Marcellus to P: offering to send fliers advertising his talks in the southeastern states.
9 Feb 1994 Letter Marcellus to P: after the split within IHR, Marcellus had obtained endorsements from "leading advisory board members and prominent revisionist friends", including Zündel. He set out an endorsement provided by Zündel (which included "The IHR .. belongs to all of us, for without all of us the IHR will cease to exists"). Marcellus tells P 'something from you would go a long
way, David, perhaps an endorsement along the following lines ... ... some form of endorsement expressing your confidence in us at this critical juncture would be most appreciated
.' SC para 11.2; RFI 19
10 Feb 1994 Letter P to Marcellus: providing an endorsement. "The IHR journal...presents the traditional enemies of the truth for the first time with a serious opponent....: long may..the Journal stay unchanged: staunch and unflinching soldiers in what our brave comrade Robert Faurisson has called 'this great adventure'" SC para 11.1, 11.2; RFI 19
21 Apr 1994 Letter Weber to P: thanking P for his endorsement "(along with those of other good friends of the IHR) which we circulated with the mailing on the Carto-IHR dispute that was sent out to all journal subscribers in late February and early march (copy enclosed).' The other endorsements including some from Faurisson, Butz, Zündel. He sends P information about the dispute at the IHR.
JHR journal also publishes P's endorsement. SC para 11.3; RFI 19
4 May 1994 Diary; P has discussion with Valentine (IHR). "Was he right in catching a hint from me that I would be willing to edit the Journal? I said yes he was. He said that Carto apparently did not catch the hint, has said he'd be willing to pay $50,000 pa just to have my name as editor."
14 May 1994 Letter Weber (IHR) to P: reflects the involvement of P in seeking to resolve the dispute between the IHR factions.
11 Aug 1994 Letter P to Andrew Allen. Off the record, P refers to his attempts to resolve the dispute.
Sep/Oct 1994 JHR includes "The Enemy Struggles as a Legend Dies".
1 Sep 1994 Diary: P flies to California. He goes to the IHR, where he meets Raven and Zündel; Faurisson has arrived; P has dinner with "the gang". SC para 7.3
3-5 Sep 1994 Programme for 12th IHR Conference. P speaks on the second day (4th): Revelations from the Goebbel's Diaries. SC para 7; RFI 15
6 Sep 1994 Diary: P lunches with Weber and discusses the possibility of working as a paid official for IHR. SC para 7.4; RFI 15
7 Sep 1994 Diary: P collects Weber at the IHR and has lunch with him and
Zündel. SC para 7.5
20 Sep 1994 Letter Raven to P, offering to publicise his speech in Portland in October 1994.
10 Oct 1994 P spoke in meeting in Portland, promoted by the IHR. SC para 8; RFI 16
4 Nov 1994 Letter Weber to P: Thanks P for his speech at the IHR conference. 'I was very pleased that you expressed interest in one day working openly for or with the IHR.'
5 Jan 1995 Letter Weber to P: wants to reprint in the JHR an article about Auschwitz, published in P's Action Report (which had been reprinted in the Revisionist Researcher Magazine, published by Hoffman).
11 Jan 1995 Letter P to Weber: giving permission to reprint the item, which P says was not in Action Report, but was the report of a speech on his last US tour. P explains that the "2,188 tonnes figure came from Karl Philipp, who told me it is in the second Pressac book: a document or documents provide that total."
17 Jan 1995 Weber to P: sends draft of text of P's speech for publication in JHR; P had provided a copy of his handwritten notes.
21 Jan 1995 P to Weber, returning the corrected proofs.
21 Feb 1995 Weber to P: sends Conan/L'Express material to P; "As you say, we need to really play this up ..."
Mar/Apr 1995 Letter from Faurisson published in JHR. P's reply to the letter is published in a later JHR.
13 Sep 1995 Letter Weber to P: concerning distribution of P's books through IHR and refers to IHR conference in October 1995.
21 Oct 1995 P speaks at IHR event in Costa Mesa. Afterwards he has dinner with Weber and Raven and discusses the IHR's financial problems. SC 9
23 Oct 1995 Letter Weber to P: thanking him for his speech and appreciating his concern for the financial future of the IHR. "We will give thoughtful consideration to your specific suggestions to help keep the IHR afloat."
7 Nov 1995 Letter Weber to P: referring to P's video.
17 Dec 1995 Letter P to Weber: Aumeier interrogations. P refers to them as the "weightiest contemporary report I have ever seen of Auschwitz, other than by Höss... I think the IHR should publish this with commentary. Otherwise, one day the other side will find the Aumeier Aufzeichnungen [notes] and....2 ".
10 Jan 1996 Letter P to Weber: "I'm keeping my thumbs crossed for the IHR's survival."
13 Apr 1996 Letter P to Weber: re cancellation of the next IHR Conference. "To the IHR's closest friends, it must now look as though defeating Carto has overtaken all the Institute's other real work."
19 Apr 1996 Letter Weber to P: referring to the difficulties in the IHR; all "prominent revisionist scholars" have remained loyal to the IHR; thanks P for his support, particularly over the last two years.
5 Jun 1996 Letter Weber to P, about a forthcoming IHR event.
11 Jun 1996 Letter P to Weber: regrets that Christie would not speak at that event. "Is he (like me) getting chilly feet? (the media's linking me with CODOH, the IHR., etc is the main reason that SMP was pressured into dumping Goebbels with the loss to me of around half a million dollars in US royalties..." In a PS, P writes: "thanks for the clippings -- very useful keep em coming."
28 Mar 1998 P appeared a special IHR meeting. SC para 10

National Alliance1

Date Document
3 Feb 1990 Letter Erich Gliebe (National Alliance ['NA']) to P regarding arrangements for P's speech in Cleveland on 3 June 1990 to members of the N.A. SC para 14 [P did not speak at that meeting]
15 Sept 1995 Letter Gliebe (NA) to P regarding arrangements for P's speech on 1 October 1995 to members of the N.A.
1 Oct 1995 P's speech in Cleveland, OH, (NA fundraiser); NA Bulletin, p.4; "Mr. Irving's lecture was received enthusiastically by the audience, and he was able to autograph and sell a substantial number of his own books during the meeting." SC para 15; RFI 25
1 Oct 1995 Diary: 1 October 1995; "Fine meeting, around 150 people, many ethnic Germans, gate of $500 as agreed, plus $1700 book sales. What a relief."
6 Oct 1995 P's speech in Tampa, Florida. "Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the National Alliance and National Vanguard Books, I'd like to proudly welcome Mr David Irving."
P: "It is very interesting how influential little gatherings like these are... ... Small influential gatherings of people - it is dropping pebbles into the water - it's casting ripples." (see transcript p1—2) RFI 25
6 Oct 1995 Diary: P refers to speech to audience in Tampa, FL; "Turned out the meeting here is also organised by the National Alliance and National Vanguard bookshop; well attended, but impoverished audience. Total take in book sales and gate was $741 including cheques and an IOU from a garrulous ex U-boat commander, Goebel, of U-505. Not really worth driving a thousand miles for..."
20 Sep 1996 P's speech at NA meeting in Pompton Plains, N.J. SC para 16; RFI 25
26 Sep 1996 P's speech at NA meeting in Cleveland, OH. SC para 17; RFI 25
7 Dec 1996 P's speech at NA meeting in Tampa, FL. Filmed by Australian television (with P's consent), an extract appeared on "Cover Story" (4 March 1997) [Extract shown to the court during P's cross-examination.] SC para 18; RFI 25
7 Dec 1996 Diary: P refers to speech that day: "Vincent Breeding decided he had to deliver a Nazi-type introduction and peroration, which I tried hard to diffuse by my remarks"
4 June 1997 Diary: speech to members of the NA in Cleveland OH. SC para 19; RFI 25
25 July 1998 P's speech to NA meeting in Tampa, FL. Diary: "Vincent Breeding behaved better this time. His young men well dressed, in suits or blazers, standing impassively at the corners. No skinheads, neo-Nazis, thugs, or jackboots in evidence; through no doubt the press will tell their readers otherwise." (See also witness statement of witness for the Second Defendant, Rebecca Guttman and annexure) SC para 20; RFI 25

Arthur R. Butz1

Date Document
28 June 1978 Noontide Press to P, stating that they would be pleased if P would accept a complimentary copy of 'Myth of the Six Million' and/or 'Hoax of the Twentieth Century' by Butz.
1 Nov 1978 Letter P to Richard Verrall (author of 'Did Six Million Really Die?'); "The Butz book is quite controversial, and I would not be happy about commenting on it at all. Please forgive me for this reluctance."
4 Mar 1980 P letter to IHR (see 00 1): P would not speak on the same platform as Butz at an IHR conference [see this file, 001, p2—3]
14 Apr 1985 Letter Butz to P, asking if P would recommend publication of certain material in the JHR (after questionable editing). Letter copied to Faurisson.
20 Apr 1985 Letter P to Butz in reply.
17 June 1988 Letter Butz to P advising him to issue a written statement "setting forth just what your views are on the general allegation of 'extermination' of the Jews. I would hate to see a situation develop in which your alleged views are represented by others. Give your great prestige as an historian that will be the situation that will develop if you don't act."
24 June 1988 Letter P to Butz thanking him for the "unexpected" letter of 17 June. "I have to admit that the documents I saw to Toronto shattered several of my former beliefs. I certainly intend issuing a written statement, but it will probably be in the form of a book..... I may well have to leave it until the end of my writing career".
12 Sep 1989 Letter Christopher Jones to P, asking where he could obtain a copy of Butz's book 'The Hoax of the 20th Century'. Received by P on 14.9.89. P replies: "Sorry, can't help you - haven't even heard of the book".
1 July 1990 Letter P to Butz informing him that the "Holocaust' experts" whom he had contacted had not identified the building they considered to be gas chambers [at Auschwitz]. "Our critics are getting cold feet!"
9 July 1990 Letter Butz to P responding to the above;
31 May 1991 Letter Butz to P alerting him to an article published in Summer Northwestern, in which P is criticised, and offering the address should P wish to reply.
14 June 1991 Letter P to Butz, enclosing P's response to the Summer Northwestern, with the comment to Butz "we gotta fight back!"
17 July 1991 Letter Butz to P informing him of Bradley Smith's (IHR) interest in publishing P's letter to the Summer Northwestern in the IHR newsletter, and requesting P's permission to sent Smith a copy. "The more I think of it, the more appreciative I am that you have put Hayes on the spot like this."
29 July 1991 Letter Butz to Smith (IHR) enclosing P's letter to "Summer Northwestern", I am glad that Irving has sought to put Hayes on the spot like this, and I now attach more importance to this letter than I did at first. I am inclined to think that if you publish the Irving letter before the Daily Northwestern resumes publication then some of the pressure on them will be removed. However that is between you and Irving,"
15 Mar 1993 Letter Butz to Mark Weber (IHR), copied to (amongst others) P Faurisson, Mattogno, Roques, Smith Stäglich and Walendy, offering his reactions to the new Journal of Historical Review ('JHR'); "(...) the battle that Holocaust revisionists are waging has a feature of overwhelming importance: we are right and obviously so. Our enemies know this and try everything to prevent our case from being heard."
21 Apr 1994 P is sent a copy of his Butz's endorsement for the JHR, which is circulated with P's endorsement (see this file, 00 1, p 107—8)

David Duke

Date Document
29 Oct 1994 Diary: P speaks in North Kenner, New Orleans, and then dines with David Duke, who had been in the audience.
30 Oct 1994 Diary: P dines at Duke's home. 'He gave me a chapter of his draft memoirs to run my eye over; immediately, I seized a pen and began sub editing it, with the result that he wants me to edit everything he's written to now. Several chapters of his quasi Mein Kampf.'
31 Oct 1994 Diary: P works all day editing Duke's memoirs, 'much better than I anticipated. Many insights.'
1 Nov 1994 Diary: P and Duke spend several hours discussing politics, 'An interesting character. His book is a real self appraisal, and deserves success; iof [sic] he can find a publisher and distributor. If he cannot, then of course his strictures on the opposition races become self justifying.'
3 Nov 1994 Diary: P and Duke have lunch.
5 Nov 1994 Diary: P and Duke have two meals together. Both speak at a Liberty Lobby-sponsored radio conference, along with Willis Carto, Tom Valentine and Eustace Mullins. After dinner, P and Duke, along with two of Duke's acquaintances, proceed to a beach disco until 2 am.
15 Nov 1994 Diary: P drafts letter to Ed Novak (P's book agent) recommending Duke's memoirs.
5 Dec 1994 Diary: P speaks to Duke who had received a 'feisty' reply from Ed Novak agreeing to act for him, 'and advising Duke to live a good life for ten or twenty years outside politics in the hope that people will forget Duke was once in the Klan. I suggest that he reply to Novak, tongue in cheek, that he will go one better than leading a mere good life, he'll become a literary agent and lead a holy life. I suggested he now contact Aleta Daley in New York.' P speaks with Duke later, who had been contacted by Aleta Daley; 'His self esteem is restored. I ask about access to his mailing list. He says it is 115,000, of which 45,000 are high grade; however he laughed off my suggestion that we trade the list for my free work on his MS [memoirs]'.
8-13 Dec 1994 P and Duke are regular companions as Duke and girlfriend stay with P in Key West. They dine, talk politics, strategize on fundraising and play tennis.
13 Dec 1994 Diary: 'For one like myself whose interest in the Holocaust is purely self-defensive, it is hard for me to listen politely to his seemingly endless vapourings on the - to me - boring subject; ditto the Jews and Zionism, although these are admittedly topics of the chapters he has been writing while down here.'
23 Dec 1994 Diary: Duke sends P 400 addresses from his mailing list of people who have donated $100 or more to Duke's campaign.
30 Dec 1994 Diary: P works to convert hundreds of names on Duke's list to his computer disk.
6 Jan 1995 Diary: P writes 'got the David Duke list to load with virtually no problem. Hurrah! 404 names and addresses of his best contributors; I weeded out half a dozen duplicates. These are some names I recognise too—I'll have to weed them out first.'
7 Jan 1995 Diary: P comments 'Time to get to work on milking the David Duke list.'
21 Apr 1995 Diary: Duke phones P to check whether "Jim [sic] McVeigh" is on his mailing list.
2-11 May 1995 Diary: P and Duke visit frequently while Duke is staying at Sam Dickson's vacation house.
On 8 May P edits Duke's book chapter on the Holocaust.
1 June 1995 Diary: 'the $2000 cashier's cheque from David Duke came, a loan.'
28 June 1995 Diary: P asks Dickson to repay Duke, with P to repay Dickson in three weeks.
14 Nov 1997 Diary: P edits Dukes memoirs, and later speaks at St. Tammany Parish Hall, at request of Duke.
15 Nov 1997 Diary: P helps Duke with his manuscript, 'Cut out the word Jewish ten or twenty times per page.'
Dec 1997 P's Action Report; 'I have spent a couple of days in Louisiana, where the local Republican Party chaired by the well known, indeed notorious, David Duke has invited me to speak. I take the opportunity to read some of his draft memoirs, which in my view need editing—for "political correctness" as much as for anything else!' (p.30)

British National Party (BNP)1

Date Document
17 July 1980 Letter Robin Rushton (BNP) to P; "In our early days the media will concentrate so much on the personalities surrounding you and make great capital out of any weakness or character defects of persons who may be politically compromised. As time goes on this will matter as the ranks swell."
5 May 1983 Letter Ray Hill to P inviting him to address a BNP meeting in Leicester in June 1983. "You will perhaps be aware that I am involved in nationalist politics but the proposed meeting will not be of any particular political party." SC 28.1
21 June 1983 Diary: '4.30 pm train to Leicester, spoke there to 27 people at a British National Movement meeting organised by Ray Hill. Excellent small audience, and I sold about 20 books to them afterwards.' SC 28.1; RFI 46
17 July 1990 Letter Geoffrey D. Brown to P, on BNP Yorkshire Region headed notepaper, confirming that, further to their telephone conversation earlier that day, the BNP would be happy for P to address a special Northern Regional Meeting. "Whilst the bulk of the audience will no doubt be from the BNP, it is expected that there will also be people attending from other groups, such as the Monday Club (Yorkshire Area) and English Solidarity...Many thanks for accepting our invitation." SC 28.2
21 July 1990 Letter P to Geoffrey Brown confirming that P will appear at the 14 September meeting.
14 Sept 1990 Diary: P refers to BNP that day, which he described as being packed "with a good sprinkling of people across the spectrum from skinhead to pinstriped Monday Club." SC 28.2; RFI 46
25 Aug 1993 P's diary: P phones Edmonds (BNP), who wanted him to speak at a BNP meeting in November 1993. SC 28.3
26 Aug 1993 Letter Richard Edmonds (BNP) to P inviting P to attend as guest speaker at a rally in London on 6 November 1993. SC 28.3
26 Oct 1993 P's diary: P spoke to Kirk Lyons about BNP meeting in November 1993; Lyons had arranged meetings for P on 4 and 6 November 1993 (in USA). SC 28.3

