Irving v. Lipstadt


Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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Sections J and K

J. The Leuchter Report
  • Rudolf pages 175-191
  • Green pages 14-34
  • Judgment 7.115-116, 13.79
  • Libson paragraphs 38-40
  • Bateman paragraphs 46-52
K. Research of the Forensic Institute in Cracow
  • Rudolf pages 191-250
  • Green pages 34-60
  • Judgment 7, 73
  • Libson paragraphs 41-44
  • Bateman paragraphs 53-70
As Libson's statement plainly demonstrates, neither of these sections of Rudolf's witness statements is new: they both date from 1993 at the latest.
These sections of Rudolf's witness statement are dealt with in the witness statement of Dr Richard Green. The effect of Green's analysis is that Rudolf is wrong in asserting that Prussian blue staining is invariably found in fabric which has been exposed to significant quantities of hydrogen cyanide; and that the methodology and findings of the Forensic Institute in Cracow (Professor Markiewicz), which demonstrated significant cyanide   residues in the walls of the gas chambers (where there is no blue staining) are wholly reliable.
But in any event, Green, like Rudolf, does not propose that chemical analysis is either infallible or decisive. That being so, its value can only be relative; with the result that, when Rudolf s findings are placed against the weight of the evidence as a whole, they can be seen to be anomalous and can therefore be disregarded (whereas Markiewicz's results are wholly consistent with the evidence).
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