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Ewald Bela Althans -DJBW and AVÖ1

Date Document
4 Mar 1989 Diary: P records meeting Althans for the first time in Toronto I with Zündel:'One of Schonhuber's lieutenants there, Ewald --asked if I would speakfor Sch[onhuber]: jawohl.'
8 Sep 1989 Diary:'Ewald Althans came with friend to discuss Berlin demo plannedfor October 3. Seems a bit of a Nazi, but helpful.'
15 Sep
Althans circular inviting guests to an evening dinner with P on 3 November in Münich.
1 Oct 1989 Diary: P records Althans's help in arranging the Berlin demonstration against the 'Sender Freies Berlin' on 2 October.'Ewald Althans arrived in the evening ...followed soon by Karl Philipp. He is full of Tuesday's planned demonstration against SFB, and I have my work cut out throttling him back. Otherwise he 's likely to 'optimisticate' me into an early grave.'
2 Nov 1989 Letter Althans to P, welcoming him to Munich. Diary:' Ewald Althans and male companion arrived to discuss arrangements for tomorrow. He has 86 guests.'
2-11 Nov
Diary: P records Althans' help in organising Ausnian tour, a tour accompanied by Althans and Philipp.SC para 39 (RFI 49)
3 Nov 1989 Diary:P records speaking at dinner organised by the DBJW: 'Grand dinner of 86 people, organised by Ewald A Ithans ...,
SC para 39 (RFI 49)
6 Nov 1989 Diary: P records (in Vienna): Leisurely breakfast with Ewald. He is a very useful young man. 23, but looks older and tougher. Spent ten days in jail for technical offence (insulting Weizsücker).'
7 Nov 1989 Diary: P describes how Althans delivers a speech for him, after P is banned fro speaking.'I appeared amongst them with asticking plaster covering my mouth, and a notice stuck to myback reading: " Sorry, can't speak -but can sign books! "Ewald delivered my lecture, from memory, using notes I had rapidly prepared for him. He is a fine speaker, and when heirelied on his own material rather than mine he was very good.'
11 Nov 1989 Diary: P records driving to Stapbourg with Althans and 'his skinhead friend ---' to attend Christophersen's meeting in Hagenau [12 November].
18 Nov 1989 Diary: Whilst in Spain speaking for Pedro Varela, P records Althans' arrival; ' fu11 of plans for a new tour by me of Germany, France and Spain in late February. Althans makes a good impression, businesslike and ambitious, keen, and organised. He has learned a lot already.'
18 Dec 1989 Letter Bemd Drose [DVU] to P, warning him about' a man called Ewald Althans ...who is trying, so we are told to ingratiate himself with publicists connected to us and other personalities' and advises 'caution' in his dealings with him.
31 Dec 1989 Letter P to Althans, informing him of the information contained in Drose' s letter. P asks Althans for written conflmlation of the forthcoming meetings.
Undated Blank contract between Althans and the AVO and third parties to engage P as a speaker.
1 Jan 1990 Letter Worch to Zündel, stating that he had met Althans who was ' organising a speaking tour for Irving'.Worch requests that his planned meeting in Hamburg take place under Zündel's name because of 'the purely psychological reason, that Ewald Althans unfortunately only enjoys a limited trust in the circles ofmy comrades.'
4 Jan 1990 Letter P to Sally Cox [his assistant], enclosing list of speaking dates, 13 February to 11 Mar. P received list from 'Toronto' (i.e. Zündel] whose name he cuts off from the list 'for various reasons'.
5 Jan 1990 Letter Zündel to P, stating that Althans is off to the former East Germany to try and find a 'university forum' for P. 'This is new ground we are breaking there, so it will be a real test of Ewald's skills!'
7 Jan 1990 Letter Althans to P, informing him on progress organising the tour.'Please cancel the date with Mr Frey in Passau, and please send me a copy of the letter, and also a copy (when possible) of Frey's warning to you about me.'Informs P of 12 arranged meetings. 'Please consider 'Althans-AVÖ , was your contractual partner.'
