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Ahmed Rami

Date Document
Undated Althans flyer advertising international revisionist congress in Munich, 23 March 1991. Text lists Rami and p as speakers.
23 Mar l991 P shares platform with Rami (amongst others) at the international revisionist congress [videocassette 201; "Der Leuchter-Kongress-Teil 2"]
10-12 Oct
IHR Newsletter no.88 (July/August 1992). P announced to appear on same platform with, amongst others, Rami at 11 th IHR conference.
Undated IHR flyer lists Rami and P as both having appeared at 11 th IHR conference.
7 Dec 1992 Letter Faurisson to P concerning Rami 'a man that, as you know, I admire greatly '. Faurisson reminds P that 'in fact, you had " contacts " with this noble gentlemen [Rami] in Munich (March 1991), London (November 1991), and Los Angeles (October 1992'.
8 Dec 1992 Letter P to Faurisson complaining about Rami's alleged antics in Sweden.
9 Dec 1992 Letter Faurisson to P telling P that Rami 'was hurt by the fact that, before calling him a liar in a letter sent to his own worse enemy...you had not phone[d] him as, for example, you had done in November 1991 when he was in a hotel in London before your conference at Chelsea Town Hall.'
22 Jul 1994 Diary: P reproduces facsimile message to Karl Philipp in German regarding a Scandinavian company's refusal to act for P.'I believe that this is the result of the excellent things done by Rami's friends. He did me a lot of damage with his publicity stunts in Stockholm.'

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