Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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H. Eye Witnesses (41 - 173)

42.Page 41/42 extracts from Judgment (13.74/13.77)
43.Pages 43 - 167 are taken almost word for word (with only minor changes) from 'The Value of Testimony and Confessions concerning the Holocaust' by Manfed Kohler (see "MDB 4" tab 12 page 5 - 38) published in 'Dissecting the Holocaust', the German Edition of which was published in 1994. This is not apparent from the face of the witness statement, which appears to present the old material as new. The documents footnoted in the witness statement mirror those in the Kohler article (see for example FN 51 on page 47 of the Witness statement and FN 25 page 41 of the article). The absence of references might mislead the reader into thinking this material was prepared by Rudolf in February 2001, when it is clear that it was not.
44.Pages 169 - 173 -- the most recent source is 1998 (footnote 434)
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