18 Jan 1990 Contract between the Dresden Palace of Culture and Althans's DBJW for P's meeting of 13 Feb 1990.
3 Feb 1990 Diary: P records a telephone conversation with Zündel,'Iexpressed annoyance that Althans has made no attempt to contact me in 2 ½ months. That is very unprofessional.'
13 1990
Diary: P's speech at Dresden.'It emerged that Zündel, who is now out of jail, has paid ?wald an honorarium to arrange this tour, which he has done very well in Dresden.'[See also K3/tab 6, p493:when Weber introduced p at the 10th IHR conference, he quotes P's closing remarks from this Dresden speech:'Ladies and gentlemen, survivors and descendants of the holocaust of Dresden, the holocaust of Germans in Dresden really happened That of the Jews in the gas chambers of Auschwitz is an invention. I am ashamed to be an Englishman']
(Feb 1990)
Althans circular, informing partners about P's forthcoming tour. In the discussion in Dresden, p had 'clearly identified himself with revisionism' and asking fellow organisers to show flexibility as 'long experience in the GFR and the Austria tour in autumn last year have taught us to be more careful.'
18 Feb
P's diary: Althans visits p in the evening; Althans wants P to call a press conference in Nuremberg:'I am suspicious of the press conf[erence],it sounds as though he wants me to disavow Frey. I don't see the point of that'; and Althans wants P to appear 'at Hess anniversary in August' [that is,Wundsiedel].
3 Mar 1990 P's diary: in the evening, at Althans' request, p attends the National List function in Hamburg [see Worch section]; P '...made a rousing speech, which was well received '
SC para 42
4 Mar 1990 Flyer for P's meeting in Porta Westfalcia signed by Udo Walendy. The flyer states that the audience would also meet 'the handful of our young people' who had organised P's meeting in Dresden.
SC para 43
[see also P's diary for 4.3.90 and the Worch section.]
9 Mar 1990 Diary: P records speaking at an AVÖ meeting at Moers.'Althans arrived said Antwerp is off How wet! And 8 infuriating. [...] So I decided to go to Passau tomorrow after all 'Althans informs p of' his highly visual plans for the April 21 function in Munich.
In his speech p said' We will assert our views, but only with the help of the German people and the German population. Obviously you can support it by sending letters to, to the press, by using rumours and verbal propaganda,to repeat what I have told you this evening. ' P also admitted that what he said was illegal.'We are in constant danger of being arrested...because what we are saying borders on, it is, extremely dangerous. For what we are saying is... [interrupted by commotion in the hall].' Later in the talk p asks-someone who had entered the room why he had come in. After a long pause, during which the new arrival is escorted out, P explains: 'It's quite clear. What I'm telling you tonight is fairly explosive, very dangerous, I don't want to end up in prison just because some unauthorised person comes in here and acts as if he is just an interested observer.'
SC para 44
11 Mar
Diary: p records that' Althans was not pleased that I had gone to Passau, though he agrees his April 21 meeting will now [have] been enhanced by the result of the ban. (I hope I don't get banned there.) He arranges a last minute deal with me, whereby he will pay me DM 5000 for right to publish a synopsis of this most recent Vortrag [presentation]. They'll print 10, 000. He is an ambitious man, and I like that.'
SC para 45
11 Mar
Handwritten list of monies paid to P for the Feb/March tour, signed by Althans.
30 Mar
Diary: P records that Althans phones 'with details of Karl Hoffkes' offer', namely money offered for a brochure 'Truth Frees-Diary of a Speaking Tour','text of Moers speech', Dresden speech and video royalties.
10 Apr
Diary: P records a flight to Bochum to record his banned Passau speech with Althans. ' We met there Althans' benefactor and great white hope, publisher Karl Höffkes... During the day we set up a long term marketing program for my brochures, speeches, videos and audio tapes.'
SC para 46
20 Apr
P attends the revisionist conference in Munich, 'Wahrheit-macht Frei' [20-22 April] P's diary:'...went down to the dinner Althans 'organised'. It ended with a Trinkspruch [toast], spoken by him, to a certain statesman [i.e. Hitler] whose 101st birthday falls today. All
rose, toasted; I had no glass, as I don't drink. ' The dinner was attended by, amongst others, Wilhelm Staglich, Karl Philipp,Ingrid Weckert, Anthony Hancock, and Daniel Knecht.
