Irving v. Lipstadt


Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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B. Stairs and slides

  • Rudolf pages 13-17
  • Van Pelt pages 36-41
  • Judgment 7.61, 13.76, 13.84
  • Libson paragraphs 10-12
  • Bateman paragraphs 21-25
The 1942 drawings showed a redesign of morgue I in crematorium It (Trial File K2, tab 1, drawing 8/8A). The "principal feature" relied upon by Professor van Pelt at trial from those 1942 drawings was the alteration to make the doors of morgue 1 (the gas chamber) open outwards rather than, as formerly, inwards. Rudolf does not deal with that feature at all and so leaves the finding of the judge undisturbed (see van Pelt pages 37-38 and the judgment at paragraph 7.60, 13.76). (Rudolf refers to the doors in a later section, at page 305; his argument is dealt with by van Pelt at pages 146-147).
So far as the second feature is concerned (the stairs), as Van Pelt demonstrates, the alternative reason given by Rudolf for the new stairs is plainly wrong and Rudolf gives no sources for his assertion that Crematoria II and III were "undoubtedly used during their entire period of operation for the temporary storage of .. thousands of bodies"; van Pelt's evidence is that the assertion is against the available evidence.