Clarendon Club1

Date Document
17 July 80 Letter Rushton (BNP) to P, about meeting on 13 July.
30 July 80 Letter John Ormowe to P about Private Eye article about Clarendon Club meeting. 'In a way it's quite helpful (a) because it's completely confused over the real instigators of the C Club, (b) it mentions none of our associates but for Robin (c) the C Club is effectively defunct and (d) you can, if pressed, quite truthfully state that you never been introduced to any of those mentioned but for RR. I supposed, if pressed, you can always say that you were simply invited to address several dinners of the C Club....'
1 Sep 80 Letter Ormowe: 'It was very good to see you at Friday's reception at David Irving's. I am sure that you will keep anything you learned or heard there to yourself, as we are anxious not to attract unnecessary attention...'
Undated List of Clarendon Club names and address for circulation. Includes Griffin (current head of BNP), Hancock, Souter Clarence and Ormowe.
1989 Clarendon Club Guest - Check List Includes Moffatt, Edmonds, Morse and Lecomber (BNP)
8 Sep 1989 Clarendon Club dinner. Diary: 'My speech on Counter feit history (fake Canaris diary, Anne Frank diary, Hitler diary, Auschwitz). Stupid Tony Hancock vandalized one of the big photos with ballpoint pen....'
1990 P's Clarendon Club speech [and see extracts quoted in the note 'Political Portrait' of P-inserted at the front of K4 - see paragraphs 1.5A-1.5C and 2.L of that note]
19 Oct 91 Fax from P (in Buenos Aires) to Andrew Moffatt, angry that P's private address had been printed on a Clarendon Club leaflet. 'The last two years of this struggle are going to be very turbulent indeed'
15 Nov 91 Clarendon Club meeting at Chelsea Town Hall SC para 22 (and RFI 29)
- Invitation to the meeting identifies Faurisson as the principal speaker. 'The theme of his talk will be 'the Myth of the Gas Chambers'. Leuchter was due to attend (it says), but was banned by the Home Secretary and would address the meeting via a video.
- There is film of part of the meeting. Transcript of part of P's introduction (including that his new edition of Hitler's War did not mention the Holocaust 'If something didn't happen, then you don't even dignify it with a footnote.')
- P diary entry: "I introduced Faurisson, who spoke academically and painstakingly, frightening the audience out of the wits. Then I said 'Boy have we got a treat for you', read out a spoof letter from 'the Home Secretary' and announced that we had Fred Leuchter here, despite the ban. Standing ovation for poor Fred. He too began painstakingly and slowly, with the result that he was only 15 minutes into his speech when disaster struck...'
19 Sep 92 Clarendon Club meeting-at which P and Zündel spoke.
- There is a transcript of the first part of P's speech;
- And of Zündel's speech (see the Zündel documents-file 2) [see extracts quoted in note 'Political Portrait' of P, inserted at front of K4-paras 1.2I, 1.7T, 1.8A-B, 2.D, 2.E, 2.J] SC 23
29 May 93 Clarendon Club meeting at Bow Town Hall-at which P speaks. [see extracts quoted in 'Political Portrait' of P, inserted at front of K4-paras 1.5G, 1.5H1.11H, 2.F, 2.K]
6 Mar 94 Clarendon Club invitation to 'private and exclusive reception' with Doug Christie. Christie had come to London to defend Lady Birdwood in the Old Bailey.


Date Document
12 Feb 1981 Letters DVU/P asking P to speak; P says he cannot (no time); Frey writes personally, saying that he is pleased that there is a new edition of Hitler's War; that they will print a review which will find him "crown witnesses" for his Göring biographies; and that they want to meet him.
3 Apr 1981
13 Jul 1981
18 Dec 1981 Letter Frey to P thanking P for his agreement to speak in Hamburg and Dusseldorf; suggests he speak generally about revisionism; not mentioning the Jews or Hitler. SC para 25.4a
15 Feb 1982 Letter Frey to P thanking him for agreeing to speak for the 10th time at one of their meetings; strongly urging him not to mention Hitler and the Jews at their meetings; suggestion that P should be awarded the European Freedom Prize of the DNZ to P. SC para 25.4a
19 Feb 1982 P agrees to accept the prize as a prize of the German people which he would be proud to accept. Agrees not to mention Hitler and the Jews.
18 Mar 1982 Letter Frey to P: he will be awarded the Freedom Prize; suggests speech topic to P - 'falsifications as a weapon against the German people'; P has agreed to another 10 speeches in June 1982 and will receive DM20,000.
13 Apr 1982 Letter Frey to P: Frey trusts that P as always will not mention the Jews and Hitler; the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Müncher Merkur had given in regarding wrongly reporting that P was a proponent of "(Auschwitz lie) congratulations". SC para 25.4a
23 Jul 1982 Frey to P suggesting air terror as a speech topic; in a hand-written remark (page 2 of the letter): "please don't mention Hitler and Jews": SC para 25.4a
16 Aug 1982 Letter Frey to P. Frey gives P instructions about the content of his speech - suggests as a topic: who bears responsibility for the unatoned holocaust of expulsion (that is, of the 3 million Germans from former German territories in the East after WW2); 'on the attached copy you find the broadcast dates for the repeat of the Hollywood-Holocaust soap [schinken] on the "German" television'; during those days P would therefore speak at different times about the expulsion-holocaust and give the real historical accompanying music to this Horror-Schnulze; Frey asks that P please in all the circumstances leave Hitler and the Jews completely out of the game (aus dem Spiel). SC para 25.4.a.
12 Oct 1982 Letter Frey to P: 'for 4 decades, the mass media has given Germany all the guilt; horror-soaps (Horror-Schinken) like 'Holocaust' give the wrong picture of history; adequate representations of Soviet crimes are missing in the mass media.' As a PS - P has been invited to a television discussion; Frey advises him not to speak long about whether an order of Hitler exists. SC para 25.4a
23 Nov 1982 P statement in connection with a round table discussion after the broadcast of 'Holocaust' on First German TV; 'I do not espouse "the 6 million lie"; nor do I support it academically. On the contrary. In my published works, I myself speak of the ausrottung of 6 million Jews. My conviction is therefore the exact opposite of those persons who spread the "6 million lie".'
8 Dec 1982 Letter Frey to P expressing interest in the 'Schlegelberger memo'.
31 Dec 1982 Letter Frey to P about Rudel's place in military history - asking P to speak for about 30 minutes at a DVU rally.
9 Jan 1983 P's speech at DVU rally (Rudel memorial). See P's material for this talk which includes: ' what should we recall the legacies of Stalingrad? By the traitors like von Seydlitz?' (point 9 of materials) P also talks of the 'forgotten heroes' ['vergessenen Helden'] who fought on the Eastern front, contrasting them to the resistance within the Reich and their "heroic" deeds SC para 25.5
29 Apr 1983 Letter Frey to P: another example of Frey giving directions to P about the content of his speech. SC para 25.4a
10 May 1983 Letter Frey to P: As he knows the DVU and a national newspaper paid almost DM100,000 for his speeches; Frey intended to make large payments to him; however, Frey complains that it is not acceptable for P, as in Fulda, to arrive an hour late. Frey complains about the 'immense costs'; that the collection result/book selling were marginal; that many people left before P arrived and so on.
12 Dec 1983 Letter Frey to P warning him that he will only be paid if he remains to the very end of the meeting ('also keinesfalls die Veranstaltung verlassen').
10 Mar 1984 P speaks at DVU rally on freedom for Rudolf Hess SC para 25.6
June 1984 Schedule of P's lectures (9 in June 1984). [This is an example only of the schedules of P's speeches for the DVU]
13 May 1984 Letter DSZ (Dröse) to P: Frey has instructed him to ask P the following: P surely had the opportunity to do research in the Berlin Document Centre; they were interested whether and if so in which NS organisations certain persons were involved; the list of names was attached; they offered P a fee of DM2000 + DM200 per person if there is something. [The names listed include prominent political and other public figures, including newspaper editors, theologians, historians, and a judge; principally prominent left and/or liberal figures]. SC para 26.1
18 May 1984 Letter P to BDC: P asks to do research in the BDC - claiming that he is researching Göring's war years - and wants to check up on minor officials. SC paras 26.2, 26.5
19 May 1984 Diary: P refers to Frey's request for P to do 'lucrative research in Berlin Document Centre. I doubt I will get access though. I wrote immediately to BDC applying. Access was permitted, but only to those names on my list of people who had since died: ie, none". SC para 26.4
20 Jun 1984 Letter Frey to P (no copy of P's letter to Frey of 17 June) - stating that it was probably not worthwhile going to USA to do research.
26 Jun 1984 Letter Berlin Document Centre to P. SC para 26.5
25 Jul 1984 Letter German Embassy to P (no copy his letter to them): setting out grounds on which law prohibits foreigners from being involved in German politics (including (1) if what they do is not in accordance with international law; (2) not in accordance with the constitution; or (3) if it supports parties whose activities are not in accordance with the same.
4 Aug 1984 P speaks at DVU rally on the martyrdom of Rudolf Hess. SC para 25.7
7 Aug 1984 Letter P to Frey sending him original footage of the 'liberation' of Dachau.
22 Aug 1984 Letter Frey to P asking him to send material that might help (exculpate) Barbie to his (Barbie's) daughter.
4 Oct 1984 Letter P to BDC: P refers to Frey as 'one of the few people on the Right putting his money where his mouth is in the fight against the Far Left. That is why I place my oratory at his disposal.'
30 Nov 1984 and 19 Jan 1985 Letter about the meeting on 19.1.85. P speaks at the grosskundgebung of the DVU - P commemorates Colonel Dahl, who was awarded the European Freedom Prize by DNZ.
Jan 1985 P gives an interview to the school magazine, Stuka - telling them not to believe their teachers
2 Apr 1985 Letter Frey to P (two versions of same letter)
2 Jun 1985 DVU awards Hans Ulrich Rudel prize to P. [Documents here include P's notes about Rudel; the agenda for the meeting (the DVU hired the Barbarossa room at the Maritim Hotel, Würzburg, under which Dahl was to make an address, then the finance report of the party for 1984, then a speech by Frey (on unity for Germany and freedom for Europe); then, after a pause, P is awarded the Rudel prize and speaks on the secrets of the air war 1939-45; also press cuttings disclosed by P relating to the demonstration);]
10 Aug 1985 P speaks at mass party rally for DVU (Grosskundgebung) - at which Dahl also speaks.
24 Oct 1985 Letter Frey to P. SC para 25.4a (on Frey's directions to P)
8 Nov 1985 List of P's speeches at 8 DVU meetings in November 1985 [included by way of example].
18 Nov 1985 P's notes for a talk on reunification - 'Is there a way?'
19 Jan 1986 P speaks at DVU rally (Colonel Dahl) SC para 25.8
9 Aug 1986 P speaks at DVU rally in Passau. Diary: 'Frey's speech is the best I have heard from him. He will have to use a bigger hall next time. I was given a standing ovation at the end - my first. ... Altogether rather pleased with myself.'
19 Dec 1986 Letter P to Frey: refers to P's intention to go to South Africa - to speak about South Africa to 'fight back' ['Schlägt zurück!']
Aug 1987 P's speech at annual DVU rally in Passau (on Hess) SC para 25.9
31 Aug 1987 Letter Frey writes congratulating him on his speech.
27 Jun 1989 Letter BDC to P SC para 26.6
5 Jul 1989 Diary: P refers to writing to Berlin Document Centre, 'apologising for my 1984 lapse ... I don't think it will work'.
9 Oct 1989 Letter Frey sends P questions about revisionism - and ask how he sees his new task as a historian in this time (P's responses were subsequently published in the DNZ).
9 Mar 1990 Order banning P from speaking at Passau based on views P had expressed (not at DVU meetings) to the effect that the American Jews were responsible for the war against Germany; there was no systematic extermination of the Jews in the Third Reich - or in concentration camps (especially, that the extermination of Jews in Auschwitz was a lie); that Hitler held his hand over the Jews etc.
10 Mar 1990 Diary: P appears at Passau - he goes on stage 'to vigorous applause", but is handed an order banning him from speaking. 'Schweinerei'
15 Oct 1990 Letter Frey to P emphasising that he was not responsible for the Passau ban, which was not caused by P's appearance for the DVU, but for other appearances. Frey reiterates - P should not speak at all at their meetings about Hitler and the Jews (we have repeated our agreement so often that I will leave you with this short hint that this applies to future meetings as well). SC para 25.4b
20 Dec 1990 Letter Frey to P stating that the DVU will pay P only on the precondition that P is present in the room at the opening of the meeting, whether he is allowed to speak or not.
30 Jan 1991 Letter P to Frey.
30 Jan 1991 Letter Frey to P. Frey emphasises that P must follow the political line (outside he has not - hence the ban) SC para 25.4b
16 Feb 1991 P addresses a DVU rally in Passau. SC para 25.10 Diary: P refers to 'his finest political speech so far'. He described the meeting: 'At 4pm I spoke: the audience came alive, began cheering, roaring with laughter, chanting my name (first time) "Irving, Ir-ving"
20 Mar 1991 Letter P to Frey asking if Frey knew that the Auschwitz authorities had tested the 'gas chambers', with the same negative results as Leuchter. 'I give the well known legend two more years' ['Ich gebe der bekannten Legende noch zwei Jahre Zeit...']
22 Mar 1991 Fax DSZ to P attaching a leaflet (not copied) in which Althans says P participated in the demonstration at the Feldherrnhalle.
3 Oct 1991 Letter P (from Canada) to Frey congratulating him on the success of the DVU in the Bremen election.
21 Nov 1991 Letter P to von Sprenger - claiming that P 'always spoke as an historian, never as a politician'.
6 Dec 1991 P spoke at the first Grosskundgebung of the DVU in Passau. SC para 25.11
26 Dec 1991 Letter P to DVU (Wetzel): provisionally agreeing to speak at Passau on 14.3.92; and telling him that P is going to South Africa on 24.1.92 'in order to continue the fight' ['wo ich den Kampffortsetzen werde']
4 Mar 1992 P speaks at DVU meeting. SC para 25.2
22 Dec 1993 Letter P to Frey, congratulating him on his success with his Russian friend.


Date Document
22 Sep 1982 Letter P to Deckert replying to a letter of 3 August. P agrees in principle to two meeting in Germany. Concerning a repeat of the television series 'Holocaust', P suggests he could talk on his opinions on the Holocaust,'in short it did happen; more than one million died, with certainty; but on whose orders?' [see also P's contact with DVU about this].
30 Apr 1984 Letter Ulrich Harder to P, suggesting that he give a speech about Hess that P was giving as part of his series of speeches for Frey at Hamburgy.
1 Feb 1990 Robert Fronauer to Althans, concerning speech by P. 'Because it is supposed to be a closed meeting we have decided not to invite people in the name of the NPD. We belive that this way we can better attract national thinking people in our area to come.' Asks Althans if Phillip's scripts Wahrheit macht frei and The Zündel Appeal Trial 1989 can be distributed 'without worries'.
28 Feb 1990 Diary: Harder phoned to organise immediate Hamburg meeting.
8 Mar 1990 Diary: P record the Hamburg meeting, organised by Harder, as 'excellent'.
16 Apr 1990 Diary: Deckert is named as the organiser of a meeting on 2 September at Weinheim.
28 Apr 1990 Letter Deckert to P, confirming P's speech on 2 September in Weinheim. Requests that P offer them 2 or 3 topics.
1 Jul 1990 Letter Deckert to P (note typeface used). Deckert requests a copy of the Leuchter Report. 'We, including Karl Philipp, want to publish it in German. I have the rights from E. Zündel for the German area.' Deckert asks P how much he would charge for an updated German translation of his foreword.
14 Jul 1990 Letter P to Deckert, enclosing copy of the Leuchter Report. P requests DM 1,000 for an introduction and informs Deckert that a German version can be delivered by Philipp, who has already published one in CODE. P has no objections to other publications being on offer, as long as they do not include 'any crazy title' like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
8 Aug 1990 Diary: P phones Deckert about the start time for the meeting.
19 Aug 1990 Letter Deckert to P, enclosing copy of invitation. Deckert will publicise the event in the media and will specificilly invite 150 history teachers in the area.
2 Sep 1990 Diary: records meeting at Weinheim and record speaking fee of DM 2,000.
30 Mar 1991 Letter Renate Werlberger (NPD) to P, concerning a speech on 12 May. Werlberger suggests 'Germany's future in the shadow of political extortion', and encloses party manifesto points for P's information. 'We have only the request that you avoid mention of the word "Auschwitz", in your own interest and in the interests of the party which is bound by the present conditions.'
Undated Flyer for NPD meeting on 12 May. '"Germany's future in the shadow of political extortion?" The famous contemporary historian, will for the first time give his opinion if the Germans and their European neighbours can still afford to tolerate "contemporary history" as a political instrument of extortion.'
12 May 1991 P speaks to NPD in Munich. Referring to legends that he may not mention, P proclaims, 'In three, four years at the least these legends will no longer hold water. The legend will be over and then the tables will be turned, then the whole [drowned out in applause]' [Audiocassette 158, 'David Irving speaks to NPD audience in Munich', 12 May 1991].
17 May 1991 Letter Werlberger to P, thanking him for 'your excellent speech...which was great enrichment for us all.'
11 July 1991 Letter Harder to P, apologising that he is unable to organise speeches for P at such short notice.'I'm sorry that I can't give you any better news. You know that I have always made a great effort for you because I think you are simply fantastic and indispensible to Germany. And I certainly also have some contacts. Nevertheless not sufficient in central Germany, [as] we from the NPD are still in the process of initially building them up and this will still take a little time.'
3 Sep 1991 Letter Harder to P, refering to a letter from P of 28 August. 'I don't put much weight on compliments, but when they come from you, it has it's value.' Suggest possible meetings to P. 'You're speech in July in Hamburg is still being discussed here. It was magnificent and you are really are an outstanding contemporary.'
7 Nov 1991 Diary: P speaks in Hamburg accompanied by a row over whether Danish and British film crews would be allowed to film. 'I delivered an excellent, fiery speech to wild applause'. [P goes to stay with the Worchs]
9 Nov 1991 Letter Harder to P. 'I know that you don't think much of law..., but I think it better for your future appearances in Germany if one tries to one tries to reverse such rulings. [...] / A word about Harburg - you will understand my behaviour a little better after Lentförden. Naturally I have known you long enough to know that you would bring the television with you to the meeting you to the meeting place in Harburg in th end. Otherwise you would not be David Irving. It was clear beforehand, that the owner, even if with great reservation, would allow the television into the pub [...] / On the other hand the meeting with you was a closed meeting. Let's imagine there had been somebody in the hall, or had arrived, from the authorities. Then he would have been able, with the appropriate order in his pocket, to immediately dissolve the meeting if the television had been in the hall from the start or it had been recognisable that they would have come in. In judicial German it would have then 'been produced for the public' and a closed, private meeting would have become a public one and that one would have certainly banned. Therefore also the evasion in the last ten minutes. / To explain all of this to you would have been too long-winded in Harburg. This is why I acted as I did and did not let the television into the anteroom. / [...] You are an indescribable positive factor for our country! which we seek to serve in our way. Enough compliments?'
9 Nov 1991 Power of attorney (German equivalent), given by P to Harder to deal with the legal proceedings brought against.
22 Dec 1991 P to Harder, confirming an 8 May 1992 meeting.
1 Jan 1992 Open letter from P, sent to list of people, including Deckert, Welberger, and Harder, planning for the coming year and offering his services.
29 Mar 1992 Letter Harder to P, discussing details for a meeting in May. On his legal representation of P: 'You will hopefully have seen [in the action] I have not argued with the cause but legally. At the moment one does not get anywhere with the CAUSE itself, only with false application of the law. But I don't mean a "secondary theatre of war", as you say, rather flak cover for the main thrust. Without resistence the authorities could become over confident. That would damage you as regards the freedom of movement in Germany.'
19 May 1992 Dairy: messages from Harder to P. 'I ask him not to state the location over the phone.'
21 May 1992 Letter P to Werlberger, complaining that his last journey to Germany had been a complete disaster-It is becoming ever worse in the new German Democratic Republic. What can we do and when?'
5 Jun 1992 Diary: P arranges to meet Harder (who fails to turn up), and then travels on to NPD meeting in Hamburg.
12 Jul 1992 Letter P to Werlberger giving dates for his tour of Germany and suggesting they undertake something before or afterwards.
22 Jul 1992 Werlberger to P, informing him that his letter has been passed on to the party executive where it will be discussed.
Undated Flyer for NPD meeting on 11 September advertising that P will speak on 'What is really in the Goebbels Diaries'.
13 Jun 1993 Letter Harder to P, refering to their phone call. P's next event will be 27 June in Hamburg. Harder suggests it would be better for P not to fly, but to cross the border by car 'because of the more dense controls at airports'.
26 Jun 1993 Diary: P speaks in Hamburg. 'Good speech on the problems and vicissitudes of the last twelve months: no police presence (I hope) so I spoke freely.' [see also 27 June 1993].
3 Jul 1993 Diary: P is handed a partial speaking ban at meeting in Mainburg.
30 Dec 1993 Letter P to his solicitor Dr Schütz, outlining means to circumvent hi entry ban to Germany. P has two ideas: either concerning a working relationship with a north German small publisher, or 'what if I stand for a seat in the European Parliament, perhaps as a NPD candidate? Would one administer a residency ban?'
Sep 1994 P's Action Report reports on the Deckert case.
May 1995 P's Action Record reports on Deckert's arrest in Dresden.
June 1995 P's Action Report - "Corrupt German court jails Deckert."
13 April 1997 Letter P to Daily Telegraph, describing Deckert as 'my friend'.