SC para 31.1
21 Apr
Diary: P records his appearance at 'Wahrheit macht Frei' conference.' Allhans stationed on the stage (a) a large banner, proclaiming that I was fighting for the Honour of the Germany; very helpful; (b) a large man, standing at ease with a Reichskriegsjlagge next to the podium; ditto; (c) twenty-six young folk carrying placards on poles, seated on the rim of the stage -the placards were worded WAHRHE1T MAcm FREI[Truth Frees] on the obverse; okay. I spoke after Allhans and Karl Philipp, who is a surprisingly good orator, though a bitexplosive. My first speech was rambling and disorganized, but went down well; after an interval I spoke again, on the topic Was Nun, wie geht's weiter, [What now, where does it go from here ], and ended with a thrice spoken, 'Wir machen es nicht ; mehr mit!'['We will no longer stand for it!'] Standing ovation, which I had not really deserved. [ ...] I was followed by a forceful, flowing, beautifully modulated speech by an Austrian, Herr Bachmann, who called upon them to stand on their feet, then make for the streets.'During the demonstration after the meeting, P is arrested. After his release, he 'dictated a statement stressing the "spontaneous " nature ofthe assembly.'
24 Apr
Letter P to Althans, congratulating him for the success of 'Wahrheit macht Frei'.'My only criticism: the skinheads and the flags -that only serves our cause up to our opponents on a plate.'
24 Apr
Diary: P records that Althans is raided by the police, 'pulling it [Althans's home] apart, loading everything away.'
26 Apr
Diary: P records that Wetzel of the DVU phones 'alarmed by the press reports, they couldn't imagine that I have marched on the Feldherrnhalle. I said, greatly exaggerated. He asked if Allhans was on the square (inappropriate metaphor).I said so far as I could see. But he's a hothead, needs curbing.'
18 May
Zündel's Power publishes picture of P at the head of a group on the demonstration towards the Feldherrnhalle on 21 April 1990.
9 Jun 1990 Diary: P records in meeting Althans. Althans details a robbery suffered by Zündel to P.'There is a suspicion that The Enemy had an insider who effected the job. This is all Allhans knows. He was pretty shaken by it, as he had banked on getting some of those funds to set up a safe house for Z[ündel] in Germany ...'
27 Aug 1990 Diary:P records meeting Althans and 'planningfor the future'.
9 Sep 1990 Diary: P records that he meets with Hoffkes and Althans at a recording studio where Althans interviews him for cassettes that are to be marketed.
18 Mar 1991 Dairy; P records that 'Frey faxed me re Althans' clumsy PR workfor 'Kongress','
8 Mar 1991 Official notes of discussions between Althans, Stephan Niemann, and Reinhard Rade and the Munich authorities about hiring the German Museum for the conference of 23 Mar. The notes record that the aim of the congress is to' make the area 'Revisionism' known, to connect extreme and moderate revisionists...' The notes further state that' Following a talk with Mr Althans, Mr Kuhnen will not take part, because" Revisionism " is intended to make a breakthrough to seriousness.
22 Mar
Fax Wetzel (DVU) to P, enclosing a press release by Althans claiming that p had taken part in the' spontaneous -demonstration' after the 'Wahrheit macht Frei' congress in April 1990.
23 Mar
Diary: p records his brief speaking appearance at Munich at the banned revisionist congress, complaining that' Althans does not care if we get arrested'.
SC para 48
23 Mar
Filmed record of the protest on 23 March 1991: Althans announces that David Irving, Mark Weber, Ahrned Rami, Wilhelm Staglich, Fred Leuchter, Dietlieb Felderer, Ernst-Otto Remer, and Mrs. Rost von Tonningen were to have spoken; the speakers at the improvised protest meeting included Irving, Althans, Rost von Tonningen, Ahmed Rami, Henri Roques, Wilhelm Staglich, Dietlieb Felderer, Christian Worch, Raimund Bachmann, and Pedro Varela who conveyed the greetings of Leon DeGrelle. [Videocassette 201, 'Der Leuchter-Kongress -Teil 2,'].
