Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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Long term stability of iron blue (195-205)

56.The areas covercd in this section reflect the contents of the van Pelt Critique (page 10). One of the sources given in that Critique is Rudolf's own 1993 Report (see, for example, FN40).
57.The detail on long term tests appears also in the van Pelt Critique. The first paragraph in this section refers to the disinfestation building BW5a and 5b in Birkenau. The same point is made on page 10 of the van Pelt Critique but again there is a footnote in the Ctique that is not in the witness statement (FN 43 'Illustration of this can be found in Rudolf Gutachten opposite note 3...') note 3 is the 1993 Report. However, the reference to it is omitted from the witness statement.
58.Other parts of this section are also to be found in the van Pelt Critique, for example, the second paragraph in this section refers to long term tests in Slough, West London: the document referred to at FN 471 is also referred to at FN 44 of the van Pelt Cntique which makes the same point; also on page 203 Rudolf states 'Another conditioning factor proves the extraordinary long term stability of Iron Blue' and refers to town gas generation. This point is made at page 10 of the van Pelt Critique (IN 45). However, although in the van Pelt Critique Rudolf (at page 10) summarises the long-term tests and refers at FN 46 to the 1993 Rudolf Report ('for a detailed discussion of this and more see the acc sections in my report', with hyperlinks to chapters 2.4 and 2.5.6 of that Report see MDB 4 tab 17), there is no reference to the 1993 Rudolf Report in the footnote to the witness statement regarding long term tests.
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