Ewald Bela Althans -DJBW and AVÖ1

Date Document
4 Mar 1989 Diary: P records meeting Althans for the first time in Toronto I with Zündel:'One of Schonhuber's lieutenants there, Ewald --asked if I would speakfor Sch[onhuber]: jawohl.'
8 Sep 1989 Diary:'Ewald Althans came with friend to discuss Berlin demo plannedfor October 3. Seems a bit of a Nazi, but helpful.'
15 Sep
Althans circular inviting guests to an evening dinner with P on 3 November in Münich.
1 Oct 1989 Diary: P records Althans's help in arranging the Berlin demonstration against the 'Sender Freies Berlin' on 2 October.'Ewald Althans arrived in the evening ...followed soon by Karl Philipp. He is full of Tuesday's planned demonstration against SFB, and I have my work cut out throttling him back. Otherwise he 's likely to 'optimisticate' me into an early grave.'
2 Nov 1989 Letter Althans to P, welcoming him to Munich. Diary:' Ewald Althans and male companion arrived to discuss arrangements for tomorrow. He has 86 guests.'
2-11 Nov
Diary: P records Althans' help in organising Ausnian tour, a tour accompanied by Althans and Philipp.SC para 39 (RFI 49)
3 Nov 1989 Diary:P records speaking at dinner organised by the DBJW: 'Grand dinner of 86 people, organised by Ewald A Ithans ...,
SC para 39 (RFI 49)
6 Nov 1989 Diary: P records (in Vienna): Leisurely breakfast with Ewald. He is a very useful young man. 23, but looks older and tougher. Spent ten days in jail for technical offence (insulting Weizsücker).'
7 Nov 1989 Diary: P describes how Althans delivers a speech for him, after P is banned fro speaking.'I appeared amongst them with asticking plaster covering my mouth, and a notice stuck to myback reading: " Sorry, can't speak -but can sign books! "Ewald delivered my lecture, from memory, using notes I had rapidly prepared for him. He is a fine speaker, and when heirelied on his own material rather than mine he was very good.'
11 Nov 1989 Diary: P records driving to Stapbourg with Althans and 'his skinhead friend ---' to attend Christophersen's meeting in Hagenau [12 November].
18 Nov 1989 Diary: Whilst in Spain speaking for Pedro Varela, P records Althans' arrival; ' fu11 of plans for a new tour by me of Germany, France and Spain in late February. Althans makes a good impression, businesslike and ambitious, keen, and organised. He has learned a lot already.'
18 Dec 1989 Letter Bemd Drose [DVU] to P, warning him about' a man called Ewald Althans ...who is trying, so we are told to ingratiate himself with publicists connected to us and other personalities' and advises 'caution' in his dealings with him.
31 Dec 1989 Letter P to Althans, informing him of the information contained in Drose' s letter. P asks Althans for written conflmlation of the forthcoming meetings.
Undated Blank contract between Althans and the AVO and third parties to engage P as a speaker.
1 Jan 1990 Letter Worch to Zündel, stating that he had met Althans who was ' organising a speaking tour for Irving'.Worch requests that his planned meeting in Hamburg take place under Zündel's name because of 'the purely psychological reason, that Ewald Althans unfortunately only enjoys a limited trust in the circles ofmy comrades.'
4 Jan 1990 Letter P to Sally Cox [his assistant], enclosing list of speaking dates, 13 February to 11 Mar. P received list from 'Toronto' (i.e. Zündel] whose name he cuts off from the list 'for various reasons'.
5 Jan 1990 Letter Zündel to P, stating that Althans is off to the former East Germany to try and find a 'university forum' for P. 'This is new ground we are breaking there, so it will be a real test of Ewald's skills!'
7 Jan 1990 Letter Althans to P, informing him on progress organising the tour.'Please cancel the date with Mr Frey in Passau, and please send me a copy of the letter, and also a copy (when possible) of Frey's warning to you about me.'Informs P of 12 arranged meetings. 'Please consider 'Althans-AVÖ , was your contractual partner.'
18 Jan 1990 Contract between the Dresden Palace of Culture and Althans's DBJW for P's meeting of 13 Feb 1990.
3 Feb 1990 Diary: P records a telephone conversation with Zündel,'Iexpressed annoyance that Althans has made no attempt to contact me in 2 ½ months. That is very unprofessional.'
13 1990
Diary: P's speech at Dresden.'It emerged that Zündel, who is now out of jail, has paid ?wald an honorarium to arrange this tour, which he has done very well in Dresden.'[See also K3/tab 6, p493:when Weber introduced p at the 10th IHR conference, he quotes P's closing remarks from this Dresden speech:'Ladies and gentlemen, survivors and descendants of the holocaust of Dresden, the holocaust of Germans in Dresden really happened That of the Jews in the gas chambers of Auschwitz is an invention. I am ashamed to be an Englishman']
(Feb 1990)
Althans circular, informing partners about P's forthcoming tour. In the discussion in Dresden, p had 'clearly identified himself with revisionism' and asking fellow organisers to show flexibility as 'long experience in the GFR and the Austria tour in autumn last year have taught us to be more careful.'
18 Feb
P's diary: Althans visits p in the evening; Althans wants P to call a press conference in Nuremberg:'I am suspicious of the press conf[erence],it sounds as though he wants me to disavow Frey. I don't see the point of that'; and Althans wants P to appear 'at Hess anniversary in August' [that is,Wundsiedel].
3 Mar 1990 P's diary: in the evening, at Althans' request, p attends the National List function in Hamburg [see Worch section]; P '...made a rousing speech, which was well received '
SC para 42
4 Mar 1990 Flyer for P's meeting in Porta Westfalcia signed by Udo Walendy. The flyer states that the audience would also meet 'the handful of our young people' who had organised P's meeting in Dresden.
SC para 43
[see also P's diary for 4.3.90 and the Worch section.]
9 Mar 1990 Diary: P records speaking at an AVÖ meeting at Moers.'Althans arrived said Antwerp is off How wet! And 8 infuriating. [...] So I decided to go to Passau tomorrow after all 'Althans informs p of' his highly visual plans for the April 21 function in Munich.
In his speech p said' We will assert our views, but only with the help of the German people and the German population. Obviously you can support it by sending letters to, to the press, by using rumours and verbal propaganda,to repeat what I have told you this evening. ' P also admitted that what he said was illegal.'We are in constant danger of being arrested...because what we are saying borders on, it is, extremely dangerous. For what we are saying is... [interrupted by commotion in the hall].' Later in the talk p asks-someone who had entered the room why he had come in. After a long pause, during which the new arrival is escorted out, P explains: 'It's quite clear. What I'm telling you tonight is fairly explosive, very dangerous, I don't want to end up in prison just because some unauthorised person comes in here and acts as if he is just an interested observer.'
SC para 44
11 Mar
Diary: p records that' Althans was not pleased that I had gone to Passau, though he agrees his April 21 meeting will now [have] been enhanced by the result of the ban. (I hope I don't get banned there.) He arranges a last minute deal with me, whereby he will pay me DM 5000 for right to publish a synopsis of this most recent Vortrag [presentation]. They'll print 10, 000. He is an ambitious man, and I like that.'
SC para 45
11 Mar
Handwritten list of monies paid to P for the Feb/March tour, signed by Althans.
30 Mar
Diary: P records that Althans phones 'with details of Karl Hoffkes' offer', namely money offered for a brochure 'Truth Frees-Diary of a Speaking Tour','text of Moers speech', Dresden speech and video royalties.
10 Apr
Diary: P records a flight to Bochum to record his banned Passau speech with Althans. ' We met there Althans' benefactor and great white hope, publisher Karl Höffkes... During the day we set up a long term marketing program for my brochures, speeches, videos and audio tapes.'
SC para 46
20 Apr
P attends the revisionist conference in Munich, 'Wahrheit-macht Frei' [20-22 April] P's diary:'...went down to the dinner Althans 'organised'. It ended with a Trinkspruch [toast], spoken by him, to a certain statesman [i.e. Hitler] whose 101st birthday falls today. All
rose, toasted; I had no glass, as I don't drink. ' The dinner was attended by, amongst others, Wilhelm Staglich, Karl Philipp,Ingrid Weckert, Anthony Hancock, and Daniel Knecht.
SC para 31.1
21 Apr
Diary: P records his appearance at 'Wahrheit macht Frei' conference.' Allhans stationed on the stage (a) a large banner, proclaiming that I was fighting for the Honour of the Germany; very helpful; (b) a large man, standing at ease with a Reichskriegsjlagge next to the podium; ditto; (c) twenty-six young folk carrying placards on poles, seated on the rim of the stage -the placards were worded WAHRHE1T MAcm FREI[Truth Frees] on the obverse; okay. I spoke after Allhans and Karl Philipp, who is a surprisingly good orator, though a bitexplosive. My first speech was rambling and disorganized, but went down well; after an interval I spoke again, on the topic Was Nun, wie geht's weiter, [What now, where does it go from here ], and ended with a thrice spoken, 'Wir machen es nicht ; mehr mit!'['We will no longer stand for it!'] Standing ovation, which I had not really deserved. [ ...] I was followed by a forceful, flowing, beautifully modulated speech by an Austrian, Herr Bachmann, who called upon them to stand on their feet, then make for the streets.'During the demonstration after the meeting, P is arrested. After his release, he 'dictated a statement stressing the "spontaneous " nature ofthe assembly.'
24 Apr
Letter P to Althans, congratulating him for the success of 'Wahrheit macht Frei'.'My only criticism: the skinheads and the flags -that only serves our cause up to our opponents on a plate.'
24 Apr
Diary: P records that Althans is raided by the police, 'pulling it [Althans's home] apart, loading everything away.'
26 Apr
Diary: P records that Wetzel of the DVU phones 'alarmed by the press reports, they couldn't imagine that I have marched on the Feldherrnhalle. I said, greatly exaggerated. He asked if Allhans was on the square (inappropriate metaphor).I said so far as I could see. But he's a hothead, needs curbing.'
18 May
Zündel's Power publishes picture of P at the head of a group on the demonstration towards the Feldherrnhalle on 21 April 1990.
9 Jun 1990 Diary: P records in meeting Althans. Althans details a robbery suffered by Zündel to P.'There is a suspicion that The Enemy had an insider who effected the job. This is all Allhans knows. He was pretty shaken by it, as he had banked on getting some of those funds to set up a safe house for Z[ündel] in Germany ...'
27 Aug 1990 Diary:P records meeting Althans and 'planningfor the future'.
9 Sep 1990 Diary: P records that he meets with Hoffkes and Althans at a recording studio where Althans interviews him for cassettes that are to be marketed.
18 Mar 1991 Dairy; P records that 'Frey faxed me re Althans' clumsy PR workfor 'Kongress','
8 Mar 1991 Official notes of discussions between Althans, Stephan Niemann, and Reinhard Rade and the Munich authorities about hiring the German Museum for the conference of 23 Mar. The notes record that the aim of the congress is to' make the area 'Revisionism' known, to connect extreme and moderate revisionists...' The notes further state that' Following a talk with Mr Althans, Mr Kuhnen will not take part, because" Revisionism " is intended to make a breakthrough to seriousness.
22 Mar
Fax Wetzel (DVU) to P, enclosing a press release by Althans claiming that p had taken part in the' spontaneous -demonstration' after the 'Wahrheit macht Frei' congress in April 1990.
23 Mar
Diary: p records his brief speaking appearance at Munich at the banned revisionist congress, complaining that' Althans does not care if we get arrested'.
SC para 48
23 Mar
Filmed record of the protest on 23 March 1991: Althans announces that David Irving, Mark Weber, Ahrned Rami, Wilhelm Staglich, Fred Leuchter, Dietlieb Felderer, Ernst-Otto Remer, and Mrs. Rost von Tonningen were to have spoken; the speakers at the improvised protest meeting included Irving, Althans, Rost von Tonningen, Ahmed Rami, Henri Roques, Wilhelm Staglich, Dietlieb Felderer, Christian Worch, Raimund Bachmann, and Pedro Varela who conveyed the greetings of Leon DeGrelle. [Videocassette 201, 'Der Leuchter-Kongress -Teil 2,'].
SC para 48
24 Mar
Diary: P records attending a press conference organised by Althans-'(no press)'.
25 Mar
Diary: P records attending a press conference in Stuttgart organised 'by Althans (who is missing!) and Leuchter, who read out his Report endlessly. Further shambles.'
26 Mar 1991 Diary: P records receiving a fax from the D VU: 'Althans told press I was at 21.4.1990 march!(untrue).'
26 Mar 1991 Letter P to Althans, complaining about the press release that had' damaged me greatly'.
8 June 1991 Diary: P records attending a book signing to open the A v6's book shop in the Herzog Heinrich Strasse in Munich. ' It is an impressive effort by Althans (though Susie [Topler -P's assistant] told me later that Reinhard Rade [Topler's fiance] has .financed it and is the title holder ...). About 150 to 200 people came during the time I was there, including familiar faces.'
11 June 1991 Diary: P records that Althans (whom he meets for a snack) 'suggests I come to Munich two days June 28 for confrontation with Karl Philipp and Faurisson at Nuremberg. What the -?'
1 July 1991 Letter Althans to P, lamenting 'the total catastrophe' as the planned July/ August tour has to be cancelled because of judicial, financial and political problems. ' Thus for example K[arl] P[hilipp] has managed to incite Gen[eral] Remer and presumably G[erd] Honsik against me. They in turn have managed to stir things up more with their naive innocence andtheir good reputation (you know how much I value Remer and Honsik).'
Further:'Perhaps one would have got somewhere if we had been at the meeting. There were a lot of people there upon whose supportive assistance I could have hoped. But Karl Philipp. who knew that you were coming because I was stupid enough to register you as a guest as required. lied to you that In wanted to use you to break up the event. You believed him and cancelled with me.So Philipp could tell people Althans is a liar, even David Irving doesn't like him and therefore doesn't come to the conference. And, as expected, I alone received no invitation.'
3 July 1991 Letter p to Zündel, complaining of Althans's 'unprofessional' actions. Thanks Zündel for the circular of his forthcoming tour and warns' Incidentally go easy on the shinkicks against the Jews-were taking'trouble enough as it is from them.'
3 July 1991 Diaty: P" records that he 'sent something to Zündel about the disaster. Can something be salvaged. Similar faxes to HojJkesand Karl Philipp.'
4 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, outlining alternatives. ' Even though you are sore at Althans. my suggestion would be to have another Buchverkauf [booksale] at the store with you signing books. If need be I would come over as an additional drawing card, to get people out! Better to make afew thousand marks this week than to gamble on cancelled meetings! They cannot cancel the store, since I pay the rent!'
10 July
Letter P to Althans, saying that he will be in Munich on 23 July and in the evening could 'undertake a small casual event ar yours in the shop -talk, discussions, sign books etc. -if it suIts you.
12 July
Letter p to Althans, agreeing to Althans's suggestion he appear for Michael Swierczek in Augsburg and that they meet in the bookshop."'
19 July
Diary: p records that Althans had phoned to offer that P stay in his "'shop "'
P tours in Germany
12 Sep
Circular Zündel to P;,Massive police raids are in progression in Munich against my office there! [ ...] Althans my Munich Office Manager is being detained. ...,
1 Jan 1992 Letter P to, amongst others, Althans, offering his services and outlining his availability in the forthcoming year. 1 Mar 1992 Letter P to Althans, informing him of his arrival in Munich on 81 13 March and his wish to pick up books from the AVO bookshop.
1 Mar 1992 Letter P to Althans, informing him of his arrival in Munich on 13 March and his wish to pick up books from the AVÖ bookshop.
16 Apr
Letter P to Althans agreeing to a provisional itinerary for P in May.
19 Apr
Diary: P records that Althans phones regarding details of P's May tour.'Could 1 also in principle manage a mid-week function outside Germany? 1 said yes, provided it was legal.
28 Apr
Letter Althans to P, confirming that a hall has been booked and enclosing a press release announcing P's pressconference on 4 May preceding his court case. for utterances made during 'Wahrheit machtFrei'.
4 May 1992 Diary: P describes cancelled press contedence
5 May 1992 Diary: P describes his court appearance in Munich. ' any of Althans' friends were in court, I recognised quite a few. I wish he had not done that, I specifically asked him and the others not to put on a display of force.'
12 May
Diary:P records;'then to AVÖ and after supper (meeting with Althans) spoke onto tape the trial Schlusswort [closing speech ], which we shall now market as a propaganda tool.' [P tapes the second half on 14 May 1992]
15 May
Diary: P records receiving a ban for the following day at Sindelfingen.'Since they cite 'Auschwitz as the motive, it is plain that the unauthorized National Offensive leaflet issued from Münich' (I.e. by Althans!),which already muddled up the starting to blame. The leaflet gave no topic.I am furious. [...]I remain stoical, however, and hope another location can be found. Sauer (NO) states 'Herrenberg', and by fax (for security) he informed us [of] the location.
17 May
Diary: P records a meeting in Schliersee.'Athans seemed to think himself vindicated, but the fact remains he let me down badly for the nth time, and I shall not depend on him again.
21 May
Letter p to Renate Werlberger [NPD], saying that he has 'Mr Althans, better said the N[ational] O[ffensive] to thank' for the five banned meetings.
21 May
Letter Zündel to P, informing him that Althans is in Toronto and that together they are working on a box design for cassettes of the Munich court case.
22 May
Letter P to Zündel:'I don't believe I will speak for the Nat[ional] List. Nat[ional] Offensive or AVÖ again.'
13 June
Diary: P records an abortive trip from Munich to Rome and his deportation back to Munich. '...back downtown, phoned Althans. He is delighted to hear my voice, has arranged a big meeting for Ernst Zündel to address this evening Would I come and speak too? I: 'Provided you take three boxes of my books along to sell. ' All's well that ends well.'
12 Sep
Diary: P records driving to Antwerp with Althans and Pedro Varela. ' Althans had just come back yesterday morning from Croatia. What a gang.'
13 Jan 1993 Diary: P appears at Munich court accompanied by Althans.
14 Jan 1993 Diary: P records plans for a talk in Austria. ' ...Althans came...and we recorded my speech for this evening in case I am 'verhindert' [prevented]
SC 52
3 July 1993 Diary: P records that phoned Althans: ' He will arrange Monday evening speech for me to about 80 people. That would be good.'
5 July 1993 Diary:P records the meeting in Munich as the' usual Althans cockup'.
31 July
Letter P to Althans, wishing him 'wellfor the [Rudolj] Hess Mar.''You blame me for the failure in Munich. Not my opinion!' p writes that from the enclosed pages he sees that Althans intends to distribute his books as a prize. ' I have nothing against it, but would like to know before hand how and when I will be remunerated. ...'P informs Althans he .will be in Germany in October.
23 Sep
Letter Althans to P, congratulating him on his victory in Australia, and informing him that Wiesel has taken over the AVO bookshop. As soon as he and Wiesel have overturned the current ban on them trading they will remunerate p monthly. Althans regrets he will not be in Germany in October but expresses a wish to clear up 'recent difficulties'.
6 Oct 1993 Letter Zündel to P, advising him to pick up his books from the AVO book shop because of Althans's 'completely cavalier attitude towards these things' and 'that place you have then attracts problems like a lightening rod attracts lightening bolts in a storm!'
7 Oct 1993 Letter P to Zündel.'On Althans: confidentially, one of his lieutenants was here this weekend. is taking charge of my book stocks. though he says Althans helped himself to stacks of them. A[lthans] also has strange habits with funds donated to the organisation. says my source. I have suggested that they hold a Generalmitgliederversammlung [general members , meeting) and decide what to do with A[lthans), who is damaging the Bewegung [ movement) by his antics and his close contacts to the media.'
21 Nov
Letter P to Stephan Wiesel, expressing the hope that Wiesel has picked up his books in time.'In the coming weeks I will produce a video presentation for Germany with the title 'I'LL BE BACK'. You could make good money out of it. I'll send you the advertising for it in the next few days. The film" will be supplied from England to avoid problems with our traditional enemies.'
30 Dec
Letter P to Wiesel explaining that I expect to be active in the country again in spring at the latest.'
29 Jan 1994 Letter P to Althans, complaining about his stock of books. 'I hear that you have finished with the whole thing. That is certainly good. ...'
31 Jan 1994 Diary: P records '...lengthy conversation with Karl Philipp. [...] Discussions about Althans. He says that to his knowledge [Stephan] Wiesel and Althans were in Belgium last week trying to persuade Verbeke to do their printing for them (in vain). I mentioned the Mathias (?) Schmidt, Spiegel tv cameraman who had volunteered information to the police about my speech in Lowenbrau meeting; Philipps [Sic.] says Schmidt turns out to be Jewish -Althans has introduced him Ias a 'safe cameraman' to all of his pals. Althans needs exposing: perhaps a job for A[ ction] R[eport]. He is a habitue of the Munich gaybar P.21...'
1 Feb 1994 Letter P to Susie Topler asking her to pick up his books.'It Iturns out that he [Wiesel] has not separated himself from Althans. Both of them were in England together a few days ago...'
7 Feb 1994 Letter Althans to P.'I don't know what you are trying to imply [by saying] that I have finished with it. If you mean the political, then you are very wrong. At the moment I am preaching to millions of Germans, through a cinema film made about me, that the gas chambers in Auschwitz are fakes. To my sorrow anyway, you appear to research very badly at the i moment! Thus you are also spreading the rumour of, homosexuality in connection with the lie that I have AIDS. What is this rubbish? You are making a fool of yourself I forbid such stupidity, also from you. I have a lot of respect for you. 1 also have sympathy for your ways, even when on the one hand you are difficult and on the other I am sorry that you move on political thin ice. like the demonstration in Halle or the planned tour with Wiesel that had to go bad.You exhausted every speaking possibility to do with Auschwitz through my organisation. Now you need someone in Germany who enables 1rving to appear even in absence. And you know that can only be someone like me. I consider it of central importance that the backbiting stops. We have to defend ourselves together.
Sep 1994 P report on judicial sanctions against Wiesel an the AVO bookshop in"-Munich in his ActioReport[September;1994].
2 Sep 1994 Diary P records a conversation with Zündel in California. Lunch with the gang-heated remarks by me to Zündel about Althans and the damage he has done (a) to me and (b) the-cause. Zündel stuck by Althans (who's coming tomorrow: who's paying for that?); I'll say one thing for Z[ündel] he sticks by his friends.'
5 Sep 1994 Diary: P describes leaving the table when Althans arrives, 'another homosexual exhibitionist, and the source of much of my international misfortune. (Apr 21, 1990!).'
15 Nov
Diary: P records a telephone conversation with Zündel.'...he says Althans put up a good defence on the first day of his trial...delivering a powerful speech in his own defence...on Tuesday he was according to reports from Woysch [Sic J-arrested on instructions of the Berlin public prosecutor and taken to Berlin where he is being face charges connected with the film Beruf Neo-Nazi. Maybe my doubts against Althans were misplaced after all.'
9 July 1995 Letter P to Müller [German Press Agency], enclosing a draft article on Althans written for his Action Report in February 1995.'I repeatedly warned my colleagues worldwide that by.'his methods he was only damaging our cause, revisionism, and all of us wondered whether he was doing it on purpose. ' In the draft P describes Althans as a' self-proclaimed leader of Germany's extremist youth, femme fatal of the European right wing'.P relates details of Althans's youth, including that he had taken part in Action Signs of Sacrifice,'Germany's oleaginous if belated attempt to buy Jewish sympathy by sacrificing her innocent youngsters for communal work in Israel and elsewhere.'

