Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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Expected analysis of results (229-242)

66.This section is the same as pages 15-18 of the van Pelt Critique under the same heading. At FN 494 of the witness statement Rudolf refers back to his 1993 report (this is hyper-   linked in the van Pelt critique). FN 451 on page 384 refers to a 1997 document. FN 22 at page 232 refers to documents available in 1967 and 1994. However, at page 233 there is a slight change between the van Pelt Critique and the witness statement. Point i of the witness statement concludes "The actual HCN values in time can be described as an ex-potential funcion as well, as I shall demonstrate briefly...". In contrast the van Pelt Critique states "the actual HCN values in time can be described as an ex-potential function as well, as shown in detail in my report [61]". FN 61 is a link to the 1993 Rudolf Report (http://www.vho.org/D/rga/lueft.html). The hyperlink carries you to chapter of the 1993 Rudolf Report (see "MDB 4" tab 18). Footnote 495 reproduces that section of the Rudolf Report, without making clear that this is what is being done.
67.At page 235 FN 496 refers to Pressac's 1989 book. At page 240 FN 497 refers to publications in 1927 and 1929 and FN 498 refers to Rudolf's 1993 Rudolf Report.
68.At page 241 there is a difference between the Rudolf Wimess statement and the van Pelt Critique. The witness statement at the end of the first paragraph reads "nevertheless, analysis results of a sample taken from the certainly warm and dry interior wall of this room yielded some 2,900.0 mg cyanide per kg sample material (see my sample number 12), but the samples taken from the alleged "gas chamber" still do not yield any result that could be interpreted." It is not immediately clear what 'sample number 12' is. The van Pelt Critique however carries a hyper-link in this paragraph (http://www vho.org/D/rga/rudolf.html) which carries the reader to the Rudolf Report 1993 (4.3.3) which includes a table of results, including that of sample 12 (see "MDB 4" tab 19).
69.The last paragraph of page 241 and the contents of page 242 refer to a church in Lower Bavaria. Rudolf neglected to mention here or in his footnotes that he has published information about this church previously (in 1994) and that there have been articles on it published in Germany since 1981. This information is repeated in Rudolf's "Some considerations about the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Birkenau - paper presented at the first Australian Revisionist Conference, August 9th, 1998" (see "MDB 4" tab 20 page 10).
70.On page 243 the table "Comparison between cases of building damage, morgue and disinfestation chamber" is reproduced from the 1994 article (mentioned in paragraph 69 above) to which readers of "Some considerations about the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Birkenau" are referred (see "MDB 4" tab 21 page 5 and 6)
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