Holocaust Denial on Trial, Skeleton Argument of the Claimant (long): Electronic Edition, by Adrian Davies

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Himmler's speeches of 6 October 1943 and 5 and 24 May 1944

102. At 13.46 Gray J finds that:--
"Two of the speeches provide powerful evidence that Hitler ordered that the extermination of the Jews should take place. Yet in the 1977 edition of Hitler's War Irving suggests that the existence of a Hitler order was an invention on the part of Himmler. It does not appear to me that the evidence supports that suggestion. I consider that Irving's deduction that the transcript of the speech of 5 May was either altered after Himmler delivered the speech or   sanitised before it was shown to Hitler is fanciful. The absence of any mention of that speech in the 1991 edition of Hitler's War was in my judgment another culpable omission."
103.Irving dealt with these speeches at length in Hitler's War and (though he is said to be a Holocaust denier) drew the obvious conclusions from the fact that Himmler said that he, Himmler, had not felt it right to order the killing of the Jews without ordering the killing of their womenfolk and children too: he made no mention of Hitler as giving that order.

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