Karl Philipp and General Emst-Otto Remer

Date Document
26 June 1989 Philipp's 'Press Service' reports on P's launch of the Leuchter Report in London,giving P's address to obtain copies.
15 July 1989 Diary: P records meeting 'business consultant' Philipp in Munich,'a rather rightwing friend of Tony Hancock. (Something makes me suspect he may be a stool pigeon however). He is willing to arrange an Austrian speaking tour for me in November.'
July 1989 P's launch of the Leuchter Report is reported in the Austrian neo Nazi newspaper Sieg. Text is identical to Philipp'sc'-Press Service' of 26.6.89, and under his name.
22 July 1989 Diary: P records travelling to Vlotho ' ..for meeting with various rightwing gentlemen, in particular to Karl Philipp about November 24 speaking tour of Austria.'Amongst those present P records 'Major Ernst Otto Remer, hero of July 20,1944 in Berlin'.
2 August Diary: P records the details of a telephone conversation with Ernst 1989 Zündel.'Discusses Karl Philipp expedition idea [to Auschwitz]. I am warming to it: we could invite leading German historians (who will refuse), or their PhD students as representatives of a new, more opened generation! Lots of mischief there. However Sally is rightly concerned that these loonies are trying to haul me over into their corner, which orthodox publishers will not like at all.'
9 Aug 1989 Letter P to Philipp agreeing to dates suggested by Philipp for November.
2 Oct 1989 Diary: P records preparations for a demonstration in Berlin in front of the SFB. 'Checked tomorrow's press conference room with Philipp. At 7 p.m. addressed a briefing session for the helpers for tomorrow's demonstrations. Twenty-thity people, some quite rough.'
3 Oct 1989 Diary: P records that he drives to the Reichstag with Philipp and films an introduction to a film on Auschwitz, for which Philipp pays him DM 5,000.
4 Nov 1989 Diary: P records that Philipp joins him on the start of his Austrian speaking tour.
Dec 1989 Karl Philipp publishes his account of the P's Berlin demonstration and press conference in CODE, 'David Irving-Wahrheit macht frei', [CODE, December 1989, pp. 51-54].
6 Dec 1989 Diary: P records a telephone call with Philipp. 'Said I'd like to organise speaking tour of E and W Germany, motto: boycott British,French, US goods, until they keep their fingers out of Germany's future.
23 Jan 1990 Diary: P records the contents of a phone call with Zündel, who said 'that Franke-Grieksch's home was raided by German police a couple of days ago. CODE magazine was seized because of Karl Philipp's article on Auschwitz,etc.I ask: what about the Scale videos? ...I said I have demanded that a lawyer clear them before I market them on my tour.'
6 Feb 1990 Letter P to Phi1ipp, outlining his Feb-March speaking tour.
16 April 1990 Diary: P records that. Karl Philipp phoned, would f be prepared to speak at Weinheim to about 500 people on September 2? Fee DM2000 plus book sales? I said, yes.(Thema: I September, Kriegschuld [War Guilt].) Organiser is Oberstudienrat Günther Deckert [NPD].'
1 May 1990 Diary: P records a phone call from Philipp: '...says we're being swamped (überollt) by 1he Auschwi1z debate now He will press Althans on organising a DDR speech tour, perhaps Eisenach. I sugges11i1le, 'Ausjlug in die Wahrheil'.
Undated. Flyer for P's speaking tour of the former East German lists P's meetings in Dresden, Leipzig, and Gera in June. The flyer lists Philipp as the contact address for all three.
6 June 1990 Diary: P records events surrounding his appearance in Leipzig when Remer appeared: 'All we need! Forlunalely 1he pholographer seems no1 10 recognise him. Philipp 1ells Remer 1he meeting is cancelled.'
17 Dec 1990 Diary: P records that Philipp phoned and 'was fmed DM 3500 for his Anmerkung [comment], das Wort 'Luge' [the word 'lie'], Remscheid.
(Jan 1991)
Letter Philipp to P.' Please fax me 1hrough 1he arlicle in 1he Jewish Chronicle. [AJ repor1 in 1he [RemerJ Depesche against 1he systematic propaganda will follow.
1 July 1991 Letter Althans to P. explaining that P's planned tour of 25 July to 17 August has collapsed because of his legal, financial, and political difficulties. ' Thus for example K[arl] P[hilipp] has managed to incite Gen[eral] Remer and--p1sumably [erd]Honsik agains1 me. They in turn have managed to stir things up,more wilh their naive innocence and 1heir good reputation- (you know how much I value Remer and Honsik).'Furlher 'Perhaps one would have got somewhere if we had been a11he meeling. There were a lot of people 1here upon whose supporlive assislance I could have hoped. Bu1 Karl Philipp, who knew 1ha1 you were coming because I was stupid enough to register you as a guest as required, lied to you that I wanted to use you to break up the event. You believed him and cancelled with me. So Philipp could tell people Althans is a liar, even David Irving doesn't like him and therefore doesn't come to the conference. And, as expected, I alone received no invitation.,
3 July 1991 Letter P to Phi1ipp, explaining that AlthanS has let him down and suggests to Philipp they arrange individual events.'Self evidently I would make myself available for this, and then we could agree on a topic acceptable to the authorities. ,
4 July 1991 Letter Philipp to P, explaining that at such short notice little was possible. ' Last weekend the regime mobilised 2,000 policemen (including many hundreds of armed officers) against us. The whole of the area of Cham was surrounded and sealed off We carried our event off behind the bacb of the 2, 000 strong Galinski-militia three kilometers from the intended venue infront of almost 300 people (including nearly 200 youths). Dr. Shaller and Prof Faurisson were able to speak unhindered. That was a masterpiece by Meinolf Schonborn and his people. We should take it in mind to do something with him in late Autumn. He is really a soldier and everything goes off with military discipline and according to military organisation. He has almost 400 young people around him who follow his commands .,
4 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, mentioning Meinolf Schonborn 'the guy whose 21.6.91 meeting you were to attend with Ewald, but didn't because of Philipp's gossip, so 1 am told.'
25 July 1991 Diary: P records a meeting with Philipp. 'He showed me the latest paste up of the Remer Depesche on which he is working. It is good. I ask if Ernst Otto Remer is not fearful of being prosecuted: Ph[ilipp] said that is what Remer wants.'
10 Jan 1992 Letter P to Philipp, agreeing to a fixture as P will be in Berlin on 8 May anyway. Concerning his forthcoming trial in Munich P writes 'I fundamentally do ~ want it to come to rallies with this date, however I wish to make as much capital as possible with the press out of my appearance. Therefore let's think what we could do to this end.'
18 Jan 1992 Letter to P to lawyer Hajn Herrmann concerning his court appearance in Munich on 5- May writes that he wished to do without Karl Philipp as a witness, .this for your confidential iriformation'.
18 Nov 1993 Diary: P records .KmI-Philip phoned-twice, from Tony [Handcock] 's and from Gatwick I suggest I video in German, for distribution. A great idea, he agrees. Working title, 'Ich komme wieder' ['I'll be back'].'
sc 79.8
31 Jan 1994 Diary: P records ' ...lengthy conversation with Karl Philipp. He confirms that Remer goes to jail this week. I say let 's have the name of the judge.'
Feb 1994 P pens article in his Action Report, 'General Remer, 82, is ordered to Prison'.P described a 'vindictive and brutal German legal syslem,that had imprisoned Remer for incilement. P describes Remer as in charge of the firing squad which 'execuled' the 'traitorous ringleader' of the 1944 plot against Hitler, Claus von Stauffenberg. P writes of the Remer-Depech as 'recently described as the 'despicable' Remer-Depech by the left-wing liberal magazine Zeit the ultimate accolade.'P gives the British printing address where the Remer-Depech can be obtained In the same issue P offers 'A magnificent souvenir colou.r photo of Remer in full uniform, laken at the height off his career...available from the D[avid] I[rving] F(ighting) F[und] at $10 incl. postage.' [Action Report, no.7 (February 1994), pp. 1,3, and 4].
2 June 1994 Diary: P records 'phoned Karl Philipp; he phoned back. Discussed the arresl yesterday morning. Spain does not want to extradite him to Germany as it is not an offence in Spain. Interesting.'
5 June 1994 Diary: P records, , Karl Philipp phoned from Spain. General Remer released, as the public prosecutor refused 10 allow his extradition.'
9 June 1994 Diary: P records phoning Philipp, he told me the Spanish public prosecutor had himself intervened to order Remer's release from arrest after two days There has been massive front page coverage in Spain. Remer in a wheelchair, etc. What an embarrassment for the swinish German lawers.'
Sept 1994 P's Action Report,'Spain Refuses German Demand to Hand over General Remer' describing Remer as 'one of the figureheads of therevisionist movement'.P promises his readers he will supply a 'secure address' through which to contact Remer and gives bank account delails in Germany for those who want to make contributions.'
5 Nov 1994 Diary: P records that Philipp 'wants- the Betacam master of the Ich Komme Wieder to operate with. He'll fetch it from me at Key West.'
22 Nov 1994 Diary: P records some of the details a long telephone call with Philipp .'He was ecstatic about the confrontation with Lipstadt. He brings me up to date on various cases', namely Althans, Gerd Honsik, Gennar Rudolf, and Douglas Collins.
25 April 1995 Diary: P records '...Karl Philipp phoned, from the General's (Remer), will phone back in 3 or 4 hours. (He didn't) , and later 'long call from Karl Philipp about the situation in Germany He says the video operation is running (camoujlaged language).'
8 July 1995 Diary: P details the contents of a fax to Philipp,.to find out if he sent off the I[ch] K[omme] W[ieder] videos recently. 'have you arranged it accordingly? Yes, enough. 2. When are you here. You are welcome with us. 3. I've heard about [Germar] Rudolph, end of June. Please send all clippings. Police state GFR '.' In the same entry P records Karl Philipp replied by phone, using veiwed language; has now been indicted for my speech in Weinheim [2 September J .990] (where he arrived 15 minutes before I spoke), he ought to have known what I would say, etc.'
18 July 1995 Diary: P records that he faxed Phillip anonymously, .I need to know if he 's sending out the I[ch] K[omme] W[ieder] videos or not (or is he too another Althans?). ' The fax contains the question if it is "alright to mediate further addresses."
26 July 1995 Diary: P records a visit by Philipp .'He has sent out no I[ch] K[omme] W[ieder] videos whatever, out of fear. Brought back master-tape unused.'
17 Nov 1995 Diary: P records: ' call from Karl Phillipp. They have now tested with TÜV officials present to measure the gas concentrations, the effects of diesel exhaust gasses on two Hühner [chickens] and two Kaninchen [rabbits]. After sixty minutes the animals 'krochen vergnügt aus der Kammer heraus!'[crept out happy from the chamber]. 'Da lachen die Hühner,' I commented. He's sending me a video. A lawyer was present throughout.'
17 Feb 1996 Diary: P records a phone call from Philipp Spanish supreme court has finally refused to extradite General Remer to Germany. '
March 1996 P records in his Action Report of March 1996: 'London: A phone call from Karl P[hilipp]. He and his henchmen have now tested with TÜV [government automobile-test] officials present, the effects of diesel exhaust gases on two chickens and two rabbits. After sixty minutes the animals 'crawled forth with delighted grins! 'Da lachen die Hühner.'I comment: it's enough to make a chicken laugh. He is sending me the tests on video. A lawyer was present throughout ['A Radicals Diary '. Action 1996)r)p.4]
Undated. P interviewed Remer for his biography of Goebbels, commenting Remer's loyalty to Hitler endured to the end. Aged eighty-two, he was sentenced in 1994 to two years in prison for doubting the authenticity of the 'gas chambers' at Auschwitz' [David Irving, Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich (London, 1996), pp. 675- 676, fils. 12 and 23.
1 Dec 1997 P writes an obituary to Remer in his Action Report.'Described by baffied newspapermen as an unreconstructed Nazi, Remer remained loyal to the old cause. 1 ['General Remer is Dead', Action Report, no. (I December 1997), pp. I and 12.]

