Holocaust Denial on Trial, Trial Judgment: Electronic Edition, by Charles Gray

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Irving's denial that the plates were put at risk of damage

12.19 In relation to the first occasion on which he removed plates from the archive, Irving testified that he took them out of the archive at lunchtime. He said that the plates were carefully packaged in plastic and cardboard. He hid them during the afternoon on waste ground about 100 yards from the Institute. Apart from that, there was no risk of damage to the plates. The plates were returned the next morning, after they had been copied.
12.20 On the second occasion when plates were removed, Irving denied that at any stage there was any risk of damage to them. At all times when the plates were en route they were safely packed. He took them to Munich, where he left them in a safe whilst he travelled to Rome and back. Irving   claimed that they were safer there than they had been in the archive. He then took them to England. The testing did not involve any risk of damage. The plates were returned to the archive after three weeks.

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