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David Irving's Right Wing Extremism

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22 Sep 1982 Letter P to Deckert replying to a letter of 3 August. P agrees in principle to two meeting in Germany. Concerning a repeat of the television series 'Holocaust', P suggests he could talk on his opinions on the Holocaust,'in short it did happen; more than one million died, with certainty; but on whose orders?' [see also P's contact with DVU about this].
30 Apr 1984 Letter Ulrich Harder to P, suggesting that he give a speech about Hess that P was giving as part of his series of speeches for Frey at Hamburgy.
1 Feb 1990 Robert Fronauer to Althans, concerning speech by P. 'Because it is supposed to be a closed meeting we have decided not to invite people in the name of the NPD. We belive that this way we can better attract national thinking people in our area to come.' Asks Althans if Phillip's scripts Wahrheit macht frei and The Zündel Appeal Trial 1989 can be distributed 'without worries'.
28 Feb 1990 Diary: Harder phoned to organise immediate Hamburg meeting.
8 Mar 1990 Diary: P record the Hamburg meeting, organised by Harder, as 'excellent'.
16 Apr 1990 Diary: Deckert is named as the organiser of a meeting on 2 September at Weinheim.
28 Apr 1990 Letter Deckert to P, confirming P's speech on 2 September in Weinheim. Requests that P offer them 2 or 3 topics.
1 Jul 1990 Letter Deckert to P (note typeface used). Deckert requests a copy of the Leuchter Report. 'We, including Karl Philipp, want to publish it in German. I have the rights from E. Zündel for the German area.' Deckert asks P how much he would charge for an updated German translation of his foreword.
14 Jul 1990 Letter P to Deckert, enclosing copy of the Leuchter Report. P requests DM 1,000 for an introduction and informs Deckert that a German version can be delivered by Philipp, who has already published one in CODE. P has no objections to other publications being on offer, as long as they do not include 'any crazy title' like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
8 Aug 1990 Diary: P phones Deckert about the start time for the meeting.
19 Aug 1990 Letter Deckert to P, enclosing copy of invitation. Deckert will publicise the event in the media and will specificilly invite 150 history teachers in the area.
2 Sep 1990 Diary: records meeting at Weinheim and record speaking fee of DM 2,000.
30 Mar 1991 Letter Renate Werlberger (NPD) to P, concerning a speech on 12 May. Werlberger suggests 'Germany's future in the shadow of political extortion', and encloses party manifesto points for P's information. 'We have only the request that you avoid mention of the word "Auschwitz", in your own interest and in the interests of the party which is bound by the present conditions.'
Undated Flyer for NPD meeting on 12 May. '"Germany's future in the shadow of political extortion?" The famous contemporary historian, will for the first time give his opinion if the Germans and their European neighbours can still afford to tolerate "contemporary history" as a political instrument of extortion.'
12 May 1991 P speaks to NPD in Munich. Referring to legends that he may not mention, P proclaims, 'In three, four years at the least these legends will no longer hold water. The legend will be over and then the tables will be turned, then the whole [drowned out in applause]' [Audiocassette 158, 'David Irving speaks to NPD audience in Munich', 12 May 1991].
17 May 1991 Letter Werlberger to P, thanking him for 'your excellent speech...which was great enrichment for us all.'
11 July 1991 Letter Harder to P, apologising that he is unable to organise speeches for P at such short notice.'I'm sorry that I can't give you any better news. You know that I have always made a great effort for you because I think you are simply fantastic and indispensible to Germany. And I certainly also have some contacts. Nevertheless not sufficient in central Germany, [as] we from the NPD are still in the process of initially building them up and this will still take a little time.'
3 Sep 1991 Letter Harder to P, refering to a letter from P of 28 August. 'I don't put much weight on compliments, but when they come from you, it has it's value.' Suggest possible meetings to P. 'You're speech in July in Hamburg is still being discussed here. It was magnificent and you are really are an outstanding contemporary.'