Christian Worch (National Liste-NL)

Date Document
1 Jan 1990 Letter Worch to Ewald Bela Althans, enclosing DM 300 for P's forthcoming speech (3 March) and informing him that P's fee has been forwarded to Ernst Zündel.Offers to discuss details with Karl Phlipp if necessary.
1 Jan 1990 Letter Worch to Zündel.'I am convinced that 1990 and the whole nineties will be better for our people as the last four-and-half decades, but I also hope that it will be a better decade for all our comrades.' Informs Zündel that although the media have identified 1,100 "'neo-Nazis"' in fonner East Gennany, only 10 or 20% have 'really earned 'this classification' according to 'our West German standards '. Raises his concerns about P's March appearance after P's 'small "'fauxpas"' in Hagenau ' ...when he had to bring up these stories about the Riga shootings. But Ewald [ Althans ] explained to me that Irving has a choice of two presentations on this tour, with which we don't have to reckon with such irritating details for our listeners.[...] Naturally clearly more agreeable than the presentation in Hagenau!' Worch makes clear how pleased he is to have engaged P: ' DM 1,000 for the speaker and DM 300 for the organiser seems to me decidedly cheap. It is worth double or triple the amount to me.' Concerning Althans's homosexuality, Worch informs Zündel that from his' experience in the discussions around Michael Kuhnen I know only too well that it is important to quickly and decisively nip the rumour- mongering in the bud.
15 Jan 1990 Contractual agreement signed by Althans and Worch for their respective organisations (AVO and NL) for P's 3 March speaking engagement.
16 Jan 1990 Letter Worch to Althans on headed NL notepaper, requesting he hold the meeting in the name of the NL if neither Althans or P had any objections, as it would make booking rooms easier.
9 Feb 1990 Letter Worch to P outlining and enclosing security measures for the meeting. Informs P that he is hosting meeting as a private individual although invitations have been extended in the name of the NL.' Mr Althans also implied that you have been, so to say, warned about me, perhaps also because ofmy contact to Mr [Michael] Kuhnen. Naturally I had (and have) close connections to Mr Kühnen, just as I have connections to Mr Zündel, Mr Christophersen, Mr Althans,and many other and many other politically interesled and active people. For me is not important if someone is considered a 'pariah',rather if he means it honestly.That is more important to me than the question than if one person or another has made mistakes or enjoys negative pubillicity.
3 Mar 1990 Diary: P describes NL meeting:'Rumours come that tonight there is to be much violence, etc., and Munier persuades me to cancel the Nationale Lisle meeting -since (a) the press has got wind of it, and (b) Michael Kühnen is to be present; and to attend only the Burschenschaft Germania meeting later in the evening. This evoked consternation, then comprehension, in Althans,....Zündel(!)(in Toronto!) is somehow eingeschaltet [brought in]. I drove to Hamburg.... Meanwhile Althans phoned from the NL venue, the Alte Mühle, insisting that I attend the NL function, major crowd there, 300, no trouble, no police, no problems. So I drove out there at speed, made a rousing speech, which was very well received, then zipped on to the Burschenschaft Germania.... There were surly faces against me at the NL meeting when I arrived. An attractive girl, 25 (who turned out to be Christian Worch's wife), snarled at me that I had 'disappointed' her by my earlier stance this day. But at the end of the meeting all were pleased. It was a good speech --knorke [super],I think my current biographical subject [Goebbels] would say.'
4 Mar 1990 Diary: p speaks at a meeting in Vlotho, the venue organised by Worch or Althans; P makes Worch or Althans; p makes' a good heated, demagogic speech, with every punch line brilliantly delivered and hugely applauded.,
14 Mar 1990 Letter p to Worch thanking him for 'the very friendly and obliging help and support'. P expresses his hope to see Worch and wife Ursula at forthcoming 'Wahrheit macht Frei' conference in Munich. ' I am preparing a super contribution.,
20 Apr 1990 Diary: p lists Worch as present at the dinner Althans organised.'It ended with a Trinkspruch. spoken by him, to a certain statesman whose 101th birthday falls today. All rose, toasted;I had no glass. as I don't drink.,
21 Apr 1990 Diary:P attends 'Wahrheit macht frei' conference, for which Worch had organised security .
22 Apr 1990 Diary: p records breakfast on morning after 'Wahrheit macht Frei' with 20'Wilhelm Staglich, Tony Hancock, and the Worschs.
11 June 1990 Letter Worch to p concerning P's refusal to appear at Wündsiedel (the 'J annual neo-Nazi Rudolf-Hess March) on the same platform as KUhnen.Worch informs P he can understand his stance, but forcefully reminds P that it had been 'Kühnen's people' who had got the illegal demonstration moving after 'Wahrheit macht Frei',and again makes his political affiliation to Kühnen clear.' As most of the active revisionists of today were still concearning themselves with their bourgeoise careers or at the most once a year attended the large rallies of the DVU or got together at the weekly back-room regulars. tables of the NPD, it was Michael Kühnen who. together with the sadly in the mean-time dead Erwin Schonborn, put his men in donkey masks in 1978 and armed them with placards which read 'I am an ass and still believe that.Jews were gassed in Auschwitz ' and demonstrated in the Hamburg city centre ...(where he like myself was promptly sentenced to a few months imprisonment.),
3 Aug 1991 Diary: P indicates that he planned to speak at Wundsiedel: 'Fax from Wold [Sic] Rudiger Hess. the speeches won't be ready until August 22 (five days after Wundsiedel!).'
8 Nov 1991 Diary: P records his agreement. at the suggestion of the Worschs, that he speak at Halle the next day.
9 Nov 1991 P speaks at open-air rally in Halle organised by NL, DA, and 'Deutsches Hessen'. Prominent guests included Austria's Gottfried Kussel. P speaks on the same platform as Thomas Dienel (NPD) and Worch (Videocassette 213, '...This Week.', labled 'ca. 04.94') P recorded in his diary 'I spoke first, a rabble rousing ten or fifteen minutes, with loud cheering, and alas some shouts of Sieg Hiel to which I admonished, 'Let's have no calls from the past; it's the [illegible word] that counts." The video record of the meeting shows Irving merely making a weak gesture of disapproval.
30 Nov 1991 Letter P to Worch informing him that he will be in Munich for a court appearance and tells Worch he will send him further details.
2 Dec 1991 Letter P to Worch informing him of his date of arrival in Hamburg and asking if Ursula Worch can help him.
1 Jan 1992 Letter P to the Worschs, using the informal German address ('du'),thanking them for their efforts' that lead to the successful event in Lentforden'. P offers his services to Worch and outlines his availability in the forthcoming year .
8 Jan 1992 Letter Worch to P discussing P's involvement in a muted 'Bomber-Harris' and' Dresden Holocaust Monument' project, organised by Worch and Zündel. Worch informs P 'It would be no problem with precisely such a project if the more radical wing, represented by me, unite with the more reserved moderate wing.' Worch also informs P of problems surrounding Ktihnen's burial and Gottfried Ktissel's arrest in Vienna.
8 Jan 1992 Letter P to Worch offering to speak on behalf of the Dresden project and give interviews in the media. P informs Worch that he will have 'Rudolf-I[Hess Square' stickers printed by 14 March.
8 Jan 1992 Letter P to Worch asking how 'Rudolf-Hess Square' be spelt in German.
20 Jan 1992 Letter P to Worch offering his availability for an event in May.
20 Jan 1992 Letter Worch to p suggesting he can organise meetings for P, including one with Michael Swierczek (FAP) in southern Germany.
22 Jan 1992 Letter Worch P,s to speaking timetable in March including, two meetings. with Swierczek Worch suggests to P that posters forthe-tour be obtained from Zündel
22 Jan 1992 Letter P to Worch agreeing to tour outline. P declines to state where he will travel on to after South Africa 'for obvious reasons '.
24 Feb 1992 Letter Worch to p reassuring him that arrangements are on course, and enclosing article from German magazine Der Spiegel.
26 Feb 1992 Letter P to Worch giving further details ofhis movements in Germany.
9 Mar 1992 Letter P to Worch asking him to detail speech topic for Liineberger Heide.
10 Mar 1992 Letter Worch to p outlining topic on Dresden bombings and informing p how to reach meeting.
6 May 1992 Letter Thomas Salomon (The Nationals) to Worch, asking Worch to inform p that planned appearance in Berlin has been cancelled.
22 May 1992 Letter P to Züindel complaining at failme of his last tom. ' I don't think that I will talk for the National List, Nat{ional} Ofensive, or AVÖ again' because of organisational mistakes.
10 May 1993 Letter Worch to p discussing possibility of P speaking in Hambmg in early July.
22 May 1993 Letter p to Worch asking Worch to take up contact with 'U[lrich] H[arder]' to discuss whether p should speak to two separate meetings in Hambmg, or one common meeting. Informs Worch he had spoken fom times on Australian television, 'pulled one over on the enemyagain'.
17 June 1993 Letter Worch to P asking P to speak on his recent tribulations in Germany because' the public will consist of perhaps two-thirds young people who have already themselves experienced something of terror and persecution '.
22 June Letter P to Worch agreeing to arrangements for Hambmg meeting.
26 June 1993 Letter p records in his diary speaking near Hambmg to meeting arranged by Worch. ' No police presence (I hope) so I spoke freely. ,
Sept 1994 P writes in his Action Report that someone in Bremen has been imprisoned for renaming a street there 'Rudolf Hess Strasse' using the adhesive PVC printed sheet available from ACTION REPORT for this noble purpose.

Ingrid Weckert

Date Document
3 June 1979 Letter p to Weckert, thanking her friendly letter of 20 May" and the "detailed explanation". P tells Weckert that "in some points I will certainly undertake expansions in a eventual new edition of my book " P promises Weckert he will send her a few documents on 1938 as soon as his collected documents return from the microfilm printers.
21 Nov 1989 Diary: Precords a letter to Weckert. P informs Weckert of his current work on a biography of Goebbels. "I believe, at the moment you suggest to me a theory of agent provocateurs, who dressed in NS uniforms, and; so disguised caused this nonsense. (Enclosed some documents that point in this direction). Do you have information that could be of worth to my Goebbels biography?" P informs Weckert that he has heard that she is working on Julius Streicher and offers her material.
21 Feb 1990 Diary:Precords that he tries to phone Weckert, without success.
20 Apr 1990 Diary: P records that he attended a dinner organised by Althans in Munich. Weckert is listed as amongst those present.
2000 P's website: includes an appeal to visitors to 'contribute to Dr Weckert's survival'

Michael Swierczek (National Offensive)

Date Document
12 July 1991 Letter P to Ewald Be1a Althans, stating that he would "glady" make himself available to "Mr Swarzscy (?)" for a meeting in Augsburg. As p does not know much about the topic he is to talk on (a former SS man Schwammberger, whose case the NO had decided to champion) P asks Althans to prepare a set of newspaper articles.
Jan 1992 Circular by p addressed amongst others to "Michael Schwierzek, Nationale Offensive", outlining his availability in Germany for the coming year and offering his speaking services.
20 Jan 1992 Letter Christian Worch to P, suggesting to p that Swierczek might be able to provide two dates in South Germany on P's tour.
22 Jan 1992 Letter Worch to P, assuring P that Swierczek can provide two dates outside Freiburg and in Augsburg.
27 March Letter Swierczek to P, enclosing a police ordinance of the city of 1992 Augsburg and asking p if he could post a copy of the ordinance he himself received in Augsburg. Swierczek closes that he would see P on 16 May in Stuttgart "at the latest".
16 May 1992 Diary: P records speaking at a NO meeting outside Stuttgart "...arrived at Holiday Inn, Sindelfingen, near Stuttgart. Here the manager whose staff had told us last night there was no problem, we could set up at 3 p.m., announced the meeting would not take place; no, not banned by the hotel, so they would not refund the rent; nor allowed either. Klaus Ewald arrived, got nowhere with them either. So we headed for the alternative venbue [Sic.] at Herrenberg. 22km away. The Kripo [criminal police] arrived 5 minutes later, and in due course they banned the mee[ti]ng there. [...] I agreed 10 address a meeting of valiant remnants in a field 5km from Boblingen, and played 10 them the rape of my Schlupwort [plea] (which resulted in 13 sales immediately.)"
22 May 1992 Letter P to Ernst Zündel, complaining of organisational incompetence on his tour: "I don't think that I will talk for the Nat[ional] List,Nat[ional] Ofensive, or AVÖ again. "
8 March 1995 Fax,Swierczek to P,consisting of a single sheet from Swierczek's East German Stasi files,,naming himself,Michael Kuhnen,and a homosexual infiltrator from Munich who was close to both of them
8 March 1993 Fax Swierczek to P, consisting of a newspaper clipping concerning Althans's alledged work for the German authorities.
11 Dec 1995 Letter Swierczek to P enclosing an article "that will interest surely you."

