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Michael Swierczek (National Offensive)

Date Document
12 July 1991 Letter P to Ewald Be1a Althans, stating that he would "glady" make himself available to "Mr Swarzscy (?)" for a meeting in Augsburg. As p does not know much about the topic he is to talk on (a former SS man Schwammberger, whose case the NO had decided to champion) P asks Althans to prepare a set of newspaper articles.
Jan 1992 Circular by p addressed amongst others to "Michael Schwierzek, Nationale Offensive", outlining his availability in Germany for the coming year and offering his speaking services.
20 Jan 1992 Letter Christian Worch to P, suggesting to p that Swierczek might be able to provide two dates in South Germany on P's tour.
22 Jan 1992 Letter Worch to P, assuring P that Swierczek can provide two dates outside Freiburg and in Augsburg.
27 March Letter Swierczek to P, enclosing a police ordinance of the city of 1992 Augsburg and asking p if he could post a copy of the ordinance he himself received in Augsburg. Swierczek closes that he would see P on 16 May in Stuttgart "at the latest".
16 May 1992 Diary: P records speaking at a NO meeting outside Stuttgart "...arrived at Holiday Inn, Sindelfingen, near Stuttgart. Here the manager whose staff had told us last night there was no problem, we could set up at 3 p.m., announced the meeting would not take place; no, not banned by the hotel, so they would not refund the rent; nor allowed either. Klaus Ewald arrived, got nowhere with them either. So we headed for the alternative venbue [Sic.] at Herrenberg. 22km away. The Kripo [criminal police] arrived 5 minutes later, and in due course they banned the mee[ti]ng there. [...] I agreed 10 address a meeting of valiant remnants in a field 5km from Boblingen, and played 10 them the rape of my Schlupwort [plea] (which resulted in 13 sales immediately.)"
22 May 1992 Letter P to Ernst Zündel, complaining of organisational incompetence on his tour: "I don't think that I will talk for the Nat[ional] List,Nat[ional] Ofensive, or AVÖ again. "
8 March 1995 Fax,Swierczek to P,consisting of a single sheet from Swierczek's East German Stasi files,,naming himself,Michael Kuhnen,and a homosexual infiltrator from Munich who was close to both of them
8 March 1993 Fax Swierczek to P, consisting of a newspaper clipping concerning Althans's alledged work for the German authorities.
11 Dec 1995 Letter Swierczek to P enclosing an article "that will interest surely you."

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