David Irving: A Political Self-Portrait: Electronic Edition

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1.3 Identification with the Denialist movement ("Us and Them")

[1.3/A]'We independent historians shall we say, the non-Jewish historians the ones with an entirely open mind.' ['The Search for Truth in History - Banned!' (1993): K3, Tab. 15, p. 7]
[1.3/B]'Now it would be wrong of me to suggest that I alone am conducting this fight, I am not so arrogant or selfish to maintain that I am the only person who has gone over the top in this particular historical debate. Later on in the talk I will be mentioning the names of some of the real heroes who have been fighting this particular campaign.' ['The Search for Truth in History -Banned!' (1993): K3, Tab. 15, p. 8]
[1.3/C]IRVING [on the IHR]: People who don't follow the established historical tracks.
INTERVIEWER: How important is it?
IRVING: It's a thorn in the flesh. It's as important as that.
INTERVIEWER: In whose flesh?
IRVING: It's a thorn in the flesh of the establishment, it's a thorn in the flesh particularly of the Jewish community. [Videocassette 213, "Dateline", 1h 31m 25s - 1h 31m 45s.]
[1.3/D]'You see, what we're doing now was described in fact by Professor Faurisson who'll be here in a few minutes; what were doing now is the greatest intellectual adventure of the twentieth century. Were taking something that has become akin to a religion for hundreds of millions of people, hundreds of millions of innocent, intelligent people, believing something because they have been told it by intelligent, innocent people - gullible people, this is true, but innocent, that its not a lie, so much as a legend - the gas chamber story. It's a legend, but hundreds of millions of people believe it and it's marching along it's a militant legend.' [P's speech at the Clarendon Club meeting, Chelsea Town Hall, 15 November 1991: K3, Tab. 11, p. 3]
[1.3/E]'A lot of you come from Germany and you have winced every time that you have read that word Holocaust or Auschwitz in the newspapers and you have not known what to reply. It is the one unchallengeable smear on your people's name. In fact it's a smear on the European people's name in a kind of indirect way. It's the one thing you've not known how to answer. But over the last four or five years a group of people have come together and have begun examining that tragedy. And they have done it with such courage and such intensity and such detachment and such lack of regard for their own future interests that they have begun to crumble away the veneer that has covered this Auschwitz story, the Holocaust story, ever since the end of World War Two.'[P's speech in Victoria, British Columbia, 27 October 1990: K3, Tab. 7, pp. 3-4]
[1.3/F][Explaining why he goes to such efforts to address such small meetings] 'Small influential gatherings of people - it is dropping pebbles into the water - it's casting ripples. Otherwise, why would they go to such lengths to try and stop me from speaking? These people who I have now coined a phrase for 'the tradition enemy of the truth', 'the traditional enemy of the truth' have gone to extraordinary lengths to try and suppress the truth and to try and silence people like myself and the brave band of scientists and writers and journalists and historians who have gradually fallen in - I won't say they have fallen in behind me because I am not going to try and place myself at the head of this revisionist movement - they've fallen in, shoulder to shoulder with us and are marching at our sides in this extraordinarily interesting adventure.
Professor Robert Faurisson the French revisionist historian was the one who first said that it is an intellectual adventure of an enormous scale. When taking, what is believed in by millions if not billions of people. We are taking something they have been told over the last 50 years and they have come to believe it because they have been told it by others who are as innocent and as honest as themselves, Jewish and non-Jewish, makes no difference. They believed it, gullibly, and they have in turn told it to others who believed it because they've heard it from reliable people. And it is rather like the way a religion begins isn't it. It is a legend that we are looking at, not a lie, it's a legend. Millions, billions of people around the world are encouraged to believe it and every now and then the legend gets a little impetus, a little kick. To give it a boost so that it doesn't die, it doesn't wither on the vine.'[P's speech at Tampa, Florida, 6 October 1995: K3, Tab. 20, p. 2]
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