David Irving's Right Wing Extremism

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Thies Christophersen

Date Document
8 Dec 1978 Letter Christophersen to P stating that he has attended three of P's recent meetings in Germany and encouraging him to research the mass extermination of the Jews.
10 May 1979 Letter Christophersen to P.'You said during your presentation in Kiel when a listener mentioned the Auschwitz lie to you that you did not want to discuss the topic because you were not tired of life. I understand this completely. for this reason I will always continue to defend you. There enough historians today who C:1n disprove the Holocaust. They are all silenced. It would be bad if you too were to be silenced. We are eternally grateful for your influence. You are doing the right thing. Please don't allow yourself be deterred.'
13 Feb 1983 Letter Gerd Lucka (Die Bauernschaft) to P inviting him to attend a congress in Belgium.
Undated Letter Christophersen to p informing him that they had once met and conversed shortly.'My concern is now to defend us and our generation. ' Christophersen writes to P 'I once asked you if you did not at some time want also w,mt to research the gas chambers and the mass extermination. At that time you answered: I am not tired of life.'
16 June 1989 Letter Christophersen to p reguesting any possible press release from P from the launching of the Leuchter Report in London. Invites P to aplanned conference in October in the Alsace.
5 July 1989 Letter Sally Cox on behalf of P to Christophersen accepting the invitation in principle, but alerting Christophersen that as of 25 September p will be in America.
1 Aug 1989 Letter Christophersen to p enquiring upon what conditions P would attend.
8 Aug 1989 Letter Christophersen to P:'If I could announce your attendance then certainly many guests would come.'
8 Aug 1989 Diary:P records that Chris1ophersen had rung about attending the II conference. 'I think it improbable.. We must phone him to say so, but thank.'
9 Aug 1989 Letter P to Christophersen announcing intention to attend on II November on condition that he be the only speaker, 'this for optical reasons, but surelyunderstandable to you'
15 Aug 1989 Letter Christophersen to P acknowledging P's letter of II August and offering P a separate speaking slot.
31 Aug 1989 Letter Christophersen to P offering P speaking slot on 10 November.
1 Sep 1989 Letter Christophersen to P correcting P's speaking slot to 11 November.
12 Sep 1989 Letter Christophersen to P infomling him that other speakers would be Faurisson, Wilhelm Staglich, and Udo Walendy, and that Saturday and Sunday would be Die Bauernschaft's annual meeting.
17 Sep 1989 Letter P to Christophersen informing him he will be available on the Sunday.
11 Nov 1989 Diary: P records' Set off around midnight with Ewald [ Althans ] and his skinheadfriend for Strassburg. '
12 Nov 1989 Diary: P speaks at Hagenau in the Alsace.'Found there none other than Ernst Zündel, that old f1oublemaker. Delivered my speech in a farmhouse to 120 people ...'
21 Nov 1989 Letter Christophersen to P thanking him for his attendence at Hagenau. Regretted his own non-attendance because of rumours he might have been arrested, Enclosed to P a Bauernschaft reader's comments on P's speech intended for publication.In answer to the reader's comments Christophersen writes 'I invited David Irving because he has now come to the same conclusions as us about the gas chambers.'
28 Nov 1989 Letter Christophersen to P enclosing his remarks on P's speech after having listened to a tape recording of the speech. Invites P to offer anychanges or corrections. Christophersen's draft article reported that P had finished his speech' 'Why is there no uprising amongst the German people?'
31 Jan 1990 Letter Christophersen to P inviting him to take part in a meeting on 16 April.
16 Mar 1990 Letter Christophersen to P offering to publish P's banned Passau (DVU) statements in Die Bauernschaft. Repeats invitation to P to join himself. Max Wahl, Wolf Rudiger Hess, and Jurgen Rieger at April meeting.
6 April 1990 Letter-P to Christophersen thanking him for his 'friendly invitation' but declining. 'Perhaps next time!'
1 Jan 1992 P sends copy of a circular to Christophersen informing him that 'I make myself available again, in case you consider a renewed meeting desirable' and outlining his availability for 1992.
22 Aug 1992 Christophersen circular to P thanking him for his registration to attend a meeting in Antwerp on 12 September. Other guests mentioned are Zündel and Pedro Varela.
5 Sep 1992 Letter P to Zündel expressing his hope to meet Zündel in Antwerp.
12 Sep 1992 Diary: P records 'Left [Munich]...with Althans, Valera and Thomas Emst Zündel has also arrived. Glimpsed Christian Worch.'
24 Mar 1993 Letter Christophersen to P asking which of P's books are available in Gennan. Invites P to forthcoming meeting in Denmark.
10 Apr 1993 Letter Christophersen to p mging him to attend the meeting. ' ...we have framed the provisional program very unpolitically. Thereby we hope to remain undisturbed. ' Christophersen asks p for the sources and prices of his books and audiocassettes and announcing his wish to advertise P's books.
23 Apr 1993 Letter Christophersen to P informing him that P's forthcoming attendance in Denmark has bec~n announced in the press.
27 Apr 1993 Christophersen circular to p infonning him that the planned meeting in Denmark has had to be cancelled. Christophersen announces his intention to repay the money P had paid for his attendence.
July 1997 P writes an obituary to Christophersen in his Action Report. P describes Christophersen as a 'veteran revisionist' and outlined the content ofChristophersen' s 1972 The Auschwitz Lie including a quote.

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