We give a special thank you to Angelica Berrie and Milton Gralla for their generosity and leadership in initiating the endowment for the Holocaust Denial on Trial website. Their vision, passion and philanthropy have provided the framework for this information to be utilized by others to learn, share and combat Holocaust denial throughout the world.

To support the fight against Holocaust denial, please donate today. Your money will go towards the development and expansion of our innovative "Myth/Fact Sheets." These will ultimately include 50 detailed refutations of the most commonly heard denier myths. With continued financial support, we hope to post full translated versions in Arabic and Farsi to help reach the most crucial audiences.

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Step 1
Access Emory's new Online Giving Form (opens in a new window)

Step 2
Select "Other Designation" from the first drop-down menu

Step 3
Type "Holocaust Denial on Trial" into the field below.

Step 4
Complete the form

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