Udo Walendy

Date Document
7 Jan 1989 Letter Walendy to P, reminding P of who he is, that he was the individual who had given p a copy of his book Wahrheit fir Deutschland Die Schuldfrage des Zweiten Weltkrieges [Truth for Germany The Question of Guilt in the Second World War], that he had heard P speak in Toronto, and that "we work in the same direction". Walendy asks P under what conditions he would be willing: to appear at a forthcoming meeting and suggests P talk about "your conclusions in connection with the Fred Leuchter Report."
13 Jan 1989 Letter P to Walendy, explaining that he will be in the;USA during the dates suggested by Walendy, but "Perhaps you would ring me some time, then such presentations which serve the research into the truth, are always worthwhile. "
Undated. Flyer, signed by Walendy, informing about P's appearance on March 1990 at Porta Westfalica. Referring to P's speech in Dresden[13 February] the flyer reads 'This was organised by a handful of our young people, who we will also meet here in Porta Westfalica and who already deserve our particlar thanks. This initiative should be developed allover the country. " "This planned meeting is of enormous political importance because the British historian has 8caused a great stir, better said has considerably widened the breach in the change of opinions with numerous researches, with his unequivocal position on the most recent German past and revisionist research world wide-and once again in Dresden![...] As others try to help politicians on their way with street demonstrations, so we want to assert in our way that 'we are the people' by supporting the intellectual pioneer.
4 March 1990 Diary: p records speaking at Porta Westfalica; "Major meeting, around 350 people. Speech well received. 11 was a good, heated;demagoguic [Sic] speech. with every punch line brilliantly delivered I and hugely applauded. ..!
Undated. Flyer advertising recordings of the speeches held at the lOth IHR conference 13-15 October 1990. P is pictured in the front row with Walendy.
8 July 1991 Letter Emst Zündel to P, explainins that in an attempt to help P's faltering 1991 tour he had contacted W alendy,but that Walendy could Inot arrange a hall in Hannover.
Sep 1994 P's Action Report records the latest legal difficulties encountered by the latest issues of Walendy's Historische Talsachen. The article claims to be based on information obtained directly from Walendy. [Action Report, no. (September 1994), p. 11].
July 1995 P's Action Report records further legal problems faced by Walendy in the Gennan courts for issues of his Historische Tatsachen, which P describes as "the much feared Germany language history magazine". Action Report quotes Walendy as havmg told them that he would." appeal against a 14-month jail sentence and offered readers Walendy's address and an address for "all issues of HI', including those banned in Germany. " [Action Report, no.(July 1995), p. 24].
17 May 1996 Zündel circular, 'News flash', enclosing fax from Walendy with the; news that he had just been sentenced to one and a half years I imprisonment with probation.
19 Feb 1998 Letter Magarete Walendy to P, accepting an invitation from p to listen to a speech of his on 28 February.

Thies Christophersen

Date Document
8 Dec 1978 Letter Christophersen to P stating that he has attended three of P's recent meetings in Germany and encouraging him to research the mass extermination of the Jews.
10 May 1979 Letter Christophersen to P.'You said during your presentation in Kiel when a listener mentioned the Auschwitz lie to you that you did not want to discuss the topic because you were not tired of life. I understand this completely. for this reason I will always continue to defend you. There enough historians today who C:1n disprove the Holocaust. They are all silenced. It would be bad if you too were to be silenced. We are eternally grateful for your influence. You are doing the right thing. Please don't allow yourself be deterred.'
13 Feb 1983 Letter Gerd Lucka (Die Bauernschaft) to P inviting him to attend a congress in Belgium.
Undated Letter Christophersen to p informing him that they had once met and conversed shortly.'My concern is now to defend us and our generation. ' Christophersen writes to P 'I once asked you if you did not at some time want also w,mt to research the gas chambers and the mass extermination. At that time you answered: I am not tired of life.'
16 June 1989 Letter Christophersen to p reguesting any possible press release from P from the launching of the Leuchter Report in London. Invites P to aplanned conference in October in the Alsace.
5 July 1989 Letter Sally Cox on behalf of P to Christophersen accepting the invitation in principle, but alerting Christophersen that as of 25 September p will be in America.
1 Aug 1989 Letter Christophersen to p enquiring upon what conditions P would attend.
8 Aug 1989 Letter Christophersen to P:'If I could announce your attendance then certainly many guests would come.'
8 Aug 1989 Diary:P records that Chris1ophersen had rung about attending the II conference. 'I think it improbable.. We must phone him to say so, but thank.'
9 Aug 1989 Letter P to Christophersen announcing intention to attend on II November on condition that he be the only speaker, 'this for optical reasons, but surelyunderstandable to you'
15 Aug 1989 Letter Christophersen to P acknowledging P's letter of II August and offering P a separate speaking slot.
31 Aug 1989 Letter Christophersen to P offering P speaking slot on 10 November.
1 Sep 1989 Letter Christophersen to P correcting P's speaking slot to 11 November.
12 Sep 1989 Letter Christophersen to P infomling him that other speakers would be Faurisson, Wilhelm Staglich, and Udo Walendy, and that Saturday and Sunday would be Die Bauernschaft's annual meeting.
17 Sep 1989 Letter P to Christophersen informing him he will be available on the Sunday.
11 Nov 1989 Diary: P records' Set off around midnight with Ewald [ Althans ] and his skinheadfriend for Strassburg. '
12 Nov 1989 Diary: P speaks at Hagenau in the Alsace.'Found there none other than Ernst Zündel, that old f1oublemaker. Delivered my speech in a farmhouse to 120 people ...'
21 Nov 1989 Letter Christophersen to P thanking him for his attendence at Hagenau. Regretted his own non-attendance because of rumours he might have been arrested, Enclosed to P a Bauernschaft reader's comments on P's speech intended for publication.In answer to the reader's comments Christophersen writes 'I invited David Irving because he has now come to the same conclusions as us about the gas chambers.'
28 Nov 1989 Letter Christophersen to P enclosing his remarks on P's speech after having listened to a tape recording of the speech. Invites P to offer anychanges or corrections. Christophersen's draft article reported that P had finished his speech' 'Why is there no uprising amongst the German people?'
31 Jan 1990 Letter Christophersen to P inviting him to take part in a meeting on 16 April.
16 Mar 1990 Letter Christophersen to P offering to publish P's banned Passau (DVU) statements in Die Bauernschaft. Repeats invitation to P to join himself. Max Wahl, Wolf Rudiger Hess, and Jurgen Rieger at April meeting.
6 April 1990 Letter-P to Christophersen thanking him for his 'friendly invitation' but declining. 'Perhaps next time!'
1 Jan 1992 P sends copy of a circular to Christophersen informing him that 'I make myself available again, in case you consider a renewed meeting desirable' and outlining his availability for 1992.
22 Aug 1992 Christophersen circular to P thanking him for his registration to attend a meeting in Antwerp on 12 September. Other guests mentioned are Zündel and Pedro Varela.
5 Sep 1992 Letter P to Zündel expressing his hope to meet Zündel in Antwerp.
12 Sep 1992 Diary: P records 'Left [Munich]...with Althans, Valera and Thomas Emst Zündel has also arrived. Glimpsed Christian Worch.'
24 Mar 1993 Letter Christophersen to P asking which of P's books are available in Gennan. Invites P to forthcoming meeting in Denmark.
10 Apr 1993 Letter Christophersen to p mging him to attend the meeting. ' ...we have framed the provisional program very unpolitically. Thereby we hope to remain undisturbed. ' Christophersen asks p for the sources and prices of his books and audiocassettes and announcing his wish to advertise P's books.
23 Apr 1993 Letter Christophersen to P informing him that P's forthcoming attendance in Denmark has bec~n announced in the press.
27 Apr 1993 Christophersen circular to p infonning him that the planned meeting in Denmark has had to be cancelled. Christophersen announces his intention to repay the money P had paid for his attendence.
July 1997 P writes an obituary to Christophersen in his Action Report. P describes Christophersen as a 'veteran revisionist' and outlined the content ofChristophersen' s 1972 The Auschwitz Lie including a quote.

Robert Faurisson

Date Document
10 Oct 1982 Letter Faurisson to P, asking P if he has found item 4 in Nuremberg document PS-4025 and for a transcription of a telephone call footnoted inP's Hitler's War.
17 Oct 1982 Letter P to Faurisson, enclosing items requested.
Winter 1984 Faurisson comments on P's 1983 IHR lecture where he 'had the pleasure ofmeeting David Irvingfor the first time'.('A Challenge to David Irving', JHR, winter 1984).
24 July 1986 Diary: 'Sat in the sun for a long time reading the IHR Journal.More out of curiosity at first. Faurisson's paper on Auschwitz setme thinking very hard. As 1 pointed to SSG a month ago, we have heaps of photos and eye witnesses of the Dresden holocaust: not one of an Auschwitz gas chamber, etc. As Faurisson writes, it's a bit thick that all the Reich-based 'gas chambers' were in 1959 (?) found to have been fakes or non existent by the West German government, (i.e. Dachau, Bergen Belsen, Buchenwald, etc) but we are being led to believe, on the flimsiest evidence (Gerstein report etc) that those at Auschwitz, Belzec, etc were real. His lawyer used a neat word for them: the 'metaphorical' gas chambers of Auschwitz. I hope I am never asked what 1 believe in public. I would now have to waver and cavil and dissect the meanings of words (Ausrottung, Vergasung). It is not an argument to get embroiled in.'
3 Dec 1986 Faurisson's comments on the testimony of Kurt Gerstein, accusing Martin Gilbert of manipulating the source. Signed' Rec 'd Dec 1986'.
Pamphlet Faurisson, ' Der Zwieite Zündel-Prozess (1988)'.Faurisson outlines his criticisms of P at the September 1983 IHRconference. 'Later I heard from various sides that Irving was in the process of going through a healthy change in the direction of revisionism.'
23 Jan 1989 Letter P to Faurrison replying to Faurisson's letter of 7 January, stating that he wouid very much like' a long private conversation with'you" and providing Faurisson with details of his whereabouts in Los Angeles in February.
25 Jan 1989 Letter P to correeting-the details of where he will be staying in Los Angeles in Febroary.
12 Nov 1989 P appeared with Faurisson at a conference in Hagenau(France), organised by Christophersen. (video cassette 212,'Wahrheit macht Frei')
19 Jan 1990 Letter Faurisson to Karl Philipp, copy to P. Faurisson writes to P, congratulating him on his 6-page report on P's speech in Dresden and asks him to send it to be published in CODE. Faurisson complains that he and P had not met in Los Angeles, and outlines criticisms of P's claims that the British invented the 'gas chamber lie'.'If he really claims that he himself discovered that the British are responsible more than any other for the lie, he is wrong. [ ...] We know, at least since 1956, the story of the British F.O. trying to STOP the lie in August 1943. [...] Anyway, when one studies the history or the historiography of the Big Lie, it does not appear that the British have any special responsibility: they haVt' none in the invention itself (chronology shows it), and they have less responsibility than the Americans in the success of the lie. [...] We must not say that we have discovered documents that in fact "they" had disclosed ten or twenty years ago and already accommodated on their cabalistic way.'
15 Mar 1990 Letter P to Faurisson thanking him for his comments, ending 'Keep up the fight!'
3 Nov 1990 Letter Faurisson to P enclosing an extract from British Intelligence and the Second World War, by F.H Hinsley, which Faurisson had received from Mark Weber. Faurisson enquires whether this is the book to which P was referring (perhaps in a previous letter).
16 Nov 1990 Letter P to Faurisson, asking Faurisson why he has not given prominence to the Hinsley pages. ' I thought your speech to the was beautiful: witty, interesting, and as usual full of new material. 'P asks Faurisson for his opinion on a French publishers and asks him to ring him in Key West.
27 Nov 1990 Letter Faurisson to P, explaining that he had not given Hinsley prominence 'Because "they" always say that "of course" the Germans were not so stupid as to use the words indicating that people were killed by gas. As I told you, I think we used Hinsley's remark at least in 1988 and perhaps also, before that, in 1985.'
23 Mar 1991 Diary: P appears with Faurisson (amongst others) at the cancelled provisional revisionist congress in Munich.
14 Oct 1991 Letter Faurisson to P informing him that Faurissonowsent a fax to Tony Hancock agreeing to stand in for Fred Leuchteron the conditions that there will be 'no sign, no uniform, etc.'. Faurissonc confmns to P that he is'...ready and willing to deliver a speech on "The Myth of the Gas Chambers" at your private meeting in Duke Street on November 15.'
10 Nov-1991 Fax Faurisson to John Moffat with details of, and requests for, his arrival in London for the 15 November meeting. 'The police might ask me some questions at Heathrow or even try to send me back to France. Therefore I would like someone of yours to be there at my arrival. ,
15 Nov 1991 Diary: P records Faurisson's speech to audience in London at meeting organised by P for Faurisson and Leuchter.
Nov 1991 Precis of Faurrison's life by P. '...Faurisson was fined 250,000 francs under the new law [making it a crimiDaI offence to contest the crimes against humanity as defined at Nuremberg]. [ ...] Incorrigible, Faurisson deliberately faxed the same words to press agencies that ssame day: "there were no gas chambers, no genocide. " Faurisson is one of the bravest historians I know.'
18 Dec 1991 Fax Faurisson to P congratulating him for confronting Bernard Levin with a reader's letter in the Times. 'This is a major victory. You deserve it. The comparison between the Mazi] G[as] C[hambers] and the H[itler] D[iaries] is a brillaint idea. I suppose you know that, thanks to General Remer and Karl Philipp, the dam is breaking in Germany with the 500 signatures ("we demand...1 ). [...] The Police (Renseignements Generauux) and the TV (with the film of Michael Schmidt showing you and 1 in Hagenau in 1989) have co-ordinated a big media operation against us. Once more congratulations.'
12 Jan 1992 Fax Faurisson to P offering details about 'the Eichmann topic' following P's 'alleged retraction -after -having -read- the - Eichmann -"memoirs ". ' Faurisson argues that Eichmann had never seen a gas chamber and' being rather naive and gullible' he believed what had been written after the war.
12 Jan 1992 Fax P to Faurisson regarding P's Eichmann papers. 'I have also stressed that E's version of what Heydrich said: " Ich komme vom Reichs.führer,. der Fuhrer hat die physische Vernichtung der Juden angeordnet ", is interesting but but Horensagen [hearsay] not zulüssig [pennissible] in not even an Amstgericht [Regional Court] as evidence. It shows what Eichmann believed, not what was necessarily true. Also, I have stressed that despite his many visits to Auschwitz he never saw a gas chamber I agree: he swallowed a lot of what he read in Reitlinger, Poliakov, etc. I propose to discuss this at the next IHR, if I am invited But: it is useful publicity. because it brings the whole controversy out into the open. Today, ten newspapers, three television stations, BBC radio etc. How else can we "purchase " publicity for our real arguments?!'
12 Jan 1992 Fax Faurisson to P, thanking him for his comments on the Eicbmann papers and the enclosed newspaper articles.'Of course, if the citations in your speech were correct and even if they had been accompanied by some restrictions or nuances not mentioned here by the journalists, I would have to say that L for one, consider the whole matter as terrible. Have you sent any fax to those newspapers to say what you are telling me in your fax about Eichmann "only [hersay1", "not permitted even in a court as evidence","never seen a gas chamber" 'Faurisson adds: 'Please remember what I tol you in London about what you had written on Major General Walther Bruns!'
23 June 1992 Fax Faurisson to p regarding a 'so-called Committee to Stop Irving'. 'We are more than ever on your side. You tire"performing a splendid job [...1 As I told you in Munich in March 1991 "A Revisionist must be ready for one bad piece of news a day and one humiliation a week". But this is of course not a reason to stop the battle. I, myself will stop it in January 1994 [...] More than ever we need you. I wish you a big success for July 4. Be prudent.'
7 Dec 1992 Fax Faurisson to p regarding a letter featured in 'Expressen' by P,in which he denied any involvement with Ahmed Rami, a conference organised by him in Sweden, and called Rami a liar. Faurisson defends Rami 'a man, as you know, I admire greatly'.
8 Dec 1992 Fax P to Faurisson replying to Faurisson's fax. of 7 December; 'At present, as you are aware, we are coming under worldwide attack because of our refusal to bow to pressure or change our opinions on matters of history without acceptab'e proof This fight, this Endkampf[final battle] by our desperate traditional enemy, is now taking an ugly shape, and the important thing is to avoid being engulfed by the flames ourselves.' '[...] I issued an immediate denial. If Mr Rami does not like it, then he must write to me in person and tell me. At present, I have to confess, I am speechless with anger at him. Nobody is entitled to use my name without my permission. Meanwhile, "The Fight Goes On --To Final Victory!"'
9 Dec 1992 Fax Faurisson to P; 'Now let me tell you that the gentleman [Rami] was hurt by the fact that, before calling him a liar in a letter sent to his own worst enemy (certainly not deserving the esteem you expressed), you had not phoned him as, for example, you had done in November 1991 when he was in a hotel in London before your conference at Chelsea Town Hall. [...] Permit me to reiterate my wish: I do think that a gentleman like A. Rami deserves a nice letter from you.'
Dec 1993 P pens an article in Action Report on Jean-Claude Pressac's The Crematoria of Auschwitz:The Machinery of Death referring to calculations on the crematoria done by'Pressac Is former revisionist buddies'.
11 Jan 1994 Letter Yvonne Schleiter {Faurisson's sister) to P, complaining about P's description in his Action Report of' Pressac 's former revisionist buddies'. Schleiter declares that she is surprised that P , should use such words towards people you owe everything you know about revisionism. [ ...] You ought not to forget that you owe a lot to those II buddies II and I don't think it is correct of you not to pay homage to them. I do hope you will agree with me. ' Schleiter adds a post script: ' I admire a lot Mr Butz, but let me tell you one thing: if it had not been for Robert Faurisson and the tremendous ., .fight he started in i 97 4, Mr. Butz's books would still-be sleeping on the shelves of some American people's libraries, and you would still believe in the gas chambers.'
15 Jan 1994 Letter P to Schleiter, expressing his sorrow that Faurisson has "'misunderstood the word I'buddies" in English. [...] Nobody can deny the quality of the work that Robert has done. The viciousness of the attack on him is testimony to that! I will include a sentence .from your letter in the next ACTION REPORT to clear up the misunderstandings. [ ...] What an adventure, as Robert himself said! Keep up the good work -and I'll keep up mine !'
30 Jan 1994 Letter P to Faurisson, enclosing a draft article for Action Report on 38 attempts in Holland to ban Faurisson's book on Anne Frank, and requesting any further information.
31 Jan 1994 Fax Faurisson to P commenting on P's draft article' Anne Frank litigates from beyond the grave'.' It is a mistake to say that we point to " a style too adult for even the most precocious Ihirteen- year old girl ". i always avoid that kind of argument which is too flimsy. ' Faurisson encloses an outline of his prosecution in Holland and pages from the critical edition of the Anne Frank diaries.
Sep 1994 P prints extracts from Schleiter's letter and his reply in his Action Report.
5 Oct 1994 Faurisson to P, enclosing an article in The Nation and Faurisson's response. including passages on P's views on the testimony of Gen Wa1ter Bruns at Riga. In Faurisson's reply he states that P ...does not want to btassimiJated to Faurisson; "the devil" as he put it. He tries his best to keep some distance although he is on our side.Do you really think he believes what he said on Generalmajor Walther Bruns (on Eichmann, on Goebbels, on the gas chambers being an invention of the British (!) propaganda)? Let me take the example of Bruns. In November 1991, when I was at Irving's home in London, I made him aware, thanks to his own documents that I had asked him to look at, that Bruns , "confession " (? ) was typical of the " confessions " collected by the British: it was the usual stereotypes. I showed him what, in another document, the British had said about Bruns: he " had been relieved ofhis command" by the Germans, he was "antinazi" and he was "eager to cooperate with the Allies". Now, guess what D. Irving told me then spontaneously: "Anyway, later on, at a trial, Bruns said that he had in fact not been an eyewitness. " Draw your own conclusions.'
21 Feb 1995 Letter Faurisson to P, regarding the article by Eric Conan ' Tout yest faza' [Everything there is false] about the Auschwitz gas chambers. ' One thing I would like to make clear for you and that I.. wish you to repeat everywhere is that, in fact, this admission of E. Conan only confirms what Faurisson had discovered in 1976 and kept repeating in books, articles, videos and even on the witness stand [ ...] Mr. Irving, do you realize what it means for a searcher who has been working so hard for so many years, who has been insulted and heavily sentenced, to see a young American Jew [David Cole] coming in and stealing his discovery and making money and publicity out of it? I always thought that one day the Jews would come maintaining that the " Holocaust " of course existed but that the " gas chambers "were a German lie invented to frighten the poor Jews, or a Russian lie, or a Polish lie, or a Communist lie. Please, set the record straight. , Faurisson also asks P to clarify the discrepancy between the sources P cites in Action Report for the figures for coke consumption in the crematoria at Auschwitz.
6 Mar 1995 Letter Faurisson to P enclosing letters of Hans MUnich. ' There are no objections to Munch 's story e.g.,why did the funeral pyres notshow up on the air photos. And Munch may be suffering from the Hoßsyndrome: anxious to say anything in 1945/46 provided the Poles did not hang him,. and now believing it all himself'
15 Mar 1995 Letter Faurisson to P, stating that he knows 'the Munch affair' and asking P to answer his question on coke consumption at Auschwitz.
21 Mar 1995 Letter P to Faurisson explaining that the figure arrived at for coke consumption was compiled by Karl Philipp, and agreeing that the figures are most important.
29 Sept 1995 Fax Faurisson to p asking for documentation to prove that he anG.. P had-discussed the-events in Riga of 30 November 1941,. as-P.alleged in the July/ August 1995 issue of the JHR. Zündel also requests p to confirm that in an interview in Australia he had given the figure of 4 million Jews to be a plausible figure for the number of victims of the Holocaust, as reported in Searchlight magazine, September 1995.
28 Nov 1995 Letter P to Faurisson, stating that he thinks Searchlight 'has edited that radio interview of mine in Australia to fake what 1 actually said What 1 actually said, when asked how many Jews died in world war IJ, was that from all causes, from start to finish, the figure might have been as many as four million-including air raids, forced marches, starvation, disease, epidemics, old age.'P encloses a diary entry for the day saying that in the Australian interview he 'straightened him [the interviewer] out that 1 am not a " denier" as claimed.'
1 Dec 1995 Fax Faurisson to P expressing concern that P had given a figure of the nwnber of Jewish dead to be 4 million; 'Such an "admission" or statement is a very serious one.'Faurisson criticises Irving for his insistence that he is not a denier because, although F aurisson argues that 'we affirm that there was no German policy of exterminating the Jews [ ...] 1 am afraid that what you mean by not being a "denier" is that Faurisson and Co are "deniers" whereas .. you are definitely not a "denier" wrong?'
Aug 1996 Letter Faurisson in the Adelaide Institute concerning P. Faurisson claims that P is returning to his pre-Zündel trial stance he had outlined in his 1984 JHR article, comparing P's then stance to that of a' " half-pregnant-woman "'
27 Jan 1997 Letter Faurisson to P berating P for printing the name, identity and residence of Mrs Peck, the daughter of Hoss, in his December 1996 Action Report. ' As far as 1 know, you are the first to have printed such a piece of news. This is very serious matter.,
29 Jan 1997 Letter P to Faurisson explaining that Mrs Peck no longer lived at the address as printed in his Action Report and therefore nobody was endangered. ' have few greater admirers of your courage than me.'P corrects Faurisson's whitewashing of Hoss's conduct, by reminding him that Hoss was, after all, commandant of 'one of the most horrific slave labour camps in Europe.' P encloses his book Nuremberg -The Last Battle, and 'treats' Faurisson to an overview of his action against Penguin Books and Professor Lipstadt.'Apart from the occasional sniping from you Robert, the fight is very rewarding, in the spiritual sense: an intellectual crusade against powerful, wealthy, and evil forces trying to crush Real History.'
25 Apr 1997 Letter Faurisson to P thanking him for P's latest book.
3 act 1998 Letter P to Faurisson regarding his having posted a piece on his web-site about Faurisson ' s imminent trial. 'I regard this as yet another fight to preserve freedom of speech, against its traditional enemies.'

