David Irving: A Political Self-Portrait: Electronic Edition

Table of Contents

1.7(b) Primacy of ethnic loyalty

[1.7/M][In his 'A Radical's Diary' of May 1995 Irving wrote about final court demands against Robert Faurisson that he pay a 30,000 franc fine] 'He asked the court of appeal to allow him to pay in installments. The court president Violette Hannoun refused - oblivious to the fresh concerns that her action, as a Jewess, must stir up among ordinary French people....' ['A Radical's Diary', Action Report, number 9, May 1995, p. 4: K4, Tab. 10, p. 47]
[1.7/N][In trying to explain Goebbels's anti-Semitism, Irving explains that as an aspiring writer his articles and job applications were 'rudely rebuffed' by the Ullstein and Mosse families] 'The Berliner Tageblatt alone returned to him nearly 50 articles he had submitted.' This was, as Irving explained: "No surprise, if you look at the private papers of Theodor Wollf, chief editor of the Berliner Tageblatt, which was published by the Mosse company. In these papers, which are filed in the German Federal archives, you can see that Wolff was corresponding almost entirely with Jews. It's what we today would call networking; if you're outside the loop, you can't break in.' [P's speech at the 12th IHR Conference in September 1994 (published in the JHR for January/February 1995): K3, Tab. 18, p. 6]
[1.7/O][Writing about the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, Irving mentioned its head was 'Aaron (Ron) Sommer, an Israeli-born American citizen'] 'Yes, the story gets more incredible as it proceeds: why should Germany, presumably a sovereign nation now, put in charge of DT, its most sensitive telecommunications position a man who is not once, but twice a foreign national?
It would be like putting that nice Mr Jonathan Pollard in charge of Britain's GCHQ; or making Mohammed Ghaddafi boss of the National Security Agency.' ['Zündelists Multiply in Cyberspace', Action Report, update, 5 March 1996, p. 3; K4, Tab. 10, p. 52]

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