Holocaust Denial on Trial, Statement of Mark David Bateman: Electronic Edition, by Mark David Bateman

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A. Gassing Cellar for Delousing (pages 10 - 15)

18. Page 10 and the first two lines of page 11 are extracts from Gray J's Judgment (7 68;13.69/13/82)
19. Page 11 line 4 to page 12 line 2 are virtually replicated from the Gray Critique at pages 3. There are some minor changes, however, which are significant:  
  • (i)Rudolf's witness statement refers to a "glance" into "the expert literature, some of which is reproduced even in the Leuchter Report", however, the very same point is illustrated in the Gray Critique (see above) by a "glance" into the "Leuchter Report" alone. The source material (available before trial) is more clearly indicated in the Gray Critique than in the current witness statement.
  • (ii)The Gray Critique online carries a hyperlink at the words "delousing cellar" (page 3) to www.codoh.com/granata/Leichen.html. Although that hyperlink is no longer available, the document which was once to be found there, "Morgue Cellars at Birkenau: Gas shelters or disinfesting chambers", by Carlo Mattogno is now at www.russganata.com/leichen.html (Russ Granata was Mattogno's translator). The copyright date for this Mattogno article is 1999 (see MDB 4 tab 2). Although the date of the source was clear in the Gray Critique, Rudolf's witness statement gives no clue as to the date of the source he used. Mattogno and Irving both spoke at the 1994 IHR conference (see MDB 1 tab 4 page 3).
20. The documents referred to in the footnotes to page 11 and first two lines of page 12 of the witness statement, footnote ('FN') 1 all pre-date January 2000. Fig 1 (FN2) is reproduced from page 31 of the 1988 article "Typhus and the Jews" by F P Berg (see MDB 4 tab 3). In connection with his clam at page 12 line 7 of the witness statement, Rudolf refers to "new findings in Moscow archives" which reveal that the delousing facility "considered... for the morgue of crematorium II..." was operated by hot air. Rudolf refers to three documents, each of which was referred to in the Mattogno article referred to at 19(ii) above:
  • (i) FN3 (TCIDK, 502 - 1- 316 page 431, "Zweitschrift" in 502 - 1 - 323 page 137) is to be found at footnote 25 of the Mattogno article (page 13);
  • (ii)FN. 4 (AMPO, BW 30/34 page 47) is to be found at footnote 21 of the Mattogno article;
  • (iii)FN5 (TCIDK, 502 - 1 316, page 430) is footnote 27(a) of the Mattogno article. He states that this document was "courteously made avilable to me by Germar Rudolf", (This is one illustration of the common practice of the exchange of information and documents between revisionist).
  Since it seems the Mattogno article was published no later than 22 June 1999 (see page 9), Rudolf must have had that document since, at the latest, that date. It is clear that (although he does not give the reference in the witness statement) that the Mattogno article is Rudolf's source: he even uses the same abbreviations (see page 13).
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