SC para 48
24 Mar
Diary: P records attending a press conference organised by Althans-'(no press)'.
25 Mar
Diary: P records attending a press conference in Stuttgart organised 'by Althans (who is missing!) and Leuchter, who read out his Report endlessly. Further shambles.'
26 Mar 1991 Diary: P records receiving a fax from the D VU: 'Althans told press I was at 21.4.1990 march!(untrue).'
26 Mar 1991 Letter P to Althans, complaining about the press release that had' damaged me greatly'.
8 June 1991 Diary: P records attending a book signing to open the A v6's book shop in the Herzog Heinrich Strasse in Munich. ' It is an impressive effort by Althans (though Susie [Topler -P's assistant] told me later that Reinhard Rade [Topler's fiance] has .financed it and is the title holder ...). About 150 to 200 people came during the time I was there, including familiar faces.'
11 June 1991 Diary: P records that Althans (whom he meets for a snack) 'suggests I come to Munich two days June 28 for confrontation with Karl Philipp and Faurisson at Nuremberg. What the -?'
1 July 1991 Letter Althans to P, lamenting 'the total catastrophe' as the planned July/ August tour has to be cancelled because of judicial, financial and political problems. ' Thus for example K[arl] P[hilipp] has managed to incite Gen[eral] Remer and presumably G[erd] Honsik against me. They in turn have managed to stir things up more with their naive innocence andtheir good reputation (you know how much I value Remer and Honsik).'
Further:'Perhaps one would have got somewhere if we had been at the meeting. There were a lot of people there upon whose supportive assistance I could have hoped. But Karl Philipp. who knew that you were coming because I was stupid enough to register you as a guest as required. lied to you that In wanted to use you to break up the event. You believed him and cancelled with me.So Philipp could tell people Althans is a liar, even David Irving doesn't like him and therefore doesn't come to the conference. And, as expected, I alone received no invitation.'
3 July 1991 Letter p to Zündel, complaining of Althans's 'unprofessional' actions. Thanks Zündel for the circular of his forthcoming tour and warns' Incidentally go easy on the shinkicks against the Jews-were taking'trouble enough as it is from them.'
3 July 1991 Diaty: P" records that he 'sent something to Zündel about the disaster. Can something be salvaged. Similar faxes to HojJkesand Karl Philipp.'
4 July 1991 Letter Zündel to P, outlining alternatives. ' Even though you are sore at Althans. my suggestion would be to have another Buchverkauf [booksale] at the store with you signing books. If need be I would come over as an additional drawing card, to get people out! Better to make afew thousand marks this week than to gamble on cancelled meetings! They cannot cancel the store, since I pay the rent!'
10 July
Letter P to Althans, saying that he will be in Munich on 23 July and in the evening could 'undertake a small casual event ar yours in the shop -talk, discussions, sign books etc. -if it suIts you.
12 July
Letter p to Althans, agreeing to Althans's suggestion he appear for Michael Swierczek in Augsburg and that they meet in the bookshop."'
19 July
Diary: p records that Althans had phoned to offer that P stay in his "'shop "'
P tours in Germany
12 Sep
Circular Zündel to P;,Massive police raids are in progression in Munich against my office there! [ ...] Althans my Munich Office Manager is being detained. ...,
1 Jan 1992 Letter P to, amongst others, Althans, offering his services and outlining his availability in the forthcoming year. 1 Mar 1992 Letter P to Althans, informing him of his arrival in Munich on 81 13 March and his wish to pick up books from the AVO bookshop.
1 Mar 1992 Letter P to Althans, informing him of his arrival in Munich on 13 March and his wish to pick up books from the AVÖ bookshop.
16 Apr
Letter P to Althans agreeing to a provisional itinerary for P in May.
19 Apr
Diary: P records that Althans phones regarding details of P's May tour.'Could 1 also in principle manage a mid-week function outside Germany? 1 said yes, provided it was legal.
