Smoke And Soot Can't Kill


Holocaust deniers say:

The black smoke and soot in diesel exhaust, according to Friedrich Berg, an American Holocaust denier, would have ". . . annoyed the hell out of any group of intended victims, but would have given them nothing worse than a headache." 1

As further proof that diesel engine exhaust cannot kill a human being, Berg states that "there are no known Diesel suicides . . ." 2
Berg is incorrect on both counts.
In 1998 a man in the United Kingdom committed suicide in his diesel-powered car:


The heavy smoke and soot in diesel engine exhaust can kill. While it is highly unlikely that smoke and soot would have been the sole cause of death in the gas vans and gas chambers it could have been a contributing factor taken together with the carbon monoxide, lack of oxygen, and several other toxic gases in diesel exhaust.


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