Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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G. Sonderaktio II (36-41)

39. Page 36 - extract from Judgment.
40. Page 37 - first paragraph taken from "Body disposal at Auschwitz" (Carlo Mottogno 1999) (see footnote 38). Rudolf does not date this article but the article itself states Translated and Copyrighted © MCMXCIX...' (that is, 1999). FN 38 also refers to a   2000 article by Mattagno and points out that there is an English language excerpt at www.codoh.com/granata/sonder.html. Again, this document is not available at this link but again it can be found at Russ Granata's website and it is marked 'Copyrighted © MCMXCIX (again, 1999: see "NDB 4" tab 11). Rudolf again refers to that document at FN 46.
41.. At FN 42 Rudolf relies again on Crowell and the 1999 Mattogno article 'Morgue Cellars at Birkenau' without giving the dates in the relevant footnotes.
<< F. Krema 4 and 5 (Rudolf ...Q. Coke consumption and c... >>

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