28 Apr
Letter Althans to P, confirming that a hall has been booked and enclosing a press release announcing P's pressconference on 4 May preceding his court case. for utterances made during 'Wahrheit machtFrei'.
4 May 1992 Diary: P describes cancelled press contedence
5 May 1992 Diary: P describes his court appearance in Munich. ' any of Althans' friends were in court, I recognised quite a few. I wish he had not done that, I specifically asked him and the others not to put on a display of force.'
12 May
Diary:P records;'then to AVÖ and after supper (meeting with Althans) spoke onto tape the trial Schlusswort [closing speech ], which we shall now market as a propaganda tool.' [P tapes the second half on 14 May 1992]
15 May
Diary: P records receiving a ban for the following day at Sindelfingen.'Since they cite 'Auschwitz as the motive, it is plain that the unauthorized National Offensive leaflet issued from Münich' (I.e. by Althans!),which already muddled up the starting time...is to blame. The leaflet gave no topic.I am furious. [...]I remain stoical, however, and hope another location can be found. Sauer (NO) states 'Herrenberg', and by fax (for security) he informed us [of] the location.
17 May
Diary: P records a meeting in Schliersee.'Athans seemed to think himself vindicated, but the fact remains he let me down badly for the nth time, and I shall not depend on him again.
21 May
Letter p to Renate Werlberger [NPD], saying that he has 'Mr Althans, better said the N[ational] O[ffensive] to thank' for the five banned meetings.
21 May
Letter Zündel to P, informing him that Althans is in Toronto and that together they are working on a box design for cassettes of the Munich court case.
22 May
Letter P to Zündel:'I don't believe I will speak for the Nat[ional] List. Nat[ional] Offensive or AVÖ again.'
13 June
Diary: P records an abortive trip from Munich to Rome and his deportation back to Munich. '...back downtown, phoned Althans. He is delighted to hear my voice, has arranged a big meeting for Ernst Zündel to address this evening Would I come and speak too? I: 'Provided you take three boxes of my books along to sell. ' All's well that ends well.'
12 Sep
Diary: P records driving to Antwerp with Althans and Pedro Varela. ' Althans had just come back yesterday morning from Croatia. What a gang.'
13 Jan 1993 Diary: P appears at Munich court accompanied by Althans.
14 Jan 1993 Diary: P records plans for a talk in Austria. ' ...Althans came...and we recorded my speech for this evening in case I am 'verhindert' [prevented]
SC 52
3 July 1993 Diary: P records that phoned Althans: ' He will arrange Monday evening speech for me to about 80 people. That would be good.'
5 July 1993 Diary:P records the meeting in Munich as the' usual Althans cockup'.
31 July
Letter P to Althans, wishing him 'wellfor the [Rudolj] Hess Mar.''You blame me for the failure in Munich. Not my opinion!' p writes that from the enclosed pages he sees that Althans intends to distribute his books as a prize. ' I have nothing against it, but would like to know before hand how and when I will be remunerated. ...'P informs Althans he .will be in Germany in October.
23 Sep
Letter Althans to P, congratulating him on his victory in Australia, and informing him that Wiesel has taken over the AVO bookshop. As soon as he and Wiesel have overturned the current ban on them trading they will remunerate p monthly. Althans regrets he will not be in Germany in October but expresses a wish to clear up 'recent difficulties'.
6 Oct 1993 Letter Zündel to P, advising him to pick up his books from the AVO book shop because of Althans's 'completely cavalier attitude towards these things' and 'that place you have then attracts problems like a lightening rod attracts lightening bolts in a storm!'
7 Oct 1993 Letter P to Zündel.'On Althans: confidentially, one of his lieutenants was here this weekend. is taking charge of my book stocks. though he says Althans helped himself to stacks of them. A[lthans] also has strange habits with funds donated to the organisation. says my source. I have suggested that they hold a Generalmitgliederversammlung [general members , meeting) and decide what to do with A[lthans), who is damaging the Bewegung [ movement) by his antics and his close contacts to the media.'
