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Although the Holocaust denial movement has been weakened by Professor Lipstadt's victory in the Irving v. Lipstadt lawsuit, the struggle for truth and history continues. To draw the connections between the historical events of the Holocaust, the Denial Movement, the trial and the current state of Holocaust history and memory, we present the following resources.

  • Professor Deborah Lipstadt's History on Trial blog presents articles, publications, and comments by the figure at the center of this trial and the author of History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving [Ecco 2005]. The book is Lipstadt's account of her successful defense against Holocaust denier, David Irving.

  • Our Links page provides links to relevant news articles and to Holocaust and Holocaust denial resources.

  • The News section of our website presents a live feed of news articles related to Deborah Lipstadt, David Irving, Holocaust denial and the Irving v. Lipstadt trial. These links will take you to news sources outside the site.

This website,, was created by Professor Deborah Lipstadt and colleagues and is a joint project of Emory University and Emory's Tam Institute for Jewish Studies. Its mission is to ensure perpetual access to the evidence, transcripts, judgment and appeal documents that made the case in the David Irving v. Penguin Books U.K. and Deborah Lipstadt trial, and to expose the lies and misleading claims of Holocaust deniers and to refute them with historical evidence. Alongside these goals, strives to educate the public about the threat Holocaust denial poses to history, society, law and identity. By attempting to force the courts into complicity with his anti-Semitic, racist worldview, David Irving sought the ultimate legal credential for his hate. Therefore, we present this collection of primary documents and educational materials as aids to students, teachers, journalists, politicians and the general public and as a demonstration of the power of truth over deception, and history over hate.

Emory University is grateful to all those who have supported the establishment of this website and the educational work associated with it. The original work on the site was made possible by a generous grant from the Charles H. Revson Foundation. In addition, we wish to thank the Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust, Jerri-Ann Jacobs and Gary E. Jacobs, The Jewish Community Endowment Fund on behalf of The Fern E. and William J. Lowenberg Philanthropic Fund, the Howard and Leslie Schultz Family Foundation, and The Wilf Family Foundation.

We give a special thank you to the generosity and leadership of Angelica Berrie and Milton Gralla for initiating the endowment for the Holocaust Denial on Trial website. Their vision, passion and philanthropy have provided the framework for this information to be utilized by others to learn, share and combat Holocaust denial throughout the world. View a complete list of contributors to the endowment.

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