Holocaust Denial on Trial, Skeleton Argument of the Claimant (long): Electronic Edition, by Adrian Davies

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3. Coke consumption in the crematoria

163.An important part of Irving's thesis that the scale of the atrocities perpetrated at Auschwitz has been materially exaggerated is that it would have been quite impossible to cremate the alleged numbers of gas chamber victims with the supplies of coke delivered to AuschwitzíBirkenau. See e.g. his cross-examination (Transcript of day 9, pp. 149 et seq.) of Van Pelt, who, being neither an engineer nor a chemist, but a professor of cultural history with some knowledge of architecture, should not have been heard on this issue anyway.
164.Summarizing Van Pelt's evidence on this issue at 7.124, Gray J observes that:--
"basing himself on a contemporaneous calculation and assuming bodies were burned together at the rate contemplated in Bischoff's letter of 28 June 1943, he maintained that the quantity of coke required per corpse would have been no more than 3.5kg."
165.No crematorium, anywhere, ever has achieved a figure in the region of 3.5 kg of coke per corpse. The best figure achieved anywhere in Nazi Germany for mass cremations was 35 kg, at Gusen camp. But Van Pelt was (in part) extrapolating backwards from the Bischoff document, which is probably a forgery.
166.It is also enlightening to compare both Evans's comments on the Dresden death toll and their treatment by Gray J at 11.18 with Gray J's acceptance of Van Pelt's Auschwitz evidence:--  
"How, asked Evans, would it have been possible to hive removed 200,000 bodies within a month? Moreover the claim in TB47 that 68,650 were incinerated in the Altmarkt defies belief, according to Evans, since it would have taken weeks and many gallons of gasoline to burn so many corpses in the available space."
167.Every one of Evans's arguments about Dresden mirrors those marshalled by Irving to refute key documents and allegations about Auschwitz, Birkenau, and the gas chambers. Irving's arguments, which are the product of forty years' investigation, were not accepted by Gray J, but when deployed by Evans, who has come to them only recently, they were accepted without a murmur.
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