21 Nov
Letter P to Stephan Wiesel, expressing the hope that Wiesel has picked up his books in time.'In the coming weeks I will produce a video presentation for Germany with the title 'I'LL BE BACK'. You could make good money out of it. I'll send you the advertising for it in the next few days. The film" will be supplied from England to avoid problems with our traditional enemies.'
30 Dec
Letter P to Wiesel explaining that I expect to be active in the country again in spring at the latest.'
29 Jan 1994 Letter P to Althans, complaining about his stock of books. 'I hear that you have finished with the whole thing. That is certainly good. ...'
31 Jan 1994 Diary: P records '...lengthy conversation with Karl Philipp. [...] Discussions about Althans. He says that to his knowledge [Stephan] Wiesel and Althans were in Belgium last week trying to persuade Verbeke to do their printing for them (in vain). I mentioned the Mathias (?) Schmidt, Spiegel tv cameraman who had volunteered information to the police about my speech in Lowenbrau meeting; Philipps [Sic.] says Schmidt turns out to be Jewish -Althans has introduced him Ias a 'safe cameraman' to all of his pals. Althans needs exposing: perhaps a job for A[ ction] R[eport]. He is a habitue of the Munich gaybar P.21...'
1 Feb 1994 Letter P to Susie Topler asking her to pick up his books.'It Iturns out that he [Wiesel] has not separated himself from Althans. Both of them were in England together a few days ago...'
7 Feb 1994 Letter Althans to P.'I don't know what you are trying to imply [by saying] that I have finished with it. If you mean the political, then you are very wrong. At the moment I am preaching to millions of Germans, through a cinema film made about me, that the gas chambers in Auschwitz are fakes. To my sorrow anyway, you appear to research very badly at the i moment! Thus you are also spreading the rumour of, homosexuality in connection with the lie that I have AIDS. What is this rubbish? You are making a fool of yourself I forbid such stupidity, also from you. I have a lot of respect for you. 1 also have sympathy for your ways, even when on the one hand you are difficult and on the other I am sorry that you move on political thin ice. like the demonstration in Halle or the planned tour with Wiesel that had to go bad.You exhausted every speaking possibility to do with Auschwitz through my organisation. Now you need someone in Germany who enables 1rving to appear even in absence. And you know that can only be someone like me. I consider it of central importance that the backbiting stops. We have to defend ourselves together.
Sep 1994 P report on judicial sanctions against Wiesel an the AVO bookshop in"-Munich in his ActioReport[September;1994].
2 Sep 1994 Diary P records a conversation with Zündel in California. Lunch with the gang-heated remarks by me to Zündel about Althans and the damage he has done (a) to me and (b) the-cause. Zündel stuck by Althans (who's coming tomorrow: who's paying for that?); I'll say one thing for Z[ündel] he sticks by his friends.'
5 Sep 1994 Diary: P describes leaving the table when Althans arrives, 'another homosexual exhibitionist, and the source of much of my international misfortune. (Apr 21, 1990!).'
15 Nov
Diary: P records a telephone conversation with Zündel.'...he says Althans put up a good defence on the first day of his trial...delivering a powerful speech in his own defence...on Tuesday he was according to reports from Woysch [Sic J-arrested on instructions of the Berlin public prosecutor and taken to Berlin where he is being held...to face charges connected with the film Beruf Neo-Nazi. Maybe my doubts against Althans were misplaced after all.'
9 July 1995 Letter P to Müller [German Press Agency], enclosing a draft article on Althans written for his Action Report in February 1995.'I repeatedly warned my colleagues worldwide that by.'his methods he was only damaging our cause, revisionism, and all of us wondered whether he was doing it on purpose. ' In the draft P describes Althans as a' self-proclaimed leader of Germany's extremist youth, femme fatal of the European right wing'.P relates details of Althans's youth, including that he had taken part in Action Signs of Sacrifice,'Germany's oleaginous if belated attempt to buy Jewish sympathy by sacrificing her innocent youngsters for communal work in Israel and elsewhere.'


1. See Statement of Case ('SC') section 6, paragraphs 38-52; Requests for Infonnation (RFI) extremism' section,48-49
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