Ernst Zündel1

Date Document
27 July 1984 Letter of Ernst Zündel to P requesting P to appear as an expert witness at his trial in Toronto, and inquiring as to his fees for appeanng.
16 Aug 1984 Letter P to Zündel expressing interest in appearing as an expert Witness and wammg Zündel that 'in some respects my evidence may I be disadvantageous'
23 Aug 1984 Letter Zündel to P thanking him for expressing [his] willingness to appear in the Great Holocaust Show Trial here in Toronto' and stating that he 'would be interested in knowing whether if you have any reason to believe that anything like a 'holocaust' did occur at German hands, if this is what you mean by 'disadvantageous evidence'.Zündel also states that he would be willing to arrange a press conference for P, giving P an opportunity to expand on points raised in court, as well as to explain items mentioned in your various books on the Second World War.
11 Sept 1984 Letter P to Zündel explaining that his views may differ from those of Zündel in that, although he is satisfied that there was no centrally organised Nazi programme to murder millions of Jews, he believes that'localized, ad ,hoc massacres did take place, probably on Himmler 's authority.
20 Sept 1984 Letter Zündelto P disputing his belief that localised, ad hoc massacres took place, and expressing interest in P's ideas. ' After all, 5.1 million Jews, plus 5 million or so allegedly murdered Goyim represents an awful lot of back alley assasinations and ad hoc decisions of the moment. ...I would certainly not object to your substantiation of this new Holocaust Thesis in court. Remember, I am stating that no Jews were gassed in German concentration camps and that no six millions Jews were ever killed by German authority .
4 April 1986 Diary entry, P records meeting Zündel for the first time. 'I was met at the airport however. not by [Paul] Fromm but to my initial dismay by Ernst Zündel and his sidekick Jurgen---I don't need to emphasize what damage it would do to my image to be photographed with Herr Zündel with whom I have had no previous contact whatsoever. Just to make sure, I have asked Zündel not to chair the evening Toronto meeting in any way and he assured me that he understood quite fully why this was not possible."
21 May 1986 Letter Zündel to P explaining that the lack of media at P's meeting in Toronto was due to Zündel's absence. ' were frank with me in your fears about being linked with me and I made every effort. as you will recall. not to embarrass you with mr presence. Zündel. praises P's presentability as well as credibility , and urges him to Increase the readership and commercial success of his books and historical research findings by branching into the videocassette field. Zündel states '...I am basically an advertising man. I make no claim to being a great writer or researcher. I am, at best. a populariser and promoter of ideas.Zündel adds 'It seems to me a great pity that you appear to labour almost alone. With your great knowledge and your ability to communicate. I think it is a crime that you must look after niggling details and put up with others. incompetence. over which you have no control.
SC 55a
Undated Samisdat newsletter covering the first three weeks ot-the trial; 'This is not the end of the myth. but the beginning of the process ofunravelment [sic] of a complex tapestry of incredible deceits and hate. We here are taking the first few steps towards the Day of Redressment [sic]. when German people everywhere. along with their friends and natural allies among all European-descended people. can hold their heads high again in an atmosphere of justice and truth.
2 June 1986 Letter Zündel to P requesting P's assistance in gathering historical documentation in anticipation of filing a' War Crimes suit' against members of the Allied forces. ' Could I count on you as a chief witness? Ifeel that we could make a high-profile case out of this which would be a real head-line grabber.
8 Julv 1986 Letter Zündel to P again requesting that P help him in gathering documentation to implicate the " Liberator of-Dachau ", a member of the Allied forces, and asking for 'a generous donation' for the cause.
8 Aug 1986 Letter p to Ziindel enclosing requested documents and photos.
SC 55b
3 Sept 1986 Letter Zündel to P requesting further assistance in unearthing documents relating to' Allied atrocities'.
5 Sept 1986 Letter Zündel to P returning photos, and requesting P's involvement in a 'War Crimes' action against the "Liberator of Dachau", and his appearance as an expert witness for Zündel in the event that his request for a retrial is successful. Zündel also offers his assistance' in making [P's] Fall trip to Canada a much greater success than the previous one' with regard to public engagements.
SC 55b
9 Nov 1987 Letter Zündel to P informing him of 'The Second Great Holocaust Trial', and asking that he appear as an expert witness, all expenses paid. Zündel suggests that P couples his trial appearance with a book promotion campaign, 'to take advantage of the publicity derived from [P's] courtroom appearances'.
SC 56
4 Jan 1988 Letter Zündel to P, I reiterate my offer to be of assistance, directly or indirectly, in the promotion of your books, including the organisation of a lecture tour, coupled with your trial appearance. which could get such a promotional tour off with a proverbial "bang"'.
17 Jan 1988 Letter p to Zündel agreeing to appear as an expert witness, subject to assurances from Canadian and American authorities that this would not jeopardise his unimpeded access into both countries. p explains his standpoint. ' In short I accept that great tragedy happen but do not accept the present versions as to how'.
12 Mar 1988 Letter Zündel to P explaining to Pthat two of his witnesses had 'either agreeing vehemently with the 6 million figure or expressed . strong "repugnance " for the booklet, Did Six Million Really Die. . We found that this type of testimony appeared to have a profoundly negative effect on the jury. It become extremely damaging to my defence when my own witnesses, while appearing and testifying on my behalf, neverthless agree with the Holocaust story and express " distaste " for my own writings. I feel I can no longer afford to have any witness, particularly an eminent historian and public speaker such as yourself, testifying to extremely important matters, but nevertheless. in the final analysis agreeing with the Crown that " It really did happen.",Zündel requests P's assurance that' if you do testify you will state either that you have done no primary research into this area and cannot give an expert opinion or that what research you have done indicates major problems with the Holocaust story. If you feel you cannot in all honesty give either of these two answers, then I believe that your testimony would be too damaging for me.'Zündel also mentions P's fees for his appearance as an expert witness, and adds' P.S can we help you with a bookpromo?'
19 Apr 1988 Letter Zündel to P outlining certain questions likely to be put to P during cross-examination, such as P's opinion of Harwood's Did Six Million Really Die?, the National Front etc. ' As you know, I make no bones about my admiration for Adolf Hitler and his movement,
22.25.26 P gives evidence at Zündel's trial in Canada. Apr 1988
SC 59
22 June 1988 Letter Zündel to p thanking him for his '"guest appearance"' at Zündel' s trial. and asking him to consider appearing in a video promotion. 'All you need to do is take the microphone stand in front of some buildings or in the " War Bunker ., where Churchill worked during the war and we will do the rest here [...] A shorter version could be used by Paul [Norris] to help promote the Churchill book to large chains of stores around the country. You must hold up the book. talk about it and quote it, so it can be used in a typical Yankee style commercial.'
1 Nov 1988 Letter P to Zündel inquiring about the proceeds from the video of P's interviews on Churchill that were made in London by Paul Norris."I have a close interest in this project, in both senses of the word!'
20 Jan 1989 Letter P to Zündel regarding arrangements for P's visit to Toronto in March 1989.
5 June 1989 Fax P to Zündel regarding arrangements for the Leuchter conference in London, 23 June 1989. P refers to a special glossy publication of the Leuchter report that needs'a good quality, contrasts, photograph showing e.g. the team at work with Hammer and MeiBel [hammer and chisel],with no visible "wanted criminals "in the picture--you can appreciate what the problem is!I have suggested a title. "A[uschwitz], the end of the line..., Regarding the venue for the conference, p writes "1 have had today to remind Tony [Hancock] to have an alternative site ready, in case our friends frighten the management into cancelling the contract at the last moment.'
31 July 1989 Fax P to Zündel attaching a letter from Crabtree, a South African engineer, containing a critique of the Leuchter Report, which P writes " needs all our urgent attention' .P says that the Leuchter Report " is now accepted worldwide as the breakthrough. and in its mass Production version we must not let it shoot itself in the foot.' Offers Zündel German and English language rights to Nuremberg for £18,000.
1 Aug 1989 Fax Zündel to P: Zündel suggests that P should become involved in a video project being prepared by Philipp and Zündel' s camera man, Sepp Geiger; P should visit Auschwitz with them and narrate the proposed video." This would give you " instant expert status " let you talk more forcefully and convincingly with " eyewitness status ". I was there etc. It would make the whole thing a serious archaeological history.finding endeavour.'Zündel signs off '[...] The world needs you. I proud to know you.'
23 Aug 1989 Letter Zündel to Crabtree. addressing Crabtree's critique of the: Leuchter Report, and explaining.'The Leuchter Report is a court document and in my opinion, should not be changed. as this would be construed as proof that we submitted an erroneous report by the very opposition you rightfully call "well organised".'
28 Aug 1989 Letter Zündel to p regarding a 'combined operation' between Karl Philipp, Zündel and P to persuade the media-cowards of Berlin to lift their ban on your appearance, so that you will have a programme after all.
Zündel tells P that protest should be linked to publicise in English and German versions of the Leuchter Report or will the German language version be unobtainable Z[ionist] O[ccupied] [governrnent] raid on Walendy? [...] Nothing stimulates public interest like a banning.'
There is a good group of 'Zündelists ' in Berlin, along with potential allies with whom could make a sizeable showing. We could thus turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone with which to facilitate much wider publicity for the Leuchter Report.'
Regaraing Zündel' s appeal in Canada. he writes: ' I expect to win my thoughtcrime appeal, if not at the provincial court level, then on the Supreme Court level in Ottawa. When victory is achieved, I shall be ungagged and unfettered by the chains of "jewdicial " persecution.'.
28 Aug 1989 Letter Zündel to P outlining Zündel' s difficulties with German original of P's November. Zündel makes clear to P what he intends WIth a republIcatIon of P s book. long as the Nuremberg Trial Travesty stands, the Holocaust Hoax is supported by the full weight of Allied complicity. [...] Truth is indivisible, so we must aim for 8total, not partial, revisionism by including Nuremberg as well as the " Kosher Conflagration " in our research and our publications. ' The book 'like " Did Six Million Really Die ", would be at the forefront of controversy, academic debate, media-sensationalism and very likely, court room proceedings.' To this end, Zündel urges P to 'attribute quotes and cite sources with numbered footnotes that it may be treated as a work of history and not dismissed by its detractors as some sort of "novel". ' Zündel expresses a hope that P con remove anti-German hate the interests of "total revisionism " as you will now have a more truth-Ioving and sympathetic publisher, so there is no fi,rther need to engage in Occupation German-style ersatz or phony revisionism. ' Zündel suggests that P include biographical sketches of major Nuremberg officials, thus allowing the reader to place this event in its proper context: that of a Purimfest with some shabbes-goyim presiding as figureheads; trulyan " advance towards barbarism "!'
19 Sept 1989 Letter P to Zündel, enclosing two documents relating to the Leuchter Report.
20 Sept 1989 Letter P to Zündel, agreeing to Zündel's suggestions for a new version of Nuremberg. P claims that'" knee-bending "' passages on the Defendants at Nuremberg were inserted by his German publishers.
28 Sept 1989 Letter Zündel to Leuchter, which he copies to P. Zündel refers to two counter attacks on the Leuchter report by 'two Jews '.Zündel asks P whether 'to be the judge ifthere is need to be concerned'.
29 Sept 1989 Letter Zündel to P, informing him that his Berlin 'friends' will join P's protest in Berlin and that Sepp Geiger had returned from Auschwitz with "22 stone probes and good video footage! The bridgehead is therefore widened!'
Undated Zündel flyer for P's demonstration in Berlin inviting people to 'prove the will of the Germans that we as a people will no longer allow our own history to be lied about to us by "court historians " and Allied slave drivers.
3 Oct 1989 P's diary: P addresses a press conference with ."my new slogan '"Wahrheit macht .frei". The lefty journalists got the allusion '. P staged a small demonstration at 4pm and a larger one in the evening (after being filmed by Philipp: see Philipp section).
SC 63-64
29 Dec 1989 Letter Zündel to P, complaining of P' s personal attacks on him. 'How can I be of any assistance to you amongst my own circle of friends and supporters if I am characterised by you as a "loud mouth ", '"obnoxious" or that I am one who '"wants to dance at every wedding.'Zündel infonns P that' are welcome to say exactly what you think, but how can I, in good conscience, play the "fall guy " and provide a resurgent Germany with the creative leadership contribution my people require ? After all, to be any kind of leader, one must be respected.'
Undated Zündel flyer in support of P's February/March 1990 tour of Gennany. 'In this process, through the common struggle, we also grow together ourselves and bridge the existing divisive prejudices between '"old" and "young",.from activists like the FAP compared,to passive people like those .from the DVU etc. Zündel descnbes P is at the moment our best weapon deployed for truth for our people as well.
2 Jan 1990 Letter P to Zündel. responding to Zunde1's criticism of his use of the Riga shootings at Hagenau. 'I am well known for my impartiality. That is where my prestige comes .from, a prestige that you have drawn on in the past.
4 Jan 1990 Letter P to Sally Cox, enclosing list of speaking dates arranged by Zündel in Gennany for February/March 1990. ' I've cut Toronto's [Zündel] name for various reasons.
5 Jan 1990 Letter Zunde1 to P, discussing further details of the Gennan tour, mcludmg that 'Althans is going to be in the "DDR " for at least a week, he is en route there now, to see if he can get a University Forum there, so it will be a real test of Ewald 's skills.
13 Feb 1990 P records his speech in Dresden in his diary .'It emerged that Zündel, who is now out of jail, has paid Ewald [Althans] an honorarium to arrange this tour Posters everywhere, and Zündel has prepared 500 copies of a fine A2 sized colour poster, " David Irving fights for the Honour of the Germans. " ' [see Althans section]
18 May 1990 Letter to P to Zündel,,Thank you for all you are doing to help with the three speaking functions. As it is Central Germany I intend to speak .frankly I shall look forward to spef,1king in the autumn in Canada. [ ...] Let's invent a really hot theme.
Undated Zündel circular listing P's speaking toUr ' in Canada October/November 1990. 'The topic of Mr Irving's talk can be tailored for your audience so let him know your desires ' Zündel added that P is' an asset in today's world of cowards and snifflers.'