7 Nov 1991 Diary: P speaks in Hamburg accompanied by a row over whether Danish and British film crews would be allowed to film. 'I delivered an excellent, fiery speech to wild applause'. [P goes to stay with the Worchs]
9 Nov 1991 Letter Harder to P. 'I know that you don't think much of law..., but I think it better for your future appearances in Germany if one tries to one tries to reverse such rulings. [...] / A word about Harburg - you will understand my behaviour a little better after Lentförden. Naturally I have known you long enough to know that you would bring the television with you to the meeting you to the meeting place in Harburg in th end. Otherwise you would not be David Irving. It was clear beforehand, that the owner, even if with great reservation, would allow the television into the pub [...] / On the other hand the meeting with you was a closed meeting. Let's imagine there had been somebody in the hall, or had arrived, from the authorities. Then he would have been able, with the appropriate order in his pocket, to immediately dissolve the meeting if the television had been in the hall from the start or it had been recognisable that they would have come in. In judicial German it would have then 'been produced for the public' and a closed, private meeting would have become a public one and that one would have certainly banned. Therefore also the evasion in the last ten minutes. / To explain all of this to you would have been too long-winded in Harburg. This is why I acted as I did and did not let the television into the anteroom. / [...] You are an indescribable positive factor for our country! which we seek to serve in our way. Enough compliments?'
9 Nov 1991 Power of attorney (German equivalent), given by P to Harder to deal with the legal proceedings brought against.
22 Dec 1991 P to Harder, confirming an 8 May 1992 meeting.
1 Jan 1992 Open letter from P, sent to list of people, including Deckert, Welberger, and Harder, planning for the coming year and offering his services.
29 Mar 1992 Letter Harder to P, discussing details for a meeting in May. On his legal representation of P: 'You will hopefully have seen [in the action] I have not argued with the cause but legally. At the moment one does not get anywhere with the CAUSE itself, only with false application of the law. But I don't mean a "secondary theatre of war", as you say, rather flak cover for the main thrust. Without resistence the authorities could become over confident. That would damage you as regards the freedom of movement in Germany.'
19 May 1992 Dairy: messages from Harder to P. 'I ask him not to state the location over the phone.'
21 May 1992 Letter P to Werlberger, complaining that his last journey to Germany had been a complete disaster-It is becoming ever worse in the new German Democratic Republic. What can we do and when?'
5 Jun 1992 Diary: P arranges to meet Harder (who fails to turn up), and then travels on to NPD meeting in Hamburg.
12 Jul 1992 Letter P to Werlberger giving dates for his tour of Germany and suggesting they undertake something before or afterwards.
22 Jul 1992 Werlberger to P, informing him that his letter has been passed on to the party executive where it will be discussed.
Undated Flyer for NPD meeting on 11 September advertising that P will speak on 'What is really in the Goebbels Diaries'.
13 Jun 1993 Letter Harder to P, refering to their phone call. P's next event will be 27 June in Hamburg. Harder suggests it would be better for P not to fly, but to cross the border by car 'because of the more dense controls at airports'.
26 Jun 1993 Diary: P speaks in Hamburg. 'Good speech on the problems and vicissitudes of the last twelve months: no police presence (I hope) so I spoke freely.' [see also 27 June 1993].
3 Jul 1993 Diary: P is handed a partial speaking ban at meeting in Mainburg.
30 Dec 1993 Letter P to his solicitor Dr Schütz, outlining means to circumvent hi entry ban to Germany. P has two ideas: either concerning a working relationship with a north German small publisher, or 'what if I stand for a seat in the European Parliament, perhaps as a NPD candidate? Would one administer a residency ban?'
Sep 1994 P's Action Report reports on the Deckert case.
May 1995 P's Action Record reports on Deckert's arrest in Dresden.
June 1995 P's Action Report - "Corrupt German court jails Deckert."
13 April 1997 Letter P to Daily Telegraph, describing Deckert as 'my friend'.