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Arthur R. Butz1

Date Document
28 June 1978 Noontide Press to P, stating that they would be pleased if P would accept a complimentary copy of 'Myth of the Six Million' and/or 'Hoax of the Twentieth Century' by Butz.
1 Nov 1978 Letter P to Richard Verrall (author of 'Did Six Million Really Die?'); "The Butz book is quite controversial, and I would not be happy about commenting on it at all. Please forgive me for this reluctance."
4 Mar 1980 P letter to IHR (see 00 1): P would not speak on the same platform as Butz at an IHR conference [see this file, 001, p2—3]
14 Apr 1985 Letter Butz to P, asking if P would recommend publication of certain material in the JHR (after questionable editing). Letter copied to Faurisson.
20 Apr 1985 Letter P to Butz in reply.
17 June 1988 Letter Butz to P advising him to issue a written statement "setting forth just what your views are on the general allegation of 'extermination' of the Jews. I would hate to see a situation develop in which your alleged views are represented by others. Give your great prestige as an historian that will be the situation that will develop if you don't act."
24 June 1988 Letter P to Butz thanking him for the "unexpected" letter of 17 June. "I have to admit that the documents I saw to Toronto shattered several of my former beliefs. I certainly intend issuing a written statement, but it will probably be in the form of a book..... I may well have to leave it until the end of my writing career".
12 Sep 1989 Letter Christopher Jones to P, asking where he could obtain a copy of Butz's book 'The Hoax of the 20th Century'. Received by P on 14.9.89. P replies: "Sorry, can't help you - haven't even heard of the book".
1 July 1990 Letter P to Butz informing him that the "Holocaust' experts" whom he had contacted had not identified the building they considered to be gas chambers [at Auschwitz]. "Our critics are getting cold feet!"
9 July 1990 Letter Butz to P responding to the above;
31 May 1991 Letter Butz to P alerting him to an article published in Summer Northwestern, in which P is criticised, and offering the address should P wish to reply.
14 June 1991 Letter P to Butz, enclosing P's response to the Summer Northwestern, with the comment to Butz "we gotta fight back!"
17 July 1991 Letter Butz to P informing him of Bradley Smith's (IHR) interest in publishing P's letter to the Summer Northwestern in the IHR newsletter, and requesting P's permission to sent Smith a copy. "The more I think of it, the more appreciative I am that you have put Hayes on the spot like this."
29 July 1991 Letter Butz to Smith (IHR) enclosing P's letter to "Summer Northwestern", I am glad that Irving has sought to put Hayes on the spot like this, and I now attach more importance to this letter than I did at first. I am inclined to think that if you publish the Irving letter before the Daily Northwestern resumes publication then some of the pressure on them will be removed. However that is between you and Irving,"
15 Mar 1993 Letter Butz to Mark Weber (IHR), copied to (amongst others) P Faurisson, Mattogno, Roques, Smith Stäglich and Walendy, offering his reactions to the new Journal of Historical Review ('JHR'); "(...) the battle that Holocaust revisionists are waging has a feature of overwhelming importance: we are right and obviously so. Our enemies know this and try everything to prevent our case from being heard."
21 Apr 1994 P is sent a copy of his Butz's endorsement for the JHR, which is circulated with P's endorsement (see this file, 00 1, p 107—8)


1. See Requests for Information (RFI) 'extremism' section, Reply 1; see also letter from P to Ds dated 6 January 2000 (P stated he had read Butz's book).
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