16 Feb 1991 Letter Zündel to P, expressing a hope that Althans has contacted him about the 'Great European Revisionist Congress' in Munich.' You are, of course, to be one of the star speakers...
29 Apr 1991 Letter P to Zündel, outlining a 'provisional timetable' for the second half of 1991.
3 July 1991 Letter P to Zündel, thanking him for a copy of a circular about P's tour. Incidentally go easy on the shinkicks against the Jews were taking trouble enough as it is from them.
4 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, outlining his efforts to arrange replacement tour dates for P in Gennany, including contacting Udo Walendy, Meinulf Schonbom [National Front] who has his own power base in the north (Bielefeld area) " and suggesting a book signing with Althans in Munich.
8 July 1991 Letter P to Zündel, , Needless to say, Jam both grateful for and impressed by the way in which your people are springing into action.
8 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, updating P on his efforts. ' Meinu/f Schonborn is in Mitteldeutschland. He will contact me as soon as he returns! Walendy could not get the hall in Hannover area, but we are still trying.
9 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, discussing P's appearances in Canada in September.
1 Aug 1991 Letter P to Zündel, outlining typesetting instructions for a poster Zündel will have printed for him.' ...can we have a encouraging title, like the one on the attached draft: .'The Fight Continues-To Total Victory. " Everyone can take from it what he will: the details can be changed according to the particular public, better said be adapted Yourposter "An Englishman Fightsfor the Honour of the Germans" was such a sensation, that I want a similar poster in English...'
20 Aug1991 Letter Zündel to P, outlining P's speaking dates in Canada in September / October.
26 Aug 1991 Letter P to Zündel, listing proposed titles for his speeches: 'How one billion have been duped for half a century , and 'the big lie and big business '
9 Oct 1991 Letter P to Zündel, thanking him for his efforts in Canada. ' These things seem to run more efficiently each time, and once more the enemy were not able to prevent me from speaking even once. I realise how h,amst,:ung you are py a;dhering t.o )!our steadfast,less to your cause. P dIscusses bnngmg BIGTITS LLeuchter] and her French friend too -I momentarily forget her codename' [Faurisson] to 'the country concerned' [Britain ].
17 Oct 1991 Letter Zündel to P, infonning him that' Your idea has been sold to him [Leuchter] and his wife -the plan seems to me feasible and h,as a chance of success. Now your T v: friends need to be coordinated.
23 Oct 1991 P records in his diary that he phones Zündel. ' Using codenames, it turns out he and Leuchter will be in Munich for z[undel] 's trial Nov 5; that we shall all confer in Pforzheim, Nov 6. That he needs Leuchter until Nov 9, when L[euchter] becomes our concern. I said that JOKER [HancockJ is [iJn charge of all transport arrangements.'
29 Oct 1991 Letter Zündel to P, asking him if he could contact Barbara Kulascka to answer questions in preparation for her book on Zündel's trial. Zündel' s ask P if he would like to join him for a press conference on 4 or 5 November in Munich.
6 Nov 1991 P records meeting Zündel and Leuchter during P's speech in Pforzheim organised with Or Manfrid Dreher.
25 Dec 1991 Letter P to Zündel.. outlining his plans for the following year.
10 Jan 1992 Letter P to Zündel, committing himself to publicity work for a Dresden Holocaust memorial project proposed by Zündel and Worch.
10 Jan 1992 Letter Zündel to P, regarding P's Munich trial. 'Regarding Miinchen:Those idiots in München. They are crazy idiots and blockheads. What videofilm are you charged with?'
13 Jan 1992 Letter Zündel to P, regarding P' s alleged utterances on Eichmann. 'I wonder if you could send me a ..denial " or explanation in. English and German, for inclusion in my next newsletter, or somethmg I can fax to our world contacts. We need to reassure these people! Otherwise it will be even more difficult to get audiences for you. I read what you sent to Dr. Faurisson and understand your outlook and viewpoint on the tactic in the matter-I think?!'
17 Jan 1992 Letter Zündel to P, asking him to resend his fax. 'I could use that to calm our very upset friends!
19 Jan 1992 Letter P to Zündel, outlining his German timetable for ,March
1 June 1992 Letter P to Zündel informing him he will be in Munich on 15 and 16 June. 'I wish to discuss the October Canada tour with you.'
13 June 1992 Diary entry. P records meeting in Munich: ' Zündel spoke, then after an interval I spoke
14 June 1992 Diary entry.P records that he and Zündel had planned his Canada tour together.
3 Aug 1992 Letter Zündel to P, concerning a controversy that has broken out in 'nationalist' circles' in Germany about the authenticity of the Goebbels diaries. Zündel asks P a number of questions. ' After the controversy on the Eichmann memoirs the people are a little startled and I want at least to inform them what your position on the matter is. If we don't do this, it will have an effect on the number of participants at the events!'
4 Aug 1992 Letter P to Zündel, assuring him that the Goebbels diaries are not fake' ...but remember who wrote them: he has a purpose sometimes writing certain things. ' P adds, But the surfriding I have engaged in has paid dividends -huge articles on the gas chambers controversy everywhere.
13 Aug 1992 Letter Zündel to P, listing dates of P' s speaking tour in Canada for October / November.
5 Sept 1992 Letter P to Zündel, congratulating him on his Supreme Court victory.'It is too early to claim overall victory, but the tide has ebbed slightly .In our favour; we must now repair dykes and dams and gird ourselves for fresh tides of violence and abuse. Well done...,
12 Sept 1992 Diary. Entry , P records his attendance at a meeting in Antwerp. ' Left [Munich]...with Althans. Valera and Thomas Ernst Zündel has ! also arrived. Glimpsed Christian Worch.'
19 Sept 1992 Zündel speaks at a meeting of the Clarendon Club. The transcript of Zündel's speech records him as saying: I am so glad to see so many young people here in this audience tonight. The greatest pleasure for me having come back to Europe having been away for thirty four years is to see that our ranks of ethnic nationalism are being rejuvenated from within our own societies and from within our own countries, because it means that Aryans, if I may use this term that infuriates our enemies, white people, if you want to, are alive and vibrant and our young people are going to ,step into olfr footsteps and that our countries are going to be safe. Further, I have studied Adolf Biller more in depth. And the longer and the more I have studied, the more embarrassed I was about myself having condemned that man as a foolish young man, brainwashed as I was, and I have come to respect what this man stood for and what he'lried to achieve, Although errors were made. ' Concerning P,Zündel says that in 1987, I had read many of his books, enjoyed many of his books. I always asked the same question that the lady asked in Germany, ..Why are you doing this for us, we Germans? I always thought that he was a British Pariol. English Patriotism and German Patriotism are not clashing, theyare complimentary, as all of you know. [applause]'
14 Nov 1992 Letter P to Zündel,Jim Bacque just heard about the conversation D[avid] c[ole] had with Ff.ransiceck] Piper, and says that ifwe can get him a copy or copies he will make sure it goes to every journalist of note in Canada He has contacts. Can you organize this?
15 Nov 1992 Letter Zündel to P, suggesting how he attract media coverage for his legal campaign follow his deportation from Canada.
15 Nov 1992 Letter P to Zündel, discussing legal developments and gate money. Don't be so touchy. We can't afford it. I certainly am developing an elephant skin.
23 Nov 1992 Letter P to Zündel, complimenting him on a mock-up of an appeal advertisement against P's deportation.
21 Jan 1993 Letter P to Zündel on David Cole's film in Auschwitz with Piper. ' I think you still do not grasp the point. The film is clearly sensational (I assume); what counts is the text of their dialogue, and that should have been released, even in edited form ...week ago! Jim Bacque was willing to have afield day with his press contacts with it, We missed a trick'
27 Jan 1993 Letter P to Zündel, replying to Zündel's letter of 11 January (not copied: letter of complaint from Zündel). ' ...until I met Mr Ernst Zündel, on that historic day in October 1987, I had no problems, worldwide It is fortunate that I met you in private, because I at once realized that you had been grossly maligned by the media moguls, and that-like Hiller-your public image was different from the true persona. Accordingly, in April 1988 I unhesitatingly agreed to aid your defence as a witness in Toronto. 'I would not make the A same mistake again. ' P adds. All right: you can't make omelettes without breaking eggs, I hear you say. But reading your letter in the light of that background; you will understand my dismay. We all now have problems, none of them insurmountable, because of our Crusade.'P acknowledges that Zündel 'organised the meetings' but asks him not to'disregard entirely the damage done to me and my pocket in the long term by appearing on your platforms.'
16 Feb 1993 Letter Zündel to P, informing P that he will fax the names and addresses of donors to P's appeals, and the amounts they have donated as 'I have all kinds of enquiries from my own supporters, asking me, why I would advertise in the news letter for the [David Irving] Defence Fund and then not acknowledge their donations to it. 'Zünder suggests P type them a one-page progress report on South Africa.
17 Feb 1993 Letter P to Zündel, expressing his anger at not having received donor lists. ' I will type the one page fax Progress Report you suggest tomorrow.
19 Feb 1992 Letter Zündel to P, stating that P's fax is inadequate for the purpose and that he must allay his supporter's suspicions that the appeal is a , "Jewish Fishing Expedition " to get names etc. ".
25 Feb 1993 Letter P to Zündel, complaining about the management of his Fighting Fund.
13 Mar 1993 Letter P to Zündel, informing him that he has posted a further 200 personal thank-yous. Regarding his expulsion from Germany and the threat of imprisonment for non-payment of his Munich fine: ' I have decided to go to prison in the FGR, therefore no DM 30, OOO.from the piggybank. We'll see what the world-wide writer's organisation has to say about that.
15 Mar 1993 Letter Zündel to P 'Be careful to play your German card. I admire your spunk as always.
4 May 1993 Letter Zündel to P, arranging that he tape a telephone call with P to broadcast on his radio station. .I would like to not have to cut and splice the tape if possible so if there is anything private or off the record that you want to tell me let's do it at the beginning or at the end.
8 June 1993 Letter Zündel to P requesting they do an English language interview together.'Millions might see and hear us.'
8 June 1993 Letter P to Zündel agreeing to record the interview.
15 July 1993 Letter p to Zündel,. suggesting they stage a meeting just on the US side of the [Canadian] border It would be one way of poking a finger in the eye of Ottowa. We had great success doing this with AustrialGermany in 1989.
15 July 1993 Letter Zündel to P, discussing plans for his tour of the USA.
3 Sept 1993 Letter P to Zündel.'Just a line to ask if there are going to be meeting south of the border as we discussed.
24 Jan 1994 Letter P to Zündel, suggesting a 'business proposition' asking if Samisdat take over mailing his Action Report in North America. Asks Zündel to quote him two prices' ...assuming the moiling goes out "pure " an ...assuming Samisdat used it as a vehicle for its own materials' .Asks Zündel for a' small soberly worded display panel in this issue [of Action Report] along the lines, .'Listen to the Voice of Radio Freedom on the following shortwave frequencies ..."
25 Jan 1994 Letter Zündel to P. ' Thanks for the ad -I will reciprocate. I am willing to make an english interview promoting the Churchill 11 book and any other one you might want to mention.
11 Feb 1994 Letter P to Zündel, announcing that he will send the first 500 Action Reports. P offers Zündel his list of supporters in North America' as a favour'.
sc 70
22 July 1994 Letter Zündel to P. [...] cannot keep on paying for trial and court cases for my acquaintances, otherwise I will have problems with the authorities. Suggests that P wnte a smallish book on " My Struggle " or "revisionist work" [...] Basically, quite frankly I am buying your name on the front cover of a book like Nuremberg the Last Battle.
24 July 1994 Letter P to Zündel. agreeing to re-write an expanded version of his Nuremberg book. Asks Zündel for $10,000 for North American rights to a Focal Point imprint of the book.
24 July 1994 Letter Zündel to P, rejecting his counter proposal. ' I am not a bookseller, I hate selling books ' Instead the proposed biography of Zündel would be given free to' m.v best supporters world wide, to keep these people interested in me and my work, so that when emergencies, like yours arise, where we have to raise such sums quickly
18 Sept 1994 Flyer circulated by Zündel for two of P's meetings in the USA on 7 and 9 October.
18 Sept 1994 Letter P to Zündel. 'It was good to meet and speak with you; a pleasure to meet someone who is beating the System. Encloses flyer if Zündel is the person conducting the mailing in Ontario for his USA meetings.
23 Feb 1995 Letter P to the Solicitor General of Canada concerning the latter's report on P's deportation from Canada (P states that he does not deny the Holocaust, 'whatever that is '; and that he does not speak to antisemitic or white supremacist groups ); marginal notes written by Zündel include' Grovelling to a Jew by kicking me! Shame on you.'
5 March
Letter P to Zündel, saying 'you are good friend, and one whose loyalty and dependability I value but expfaimng that he thought Zündel's appearance at Niagara Falls had damaged his case.
3 Sept 1995 Letter P , to Zündel, asking him to post 40 copies of Barbara Kulaszka's Did Six Million Reallay Die? Report oithe Evidence in the Canadian False News Trial of Ernst Zündel for p to 'market' on his tour of the USA; he asks Zündel to mention his talk in his circular.

Ahmed Rami

Date Document
Undated Althans flyer advertising international revisionist congress in Munich, 23 March 1991. Text lists Rami and p as speakers.
23 Mar l991 P shares platform with Rami (amongst others) at the international revisionist congress [videocassette 201; "Der Leuchter-Kongress-Teil 2"]
10-12 Oct
IHR Newsletter no.88 (July/August 1992). P announced to appear on same platform with, amongst others, Rami at 11 th IHR conference.
Undated IHR flyer lists Rami and P as both having appeared at 11 th IHR conference.
7 Dec 1992 Letter Faurisson to P concerning Rami 'a man that, as you know, I admire greatly '. Faurisson reminds P that 'in fact, you had " contacts " with this noble gentlemen [Rami] in Munich (March 1991), London (November 1991), and Los Angeles (October 1992'.
8 Dec 1992 Letter P to Faurisson complaining about Rami's alleged antics in Sweden.
9 Dec 1992 Letter Faurisson to P telling P that Rami 'was hurt by the fact that, before calling him a liar in a letter sent to his own worse had not phone[d] him as, for example, you had done in November 1991 when he was in a hotel in London before your conference at Chelsea Town Hall.'
22 Jul 1994 Diary: P reproduces facsimile message to Karl Philipp in German regarding a Scandinavian company's refusal to act for P.'I believe that this is the result of the excellent things done by Rami's friends. He did me a lot of damage with his publicity stunts in Stockholm.'


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